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🚀 Awesome list of open source applications for macOS.
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Awesome macOS open source applications

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List of awesome open source applications for macOS. This list contains a lot of native, and cross-platform apps. The main goal of this repository is to find free open source apps and start contributing. Feel free to contribute to the list, any suggestions are welcome!

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You can see in which language an app is written. Currently there are following languages:

  • c_icon - C language.
  • cpp_icon - C++ language.
  • c_sharp_icon - C# language.
  • clojure_icon - Clojure language.
  • coffee_script_icon - CoffeeScript language.
  • css_icon - CSS language.
  • go_icon - Go language.
  • elm_icon - Elm language.
  • haskell_icon - Haskell language.
  • javascript_icon - JavaScript language.
  • lua_icon - Lua language.
  • objective_c_icon - Objective-C language.
  • python_icon - Python language.
  • ruby_icon - Ruby language.
  • rust_icon - Rust language.
  • shell_icon - Shell language.
  • swift_icon - Swift language.
  • typescript_icon - TypeScript language.




  • AUHoststars96 - Application which hosts AudioUnits v3 using AVFoundation API. swift_icon
  • Audacitystars7k - Free, open source, cross-platform audio software c_icon
  • Aural Playerstars329 - Aural Player is a audio player application for the macOS platform. Inspired by the classic Winamp player for Windows, it is designed to be to-the-point and easy to use. swift_icon
  • AutoMutestars144 - Automatically mute the sound when headphones disconnect / Mac awake from sleep. objective_c_icon
  • Background Musicstars10.8k - Background Music, a macOS audio utility: automatically pause your music, set individual apps' volumes and record system audio. cpp_icon
  • BlackHolestars7.4k - BlackHole is a modern macOS virtual audio driver that allows applications to pass audio to other applications with zero additional latency. c_icon
  • CAMstars38 - macOS camera recording using ffmpeg javascript_icon
  • Clementinestars3.1k - Clementine is a modern music player and library organizer for Windows, Linux and macOS. cpp_icon
  • Cog - Cog is an open source audio player for macOS. The basic layout is a single-paned playlist interface with two retractable drawers, one for navigating the user's music folders and another for viewing audio file properties, like bitrate. objective_c_icon
  • Karaoke Foreverstars122 - Host awesome karaoke parties where everyone can queue songs from their phone's browser. Plays MP3+G and MP4 with WebGL visualizations. javascript_icon
  • LocalRadiostars286 - LocalRadio is software for listening to "Software-Defined Radio" on your Mac and mobile devices. objective_c_icon
  • LosslessCutstars8.9k - The swiss army knife of lossless video/audio editing without re-encoding. javascript_icon
  • Lyricismstars63 - macOS app to show you lyric what currently iTunes or Spotify is playing. objective_c_icon swift_icon
  • LyricsXstars3.3k - Lyrics for iTunes, Spotify and Vox. swift_icon
  • MPVstars17.6k - Lightweight, highly configurable media player. c_icon
  • MonitorControlstars13.4k - Control your external monitor brightness, contrast or volume directly from a menulet or with keyboard native keys. swift_icon objective_c_icon
  • Mous Playerstars65 - Simple yet powerful audio player for BSD/Linux/macOS. cpp_icon
  • Music Barstars150 - Music Bar is macOS application that places music controls right in your menu bar. swift_icon
  • NoiseBuddystars640 - Control the listening mode on your AirPods Pro in the Touch Bar or Menu Bar. swift_icon
  • PlayStatusstars84 - PlayStatus is a macOS app that allows the control of Spotify and iTunes music playback from the menu bar. swift_icon
  • Plugstars134 - Discover and listen to music from Hype Machine. swift_icon
  • Scope - Audio Oscilloscope swift_icon
  • ShazamScrobblerstars98 - Scrobble vinyl, radios, movies to objective_c_icon
  • Sonorastars924 - Minimal, beautifully designed music player for macOS. objective_c_icon
  • SpotMenustars2.7k - Spotify and iTunes in your menu bar. objective_c_icon swift_icon
  • SpotSpotstars124 - Spotify mini-player for macOS. javascript_icon
  • Spotify4BigSurstars85 - Spotify widget for Notification Center. swift_icon
  • Suohaistars102 - Audio input/output source lock for macOS. swift_icon
  • Tickeysstars1.2k - Instant audio feedback for typing. macOS version. rust_icon
  • Tunerstars29 - Musical Instrument Tuner swift_icon
  • [Un]MuteMicstars116 - macOS app to mute & unmute the input volume of your microphone. Perfect for podcasters. objective_c_icon c_icon
  • eqMac2stars4k - System-Wide Equalizer for the Mac. cpp_icon
  • fre:acstars683 - The fre:ac audio converter project. cpp_icon
  • iTunes-Volume-Controlstars245 - This app allows you to control the iTunes volume using volume up and volume down hotkeys. objective_c_icon
  • jmcstars451 - jmc is new macOS media organizer. swift_icon
  • shairport-syncstars5.3k - macOS/Linux/FreeBSD/OpenBSD Airplay audio receiver. c_icon cpp_icon
  • waveSDRstars157 - macOS native desktop Software Defined Radio application using the RTL-SDR USB device. swift_icon



  • Beaker Browserstars6.4k - Beaker is an experimental peer-to-peer Web browser. javascript_icon
  • Brave Browserstars11.9k - Brave browser for Desktop and Laptop computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux. javascript_icon
  • Chromium - Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all users to experience the web. javascript_icon cpp_icon c_icon
  • Finickystars2.1k - Always opens the right browser. swift_icon
  • Firefox - Fast, privacy aware browser from a non-profit. Runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. javascript_icon rust_icon cpp_icon
  • Heliumstars3.6k - Floating browser window for macOS. objective_c_icon swift_icon
  • Kaktusstars419 - Experimental web browser with minimalistic design. Running Windows, macOS and Linux. javascript_icon
  • Min Browserstars4.6k - A fast and efficient minimal web browser. javascript_icon
  • Pennywisestars3.4k - Pennywise opens any website or media in a small floating window that remains on top of all other applications. It's a great alternative to Helium. javascript_icon
  • Plashstars2k - Make any website your desktop wallpaper. swift_icon
  • Privacy Redirect for Safaristars34 - Redirect Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Translate to privacy friendly alternatives. swift_icon
  • browserosaurusstars711 - macOS tool that prompts you to choose a browser when opening a link. javascript_icon
  • otter-browserstars1.5k - Otter Browser aims to recreate the best aspects of the classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5. cpp_icon
  • seb-macstars60 - Safe Exam Browser for macOS and iOS. c_icon





  • Apache Netbeansstars1.8k - Apache NetBeans is an IDE, Tooling Platform and Application Framework suitable for development in Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS, and more. java_icon
  • ColorSetstars141 - ColorSet is a macOS utility and framework allowing developers to manage custom interface colors with ease. swift_icon c_sharp_icon objective_c_icon
  • KiCad - A software suite for electronic design automation. cpp_icon c_icon
  • Layout Designer for UICollectionViewstars1.6k - A simple but powerful tool that helps you make complex layouts for UICollectionView. swift_icon
  • Pasteboard Viewerstars353 - Inspect the system pasteboards. swift_icon
  • Stringzstars643 - A lightweight and powerful editor for localizing iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS applications. swift_icon


JSON Parsing

  • JSON Mapperstars16 - Simple macOS app to generate Swift Object Mapper classes from JSON. swift_icon
  • JSON to Model classstars42 - Template based highly customizable macOS app to generate classes from JSON string, supports many languages. swift_icon
  • JSONExportstars4.6k - Desktop application for macOS which enables you to export JSON objects as model classes with their associated constructors, utility methods, setters and getters in your favorite language. swift_icon
  • j2sstars215 - macOS app to convert JSON objects into Swift structs (currently targets Swift 4 and Codable). swift_icon

Other Development

Web Development

  • CoreOS VMstars385 - CoreOS VM is macOS status bar app which allows in an easy way to control CoreOS VM on your Mac. objective_c_icon
  • Corectl App for macOSstars163 - Corectl App is a macOS Status bar App which works like a wrapper around the corectl command line tool corectld to control the server runtime process. swift_icon
  • HTTP Toolkitstars379 - HTTP Toolkit is a cross-platform tool to intercept, debug & mock HTTP. typescript_icon
  • Insomniastars19.3k - Insomnia is a cross-platform REST client, built on top of Electron. javascript_icon
  • KubeMonitorstars113 - KubeMonitor is a macOS app that displays information about your active Kubernetes cluster in your menu bar. swift_icon
  • KubeSwitchstars48 - KubeSwitch lists the available kubernetes cluster contexts on the mac, in Mac's Menu bar. swift_icon
  • Lanternstars183 - Dedicated Mac app for website auditing and crawling. swift_icon
  • LocalSitesstars67 - Simple Menu Bar (Status Bar) App for macOS listing local Bonjour websites (as Safari 11 no longer has Bonjour Bookmarks). swift_icon
  • Now Desktop - Create deployments right from the tray menu. javascript_icon
  • SimpleLocalize CLIstars24 - Open source tool for managing i18n keys in software projects. swift_icon
  • aws-s3-uploaderstars123 - Simple macOS app for uploading files to Amazon Web Services. javascript_icon
  • iTunesConnectstars43 - macOS app to let you access iTunesConnect. swift_icon
  • ndmstars1.9k - Npm desktop GUI. javascript_icon
  • nodeScratchpadstars100 - Evaluate Nodejs/JS code snippets from Menubar. swift_icon
  • sttsstars416 - macOS app for monitoring the status of cloud services. swift_icon

iOS / macOS






  • Gingkostars262 - Tree-structured markdown editor for macOS, Windows, and Linux. elm_icon
  • MacDownstars8.9k - Markdown editor for macOS. objective_c_icon
  • Mark Textstars28.2k - Realtime preview markdown editor for macOS Windows and Linux. javascript_icon
  • Notenikstars31 - Note-taking app with many organizational options. swift_icon
  • Pinestars2.9k - A modern MacOS markdown editor. swift_icon
  • QOwnNotesstars2.4k - Plain-text file notepad and todo-list manager with markdown support and ownCloud / Nextcloud integration. cpp_icon
  • Zettlrstars6.3k - A Markdown Editor for the 21st century. javascript_icon typescript_icon
  • linkedstars241 - 🧾 Your daily journal app, diary or anything else to unclutter your mind. Let linked help you get focused by writing down what is in your mind on a daily basis. javascript_icon ![vue_icon] css_icon



  • CotEditorstars4.2k - Lightweight Plain-Text Editor for macOS. swift_icon
  • MacVimstars6.7k - Text editor for macOS. c_icon
  • Notostars228 - Plain text editor for macOS with customizable themes. swift_icon
  • SubEthaEditstars1.2k - General purpose plain text editor for macOS. Widely known for its live collaboration feature. objective_c_icon
  • TextMatestars13.7k - TextMate is a graphical text editor for macOS. objective_c_icon
  • Tinctastars108 - One-window text editor with syntax highlighting. objective_c_icon
  • VimRstars5.6k - Refined Neovim experience for macOS. swift_icon
  • microstars18.7k - A terminal-based text editor that aims to be easy to use and intuitive, while also taking advantage of the capabilities of modern terminals. go_icon
  • reventloustars56 - Personal database as an information management system. typescript_icon swift_icon