Awesome List Updates on Jul 27, 2015

6 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Hadoop


SQL on Hadoop

Data Management

Workflow, Lifecycle and Governance

Realtime Data Processing

2. Awesome Dataviz

Other tools / Misc

3. Awesome Answers

Functional Programming

Programming Languages / Haskell

Programming Languages / JavaScript

4. Awesome Android

Other / Custom Dialog

5. Tips

Git Aliases

git config --global alias.<handle> <command> 
git config --global status

Show list of all saved stashes

git stash list

Apply any stash without deleting from the stashed list

git stash apply <stash@{n}>

Apply last stashed state and delete it from stashed list

git stash pop


git stash apply stash@{0} && git stash drop stash@{0}

Delete all stored stashes

git stash clear


git stash drop <stash@{n}>

6. Awesome Machine Learning

Java / General-Purpose Machine Learning

Scala / General-Purpose Machine Learning