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A curated list of awesome projects, libraries, tools, etc. related to InfluxDB
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awesome-influxdb Awesome

A curated list of awesome projects, libraries, tools, etc. related to InfluxDB. This list focuses on libraries, tools, etc. supporting InfluxDB version 1.0 and up.

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Reference material

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Client libraries



Collecting data into InfluxDB



Tools whose primary or sole purpose is to feed data into InfluxDB.


Tools that generate data that feed into multiple backends, InfluxDB included.


Libraries to collect data and feed into InfluxDB.


Hooks for other logging libraries to output to InfluxDB.


Plugins to allow other standalone tools to send their data into InfluxDB.

Import tools

Tools to import a fixed set of data into InfluxDB.

Consuming data from InfluxDB

Dashboards and visualization

  • Chronografstars1.4k - Official InfluxDB data visualization tool
  • DBeaver - DBeaver Universal Database Tool, DBeaver Enterprise has special extensions for InfluxDB
  • facettestars1.1k - Time series data visualization and graphing software
  • FluxDashstars33 - Terminal based InfluxDB dashboard
  • grafanastars51.1k - Gorgeous metric viz, dashboards & editors for Graphite, InfluxDB & OpenTSDB
  • InfluxDB Studiostars741 - InfluxDB Studio is a UI management tool, its inspiration comes from other similar SQL database management tools (use InfluxData.Net run on MS Windows)
  • InfluxGraphstars91 - Graphite InfluxDB storage finder for Graphite-API
  • ostentstars174 - collects and displays system metrics and optionally relays to Graphite and/or InfluxDB

Other tools

Provisioning InfluxDB

Tools, libraries, etc. to help you get InfluxDB running without installing it by hand.


Hosting of InfluxDB / SaaS

  • InfluxCloud - From the creators of InfluxDB
  • Aiven - Provides a choice of host (AWS, Google, DigitalOcean, etc.), geographic location, and server specs
  • Scalingo - Provides a choice of server specs
  • HostedMetrics - Geared towards custom application monitoring by hosting the combination of InfluxDB, Grafana, and StatsD


Projects that don't seem to fit in any other category.

Other awesome lists

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