Awesome List Updates on Aug 25, 2016

11 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Ava


2. Awesome Html5

Progressive web apps / Offline caching

3. Awesome Draft Js

Common Utilities

4. Awesome Macos Screensavers


Shows the latest hot searches for all regions or specific countries.


5. Awesome Sre







Real-time Messaging

6. Awesome Dotnet Core

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / Queue and Messaging

7. Awesome Interview Questions

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Platforms / PHP

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Platforms / Ruby on Rails

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Platforms / ReactJS

8. Citizen Science

Software / Modeling and Computation

Educational / Graphs and Visualization

Tools and Equipment / Biology and Chemistry

Tools and Equipment / Environmental Science and Geology

Tools and Equipment / 3D Printing and Fabrication

Publishing and Doing Research / Other

Citizen Science Spaces and Projects / Genetics/Biohacking

Citizen Science Spaces and Projects / Environment

Funding and Support / Financial Resources

Funding and Support / Other Types of Support

Conferences and Events / Other Types of Support

Other Resources / Other Types of Support

9. Awesome Json Datasets

Open Source Licenses

10. Awesome Deep Learning

Table of Contents / Videos and Lectures

11. Amas

Ask these people anything!