Awesome List Updates on Jan 02, 2016

7 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Git Cheat Sheet



Show current configuration:
$ git config --list
Show repository configuration:
$ git config --local --list
Show global configuration:
$ git config --global --list
Show system configuration:
$ git config --system --list
Set a name that is identifiable for credit when review version history:
$ git config --global "[firstname lastname]"
Set an email address that will be associated with each history marker:
$ git config --global "[valid-email]"
Set automatic command line coloring for Git for easy reviewing:
$ git config --global color.ui auto
Set global editor for commit
$ git config --global core.editor vi

2. Awesome Music

Music Notation

3. Awesome Talks

Software Development

Web Development

4. Awesome Machine Learning

C++ / Gesture Detection

5. Awesome Cpp

Game Engine

6. Awesome Artificial Intelligence


7. Awesome D3