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A community-curated list of awesome projects and resources related to the Golem peer-to-peer computational resources marketplace.
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Welcome to Awesome Golem, a community-curated list of resources, links, projects, tools and applications on Golem!

The users of Golem run the reference implementation in the form of the Rust implementation, Yagna. Together the users make up the Golem Network, a P2P marketplace for computational resources where individuals can act as one of the two non-exclusive roles; a provider selling idle resources, or a requestor buying resources to run tasks.



  • Golem Network Platform - Learn the Golem platform on the official Golem Network website.
  • Golem Factory GitHub - Where you can find the open source code of all things Golem.
  • Yagna GitHubstars258 - The official Rust implementation of Golem.
  • Golem Community Chat - Join the community and team open discussion on Discord.
  • Reddit - Golem Network discussion on the Reddit platform.
  • Twitter - The Golem Project Twitter.
  • Blog - The official blog where you can find the most reliable information on announcements, summaries and updates.


Network Statistics


  • Golem SLATE - Hosted code pen SPA for writing a requester script to have work computed by the network. Utilizes dockerized yagna environments to communicate with the Golem Network in the background.
  • Chess On Golem - Hosted Chess app to play against the providers of the network utilizing the Stockfish open source Chess engine.
  • Go le' Machinstars2 - Web based bulk image editor that allows users to upload multiple images and apply bulk actions to them.



  • Golem Test Harness (Goth)stars10 - Tool with the purpose of speeding up your development process and making it more enjoyable for application creators.
  • Golem-aflstars2 - An experimental test-fuzzing framework. Assists in finding security holes.
  • Golem Cargo Teststars2 - An adaptive distributed test executor for Rust projects.
  • Golem CIstars5 - Decentralized task pipeline.
  • Golem SLATEstars5 - Open source repository for Golem SLATE described in the above Apps section.
  • ThorgPressstars1 - A tool to benchmark providers and unveil their true capabilities beyond what can be seen through the marketplace.


  • Yagna httpx client - VPN usage on Yagna demonstrating communication with a provider-based HTTP server the way you communicate with any other HTTP server.
  • Golem Provider with network accessstars2 - A requstor that acts as a http proxy for running providers, allowing them to access the wider internet.


  • Golem Sudokustars2 - Game of Sudoku with size variants.
  • HSOG-requesterstars1 - Helps the HearthStone community in the design and building of decks by running a large number of simulated games.
  • ChessOnGolemstars11 - Open source repository for Chess described in first Apps section. Includes React frontend for the 2 AI's playing against each other through the Golem backend.
  • Golem Fleet Battle Simulatorstars2 - System for calculating the results of a battle between two opposing starship fleets. Used in the iOS game Rock Paper Frigate to determine the result of PvP fleet battles.

CLI Tools

  • Golem Completion Enginestars1 - Enhanced bash completion engine that extends built-in completions by providing contextual help for golemsp and yagna.
  • Golocitystars6 - Build and deploy your dockerized applications on the Golem Network in just two commands.
  • gc__push_imagestars1 - A CLI tool that publishes the GVMI image to Skynet, making users able to change the image_url without self-hosting/giving up control.

Video Transcoding and Editing

Data Analysis

  • Flanstars3 - Tool for entrepreneurs that provide customized analysis of millions of worldwide trade value records giving them a bold guideline about what sectors they would need to take more attention to.
  • Golem Lorenz-attractorstars0 - A system of three coupled, first-order, nonlinear differential equations which describe the trajectory of a particle through time.
  • Golem Geomandelstars1 - Python script for generating sequences of Mandelbrot images centered on a single point and with zoom increasing in each image.
  • Golem COVIDstars1 - Creates images of new deaths per million related to COVID. After all images generated, it will gather them and create a gif.
  • Golem Parallel Matplotlibstars0 - Various statistical analyses are performed on circadian rhythm measurements in human test subjects.
  • Full-Text Search Enginestars2 - A search engine service that goes through text files.

Data Simulation

Data Optimization

  • Golem or-toolsstars1 - Uses the or-tools Constraint Programming library to solve problems.
  • No more COFUDstars1 - Calculates how to fit the most people into a space while keeping 2 meters distance between each other.
  • Mutta Puffsstars1 - Sports league scheduler that solves the Travelling Tournament Problem for a given set of teams using Population-based Simulated Annealing.


Machine Learning

  • DeML-Golemstars31 - Decentralised Machine Learning using Federated Learning to combine the sub-step models, it trains on different provider nodes into a full fleged model.
  • Golem Image Classifierstars5 - Train and classify images through an active service.

Deep Learning

  • Mlgstars2 - CNN predict services, a deep learning application that distributes popular CNNs pre-trained with ImageNet datasets.
  • Deepart Golemstars3 - Makes art using distributed computing by running a tensorflow app, uploading your content and style picture.


  • Gandomstars1 - Extract random streams from providers. Supports two PRNGs, one based on Chaos machines and the other that makes use of Sodium.
  • Entropythiefstars3 - Get random entropy at a steal of a rate from multiple providers utilizing the linux entropy source or Intel's RDRAND cpu instruction (inspired by Gandom).

Password Recovery

  • Golem-JTRstars0 - Run John The Ripper to recover a password.
  • Yacat - Hashcat password-recovery step-by-step.


  • Golem Staking Pool incentivize system for GLM holdersstars6 - A smart contract in order to provide the opportunity of yield farming for GLM token holders.
  • Magic-dollstars1 - Sumer is a DeFi application that people may delegate their Splinterland card to earn passive income. Its core is Kyle, a Golem app that does all the computation to pick the best team to play for each match.

User Interfaces


  • Gc__ListOffersstars2 - List offers by providers on the Golem Network with a GUI.
  • Gc__gvmi_hashstars2 - Recalculate the hash of gvmi image file. Solves the issue of having lost the hash of a previously uploaded image or if you're unsure if a key corresponds to a specific image.
  • gvm-vim - Golemized docker image for compiling the VIM editor.
  • YaJSapi fork with greeting examplestars1 - Simple Node.js requestor app that greets you. It writes some important message to a file and then downloads it for you, the basic eskeleton of a requestor app. Look in examples/greetings.
  • Golem Image Sharpeningstars0 - A tool to sharpen images.
  • Filtermsstars3 - Market-strategy for whitelisting or blacklisting as a Golem requestor (yapapi).
  • golem-bulk-image-handlerstars1 - Takes an input image and processes it in many different ways using the Pillow library.

Bounties and Rewards

  • GLM Rewards Program - A program that incentivizes activity within development, support, content creation, and more.
  • Gitcoin Bounties - A collection of open bounties and hackathons hosted on Gitcoin.

Developer and Requestor Resources

Provider Resources



  • Ansible ya_provider - Ansible role that deploys a Golem provider automatically with minimal configuration required.
  • WSLstars1 - Allows Windows users to run Golem within Windows Subsystem for Linux. Removing the requirement of Windows users needing to use a Virtual Machine.
  • Golem Provider Terraformstars2 - Terraform script to automatically deploy a Golem Provider on a cloud provider and setup monitoring using prometheus.
  • Automatic Golemstars7 - Setup a Golem Provider with simple instructions and logs guiding you through the process.
  • Golem Provider Nodestars12 - Docker version of a node to help you get started running as a provider in a Docker container quick.
  • Golem Provider nodestars4 - Fork of Alxexandre-abrioux project above that allows to dynamically generate config files from ENV variables and specify how many replicas you'd like to spawn.
  • Scalable golem providerstars0 - Spawn x amount of providers using Docker.

Learning Resources

Presentations and Workshop Material

Unraveling Golem's The Next Milestone Blog Series

GitHub Digest Blog Series



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  13. Data Analysis
  14. Data Simulation
  15. Data Optimization
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  18. Deep Learning
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  29. Learning Resources
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  31. Unraveling Golem's The Next Milestone Blog Series
  32. GitHub Digest Blog Series
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  34. Contributing
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