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A curated list of awesome V frameworks, libraries, software and resources.
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Awesome V Awesome

A curated list of awesome V frameworks, libraries, software and resources.

V is a simple, fast, safe, compiled language for developing maintainable software.




Operating systems/Kernels

Package managers

  • vpmstars27 - The V language package management tool written in V.


  • vedstars1.1k - 1 MB text editor written in V with hardware accelerated text rendering. Compiles in <1s.
  • veestars28 - V Editor Engine. A V module providing the guts of a text editor. Comes with a TUI editor example.
  • text_editor - Small text editor from the official V examples.





  • HN-topstars19 - A simple command to list most recent news from hacker-news.
  • vaststars23 - A simple tool for vlang, generate v source file to AST json file.
  • symlinkerstars7 - A small Linux tool to manage symlinks.
  • runnerstars19 - A tool that automates running/compiling code written in various programming languages.
  • vcredits - A tool that creates CREDITS from LICENSE files of dependencies.
  • vinitstars13 - A tool to generate v projects.
  • vspectstars2 - A tool to inspect vlang source file. ( Archived )
  • vLogQLstars11 - A tiny command-line utility to query LogQL APIs.
  • klonolstars13 - CLI tool to help you "clone all" git repositories belonging to you. Works with GitHub and Gitea.

Project management

  • vsetstars19 - A project setup and configuration tool for V projects.



Command line interface (CLI) / Terminal / Shell

  • boxxstars82 - Create highly customizable terminal boxes that also look great! 📦
  • lolstars14 - V version of lolcat (text/character rainbowizer).
  • progressbarstars20 - An easy to use V library for creating progress bars in cli.
  • termtablestars35 - V Terminal Tables: Simple and highly customizable library to display tables in the terminal.
  • vargsstars36 - V library for parsing arguments from argv-like arrays. ( Archived )
  • vesseractstars14 - V wrapper for Tesseract-OCR (optical character recognition).
  • spinnersstars15 - Create spinners in your terminal!

Text processing


  • vglstars24 - Low-level graphics API access.
  • viupstars38 - V wrapper for the C-based cross-platform UI library, IUP.
  • vsdlstars12 - V wrapper for the C-based SDL library.
  • vsdl2stars39 - A libSDL2 wrapper.
  • V Earcutstars8 - fast (real-time) polygon triangulation library based on mapbox/Earcutstars1.7k to handle holes, twisted polygons, degeneracies and self-intersections.
  • vgui - Minimal, lightweight and cross-platform GUI library.

Game development


Database clients


  • vavestars30 - A crazy simple library for reading/writing WAV files in V. 🌊
  • vspeechstars38 - Complete V bindings for Mozilla's DeepSpeech TensorFlow based Speech-to-Text library. 📢📜
  • v-miniaudiostars34 - Bindings for the excellent miniaudio C audio library.

Operating system

  • clipboard - V module for interacting with the OS clipboard. Fully cross-platform.
  • vlipboardstars12 - An easy to use wrapper of clipboard with Wayland and Termux support.
  • mmapstars4 - Provide native V-lang support for memory-mapping on Linux and Windows.


  • vmqstars14 - V wrapper For ZMQ (aka ZeroMQ, ØMQ, 0MQ: a high-performance asynchronous messaging library).

Serial Communications


  • vrobotstars37 - Desktop automation for V. Only supports Windows.



  • viscordstars17 - Pretty basic library for connecting to the Discord gateway.
  • discord.vstars100 - User-friendly Discord bot library.
  • vordstars2 - Library for interacting with user account endpoints and gateway (Self-bots, custom clients, etc).



  • v-mimestars20 - MIME detection library for V.
  • vmonstars16 - Asynchronously watch for file changes in a directory. The module is essentially a V wrapper for septag/dmon. It works for Windows, macOS and Linux.


  • eventbus - A simple event bus system for V.

User Interface toolkits

Scientific computing

  • vslstars203 - A pure-V scientific library with a great variety of functions.
  • vtlstars66 - Numerical computing library supporting n-dimensional data structure, backed by LAPACKE and OpenBLAS.
  • vplotstars12 - V wrapper for GNU Plot (gnuplot_i).


  • rangestars24 - Functionality of Python's range() in V.
  • randomstars15 - An all purpose random library written in V.
  • vdotenvstars22 - Support for .env files which loads environment variables.
  • vakerstars14 - A light-weight compile-time-generated data faker written in V.
  • vexcstars1 - Exceptions for V using setjmp/longjmp.



Syntax highlighting

Editor plugins

GitHub actions


Programming contests


IDEs with V

Online IDEs with V





Operating Systems & OS Development Examples


  1. Awesome V Awesome
  2. Contents
  3. Applications
  4. Interpreters/Compilers
  5. Operating systems/Kernels
  6. Package managers
  7. Editors
  8. Web
  9. Graphics
  10. Games
  11. Command-line
  12. Project management
  13. Serialization
  14. Libraries
  15. Command line interface (CLI) / Terminal / Shell
  16. Text processing
  17. Graphics
  18. Game development
  19. Web
  20. Database clients
  21. Audio
  22. Operating system
  23. Networking
  24. Serial Communications
  25. Automation
  26. Telegram
  27. Discord
  28. IRC
  29. Files
  30. Eventing
  31. User Interface toolkits
  32. Scientific computing
  33. Utility
  34. Telecommunications
  35. Other
  36. Syntax highlighting
  37. Editor plugins
  38. GitHub actions
  39. Videos
  40. Programming contests
  41. Tutorials
  42. IDEs with V
  43. Online IDEs with V
  44. Articles
  45. Books
  46. Communities
  47. Forums
  48. Operating Systems & OS Development Examples
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