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A collaborative list of awesome Swift libraries and resources. Feel free to contribute!
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Awesome Swift

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An awesome list of Swift related guides.


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  • Swift Developments - A weekly curated newsletter containing for people interested in designing and developing their own iOS, watchOS and Apple TV apps.
  • Swift Weekly Brief - A multi author curated newsletter.

Official Guides

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Style Guides

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  • Airbnbstars1.5k - Airbnb's Official Style Guide.
  • Google - This style guide is based on Apple’s excellent Swift standard library style and also incorporates feedback from usage across multiple Swift projects within Google.
  • LinkedInstars1.4k - LinkedIn's Official Style Guide.
  • Raywenderlichstars12.2k - Raywenderlich guide, a must read.

Third party Guides

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Editor Support

Support for your favorite editors.


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Google Colaboratory

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  • Swiftify - Objective-C to Swift online code converter and Xcode extension.
  • Zolangstars136 emoji-penguin - A DSL for generating code in multiple programming languages.

Other Awesome Lists

Check out apps on these projects:

Dependency Managers

Dependency manager software for Swift.



Miscellaneous Swift related projects

  • Beakstars560 - A command line interface for your Swift scripts.
  • CodableWrappersstars343 - A Collection of PropertyWrappers to make custom Serialization of Codable Types easy.
  • Fugenstars60 - A command line tool for exporting resources and generating code from your Figma files.
  • Model2Appstars126 - Turn your data model into a working CRUD app.
  • Surmagicstars249 - Create XCFrameworks with ease! A Command Line Tool to create XCFramework for multiple platforms at one shot! iOS, Mac Catalyst, tvOS, macOS, and watchOS.
  • SwagGenstars517 emoji-penguin - A command line tool for generating a REST API from a Swagger spec based off Stencil templates.
  • Swiftbrewstars139 - Homebrew for Swift packages.
  • SwiftGenstars8k - A suite of tools to auto-generate code for various assets of your project.
  • SwiftKitstars812 - Start your next Open-Source Swift Framework 📦.
  • SwiftPlatestars1.8k - Easily generate cross platform framework projects from the command line.
  • Toyboxstars129 - Xcode Playground management made easy.
  • Tuiststars2.8k - An open source command line tool to create, maintain and interact with your Xcode projects at scale.
  • xcbeautifystars576 - Little beautifier tool for xcodebuild.
  • XcodeGenstars5.5k - Tool for generating Xcode projects from a YAML file and your project directory.
  • xcodeprojstars1.6k - A library to read, update and write Xcode projects and workspaces.


Here you can find a list of snippets and libs for your Swift projects.


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  • Capablestars217 - Keep track of accessibility settings, leverage high contrast colors, and use scalable fonts to enable users with disabilities to use your app.


Libs for AI based projects (Machine Learning, Neural Networks etc). back to top

  • CoreML-Modelsstars5.4k - A collection of unique Core ML Models.
  • DL4Sstars75 - Automatic differentiation, fast tensor operations and dynamic neural networks from CNNs and RNNs to transformers.


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Analytics related libraries to easily track your app usage back to top


Libs to help with animation back to top


Quick libs to get access to third party API services back to top

App Routing

Internal app routing systems. back to top

  • Appz - Launch external apps and deeplink with ease.
  • Crossroadstars390 - emoji-oncoming_bus Crossroad is an URL router focused on handling Custom URL Schemes.
  • LightRoutestars95 - Routing between VIPER modules.
  • Linkerstars133 - Lightweight way to handle internal and external deeplinks for iOS.
  • MonarchRouterstars37 - Declarative state- and URL-based router. Complex automatic View Controllers hierarchy transitions. Time-tested server-side conventions.
  • RxFlowstars1.7k - RxFlow is a navigation framework for iOS applications based on a Reactive Flow Coordinator pattern.
  • SwiftCurrentstars270 - Manage complex workflows wherever Swift can be built. It comes with built-in support for UIKit, Storyboards, and SwiftUI.
  • SwiftRouterstars272 - A URL Router for iOS.
  • URLNavigatorstars2.9k - Elegant URL Routing.

App Store

Libs to help with apple app store, in app purchases and receipt validation. back to top


Libs to work with audio back to top

Augmented Reality

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Easy way to manage auth in your apps. back to top


Libs to build bot back to top


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Libs to get access to build chat app back to top


Interesting snippets related to color management and utility. back to top