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馃敟 List of Firebase talks, tools, examples & articles! Translations in 馃嚞馃嚙 馃嚪馃嚭 Contributions welcome!
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Awesome Firebase Awesome Lint Awesome List

The most up to date list of Firebase docs, talks, tools, examples & articles the internet has to offer.

Translations: 馃嚞馃嚙 en馃嚢馃嚪 ko馃嚪馃嚭 ru

Firebase is an app dev platform built on the Google Cloud Platform providing services and cross-platform SDKs!


Legend: 馃摑 blog posts 路 馃挕 examples 路 馃摉 docs 路 馃攲 libraries 路 馃敡 tools 路 馃摴 talks/video 路 馃攰 podcasts

Official Docs & Quickstarts

Firebase Extensions






  • 馃摉 Firestore for C++ and Unity - C++ and Unity SDKs for C++ and Unity (with Firebase Unity SDKs available via Unity Package Manager).

Server-side (Cloud Functions, BigQuery etc)

CLI & Editor

  • 馃摉 Firebase Tools UIstars204 - Web UI for Firebase Emulator Suite.
  • 馃摉 Storage in Emulator Suite - Emulator suite is now complete!
  • 馃敡 VSCode Firebase Explorerstars135 - Explore and manage your Firebase projects.
  • 馃敡 Firebase Toolsstars3.5k - The Firebase Command Line Tools.
  • 馃敡 Firebase CIstars72 - Simplified Firebase interaction for continuous integration.
  • 馃敡 Firecodestars35 - VS Code Firestore Rules Extension.
  • 馃敡 Firebase Firestore Snippetsstars13 - Contains the snippet for both Firebase and Firestore in VS Code editor.
  • 馃敡 Fuegostars177 - Firestore client CLI supporting document add/update/query with filtering and pagination.
  • 馃敡 Firestore Rules Generatorstars190 - Official (but experimental) Firebase Rules Generator for Cloud Firestore based on Google's Protocol Buffer format.
  • 馃敡 Firepitstars26 - Firepit is a standalone, portable version of the Firebase CLI which has no depedencies (including Node.js).
  • 馃敡 Firewardstars221 - Easy to use language for Firestore rules, similar to Firebase Bolt.
  • 馃敡 Svarogstars35 - Cloud Firestore schema validation with JSON Schema generated Security Rule helper functions.
  • 馃敡 Firetablestars3.6k - Excel/Google Sheets like UI for Firebase/Firestore. No more admin portals!
  • 馃敡 VSFirestars75 - Deprecated VSCode extension for syntax highlighting & code completions with Firestore security rules & indexes.
  • 馃摑 Refi App - A GUI tool to make developers less painful when interacting with Firestore DB
  • 馃敡 Firefoo - Cloud Firestore GUI Admin Tool with JSON/CSV Export and JavaScript Query Shell.
  • 馃敡 asdf-firebasestars9 - An asdf-vm plugin for firebase-tools. Manage your Firebase CLI without Node.js or npm! Great for python, golang, c++ & java Firebase projects.





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