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馃槑 Awesome things related to Tailwind CSS
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Awesome Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces.

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Legend: 馃挋 Official resource

  • 馃挋 Website - Official Tailwind CSS website.
  • 馃挋 Repositorystars58.2k - Official Tailwind CSS repository.
  • 馃挋 Discussions - Official place to connect with other community members about Tailwind.
  • 馃挋 Tailwind UI - Component library made with Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃挋 Headless UIstars15.4k - Completely unstyled, fully accessible UI components.
  • 馃挋 Heroicons - Beautiful, hand-crafted SVG icons.
  • 馃挋 Play - Advanced online playground for Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃挋 Just-in-timestars2.2k - Just-in-time compiler for Tailwind CSS.
  • Tailwind Weekly - Weekly newsletter about all things Tailwind CSS.
  • Built With Tailwind - Community-driven collection of awesome websites built with Tailwind CSS.

IDE Extensions

Legend: 馃挋 Official resource


Legend: 馃挋 Official plugin 路 馃帹 Theming 路 馃捈 Utilities 路 馃К Variants 路 馃З Components 路 馃洃 Deprecated

馃洃 - The plugins below offer functionalities that are now fully or partially implemented in Tailwind CSS.


Legend: 馃實 Accessible online 路 馃敿 Conversion or upgrade tool 路 馃敡 Generator 路 馃叞 Typing/enforcement 路 馃捈 Plugins/Tools/Extensions for external services 路 馃帹 Color-related 路 馃殌 Framework

UI Libraries, Components & Templates

Legend: 馃挋 Official resource 路 馃摎 Library 路 馃З Components 路 馃搧 Templates

  • 馃挋馃З Tailwind UI - Component library made with Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃挋馃摎 Headless UIstars15.4k - Completely unstyled, fully accessible UI components.
  • 馃摎 VueTailwindstars1.8k - Vue.js UI library using Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃摎 Tailwind Elements - Huge collection of free components, mobile-friendly thanks to Bootstrap 5.
  • 馃摎 Vechai UI - High-quality accessible React components with the built-in dark mode using Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃摎 Flowbite - Open-source component library built with Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃摎 a17t - Atomic design toolkit built to extend Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃摎 tails-uistars180 - React UI library using Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃摎 tailsstars662 - Hand-crafted templates and components using Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃摎 Svelte Headless UIstars792 - Unofficial Svelte port of Headless UI.
  • 馃摎 Xtend UI - Tailwind CSS components with advanced interactions and animations.
  • 馃摎 Headless UI Float - Floating UI integration for Headless UI.
  • 馃З TailBlocks - 60+ different ready to use Tailwind CSS blocks.
  • 馃З Tailwind Components - Community-driven Tailwind CSS component repository.
  • 馃З Tailwind Toolbox - Templates, components and resources.
  • 馃З Meraki UI Components - Beautiful Tailwind CSS components that support RTL languages.
  • 馃З Tailwind Cardsstars402 - Growing collection of text/image cards.
  • 馃З馃搧 Tailwind Templates - Collection of templates and components.
  • 馃З馃搧 Treact - React UI templates and components built using Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃З馃搧 Jakarta LTEstars119 - Admin template using Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃З馃搧 - Handcrafted, free and premium Tailwind CSS themes and components.
  • 馃З Kutty - Accessible and reusable components that are commonly used in web applications.
  • 馃З Sail UI - Collection of basic UI components built on Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃З jQuery Toggler - Switches using jQuery and Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃З Tailwind Kit - Framework-agnostic, Vue.js, React and Angular components.
  • 馃З lofi ui - Low-fidelity Tailwind CSS components.
  • 馃З Gust UI - Sleek Tailwind CSS components for web applications in React and HTML.
  • 馃З Windstrap - Tailwind CSS with Bootstrap JS.
  • 馃З WickedBlocks - Collection of more than 120 layout blocks and components built with Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃З Daisy UIstars12k - UI Components for Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃З Kometa UI Kit - Free multi-purpose UI kit, built with Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃З Mamba UI - Free Tailwind CSS components, sections and templates.
  • 馃З Litepie Date pickerstars271 - A date range picker component for Vue.js and Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃З Tailwind Datepickerstars89 - Adds a datepicker component built with Tailwind CSS and vanilla JavaScript.
  • 馃З Tailwind Typeaheadstars11 - Typeahead/Autocomplete component built with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃З Material Tailwind - Easy to use components library for Tailwind CSS and Material Design.
  • 馃З Layouts for Tailwind - Layouts and UI Patterns for Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃З HyperUI - Open source marketing and ecommerce Tailwind CSS components.
  • 馃З Snippets - Open source collection of animation snippets made for Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃З Fancy Tailwind - Large collection of Tailwind CSS UI components (700+).
  • 馃З Myna UI - Open source UI Components and Marketing Elements made with Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃搧 Vue Notus - Open-source Tailwind CSS and Vue.js UI kit.
  • 馃搧 Red Pixel Themes - Paid, developer-friendly templates made with Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃搧 EasyTailwind - Freemium, easily customizable templates made with Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃搧 Windmill Dashboard - Multi theme, completely accessible dashboard template.
  • 馃搧 Tailwind Adminstars384 - Administration panel template with Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃搧 Landing Gradients - Landing page template using gradients (1.7+).
  • 馃搧 Resumestars34 - Simple resume with Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃搧 Resumestars69 - A stylized resume template built with Tailwind CSS, featuring a nifty hero-pattern background and custom font.
  • 馃搧 Simple Lightstars1.4k - Free landing page template built with React & Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃搧 V-Dashboardstars715 - Dashboard starter template built with Vue 3 and Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃搧 Petrastars24 - Free landing page template built with Nuxt.js & Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃搧 Tailminstars38 - Admin dashboard built with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS.
  • 馃搧 OhMySMTP Templatesstars131 - Set of Transactional HTML Email Templates, built with Maizzle
  • 馃搧 Material Tailwind Kit React - Free Tailwind CSS and React UI kit.
  • 馃搧 Material Tailwind Dashboard React - Free Tailwind CSS and React admin template.
  • 馃搧 Admin One Vue 3stars618 - Free Vue.js 3 Tailwind CSS admin template with Vite & Vue CLI support.
  • 馃搧 Cruip - Beautifully designed HTML, React, and Vue.js templates.

Starters & Themes

Legend: 馃捈 Package 路 馃摕 Command line tool/generator 路 馃殌 Cloneable

Open-Source Projects


Legend: 馃挋 Official resource 路 馃И Sample 路 馃敡 Setup Tutorial 路 馃幀 Video Tutorial 路 馃帗 Component or Page Tutorial 路 馃帴 Cast

Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.


  1. Contents
  2. Useful Links
  3. IDE Extensions
  4. Plugins
  5. Tools
  6. UI Libraries, Components & Templates
  7. Starters & Themes
  8. Open-Source Projects
  9. Learning
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