Awesome List Updates on May 02 - May 08, 2016

40 awesome lists updated this week.

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1. Awesome Audio Visualization


Libraries Visualization

2. Awesome Rethinkdb


Community / Drivers

Community / ORM

Community / Technology Integrations

Community / Extension Libraries

3. Awesome Tap

Documentation / Python

4. Awesome Ava



5. Awesome Aws

Open Source Repos / Lambda

6. Creative Commons Media


7. Awesome Artificial Intelligence


8. Amas

Ask these people anything!

9. Awesome Php

Table of Contents / Testing

10. Awesome Static Website Services


E-Commerce / Provided by the Host

Search / Provided by the Host

11. Awesome Stock Resources

Photography / Public Domain

Photography / CC0-license

Photography / Custom License / Usage

Fonts / Unspecified License

How to Share / Icons Packages and Collections

12. Awesome Electron

Closed Source / Other

For Electron / Other

13. Awesome Dotnet


14. Awesome Pascal

Serial port

Single controls


Other non-visual

15. Awesome Mqtt

Visualization, Dashboards / Firmwares for ESP based Devices

16. Awesome Pcaptools

Traffic Analysis/Inspection

17. Awesome Network Analysis

Software / Social, Economic and Political Networks

18. Awesome Geojson


19. Awesome R

Lists / Book/monograph Lists and Reviews

20. Awesome Projects Boilerplates


21. Awesome Jvm

Memory and concurrency

22. Awesome Vue

Resources / Tutorials

23. Awesome Crystal

Algorithms and Data structures


Template Engine

24. Awesome Book Authoring

Self Publishing

Personal Experiences, Post Mortems and Campfire Stories

25. Awesome D3

Maps / Third Party

26. Awesome Json Datasets

More Awesome Lists

27. Awesome Mad Science


28. Awesome Observables





29. Awesome Tensorflow


Blog posts


30. Awesome Relay

Starter Kits

31. Awesome Robotics



32. Engineering Blogs

Companies / I companies

Individuals/Group Contributors / F individuals

33. Jquery Tips Everyone Should Know

Back to Top Button

By using the animate and scrollTop methods in jQuery you don't need a plugin to create a simple scroll-to-top animation:

// Back to top
$('.container').on('click', '.back-to-top', function (e) {
  $('html, body').animate({scrollTop: 0}, 800);
<!-- Create an anchor tag -->
<div class="container">
  <a href="#" class="back-to-top">Back to top</a>

Changing the scrollTop value changes where you wants the scrollbar to land. All you're really doing is animating the body of the document throughout the course of 800 milliseconds until it scrolls to the top of the document.

[!NOTE] Watch for some buggy behavior (⭐317) with scrollTop.

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Make Two Divs the Same Height

Sometimes you'll want two divs to have the same height no matter what content they have in them:

$('.div').css('min-height', $('.main-div').height());

This example sets the min-height which means that it can be bigger than the main div but never smaller. However, a more flexible method would be to loop over a set of elements and set height to the height of the tallest element:

var $columns = $('.column');
var height = 0;
$columns.each(function () {
  if ($(this).height() > height) {
    height = $(this).height();

If you want all columns to have the same height:

var $rows = $('.same-height-columns');
$rows.each(function () {

[!NOTE] This can be done several ways in CSS but depending on what your needs are, knowing how to do this in jQuery is handy.

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Chain Plugin Calls

jQuery allows for the "chaining" of plugin method calls to mitigate the process of repeatedly querying the DOM and creating multiple jQuery objects. Let's say the following snippet represents your plugin method calls:


This could be vastly improved by using chaining:


An alternative is to cache the element in a variable (prefixed with $):

var $elem = $('#elem');

Both chaining and caching methods in jQuery are best practices that lead to shorter and faster code.

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34. Awesome Elixir


ORM and Datamapping

Third Party APIs


35. Awesome Pyramid

Admin interface



36. Awesome Swift

StackView / Barcode

Utility / Barcode

37. Awesome Remote Job

Job boards aggregators

38. Awesome Micro Npm Packages

Modules / Stream

Modules / Other

39. Awesome Knockout

Plugins and libraries


40. Colorful

Color Palettes / Web App

Articles / Web App