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Useful resources for creating apps with Electron
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Useful resources for creating apps with Electron

Electron is an open-source framework for creating desktop apps using web technologies. It combines the Chromium rendering engine and the Node.js runtime.



Made with Electron.

Open Source


Closed Source

  • GitKraken - Git client.
  • 1Clipboard - Universal clipboard manager.
  • Postman - Create and send HTTP requests.
  • Slack - Desktop version.
  • Avocode - Share design and collaborate.
  • Prepros - Compile almost any preprocessing language with live browser refresh.
  • Stremio - Media center.
  • Typetalk - Share and discuss ideas with your team through instant messaging.
  • Pingendo - Bootstrap prototyping.
  • Spreaker Studio - Audio recording and broadcasting.
  • MockingBot - Prototyping tool for designing apps.
  • Caret - Markdown editor.
  • Wantedly Chat - Business team chat. (Japanese)
  • Remember - Business card management. (Korean)
  • MongoDB Compass - Official MongoDB app.
  • Freeter - Organizer for freelancers & creatives.
  • WhatsApp - Official WhatsApp app.
  • CatLight - Build status notifier.
  • Automint - CRM for automobile businesses.
  • Discord - Voice and text chat.
  • Cocos Creator - Game editor for creating web and native games for Cocos2D-x.
  • Inkdrop - Markdown notebook for hackers.
  • Exodus - Secure, manage, and exchange blockchain assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Hackolade - Data modeling for NoSQL and multi-model databases.
  • ScreenSquid - Record and playback website visitor sessions.
  • CashNotify - Monitor your Stripe accounts from your menu bar.
  • Mockoon - Mock servers in seconds.
  • Twitch - Official Twitch app.
  • Fenêtre - Picture-in-picture for your Mac.
  • Cleavr - Provision servers and deploy web apps.
  • Brandy - A brand asset manager for your menu bar.
  • Cacher - Cloud-based, team-enabled code snippet manager with Gist sync.
  • MusicPlus - Free music app for macOS and Windows.
  • Mingo - MongoDB GUI.
  • Moon Modeler - Schema design tool for MongoDB, Mongoose, and MariaDB.
  • Notion - All-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  • FATpick - Guitar tablature viewer that scores your performance as you play along.
  • Taskade - Realtime organization and collaboration tool for distributed teams with tasks, notes, and chat.
  • Coloban - All-in-one project management tool with chats, Kanban, Gantt, calls, screenshare, and more.
  • Dynobase - AWS DynamoDB GUI.
  • Nota - Pro writing app designed for local Markdown files.
  • Lotus - Keep up with GitHub notifications without stress.




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