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About this list

Tech and social media is having a big impact on our society. While many innovative technology inventions are improving our lives, there is increasing awareness on negative impacts that come with these trends, such as large-scale privacy invasion, surveillance capitalism, and tech monopolies. They lead to social media addiction, mental health issues, and are even eroding the fabric of our society.

This list aggregates open-source projects that are directly related to humane tech topics. Please read the guidelines for contributing before sending your PR's.

Important: The resources presented below were collected in good faith by the contributors to this list in hopes they may prove useful to you. But as per the License we can give no guarantees on the quality or fitness of the software that is referenced. This list is not authoritative, merely informative. So inform yourself properly, and if you encounter something that is inappropriate or wrong, then please file an issue in our Issue Tracker (⭐2.8k) so we can take appropriate action. Thank you!

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Humane Tech Community

Our mission is: To Help Improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society!

We gladly invite you to our Humane Tech Community Forum to read more about interesting Humane Technology subjects, participate in our discussions, and become a true ❤️ Humane Tech Activist!

You can also follow us on the fediverse at @[email protected].

Humane design

Humane design is a subset of humane technology and an upcoming field in information technology. Resources in this space are tracked separately in a curated list that is part of the delightful project on Codeberg.



Security is an important aspect of humane technology. It is also a vast field we leave to the experts. For a good top-level entrypoint please refer to:






The Fediverse is the place of hope for humane technology with regards to social networks. Only most well-known applications (taken from front-page) are shown. See Feneas Watchlists for a complete overview.

Social networks




Voice Assistants

Internet of Things






Deaf and Hard of Hearing accessibility resources:




This section is for inactive projects that are nonetheless still of interest regarding their topics or code.

Also check out these sites for great alternatives to the monopolistic, privacy-invading software you may now be using:


This list is maintained by Arnold Schrijver. Contributions are welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.