Awesome List Updates on Apr 04, 2017

8 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Cpp

Game Engine

2. Git Cheat Sheet

Update & Publish

Update & Publish

List all current configured remotes:
$ git remote -v
Show information about a remote:
$ git remote show <remote>
Add new remote repository, named <remote>:
$ git remote add <remote> <url>
Rename a remote repository, from <remote> to <new_remote>:
$ git remote rename <remote> <new_remote>
Remove a remote:
$ git remote rm <remote>

Note: git remote rm does not delete the remote repository from the server. It simply removes the remote and its references from your local repository.

Download all changes from <remote>, but don't integrate into HEAD:
$ git fetch <remote>
Download changes and directly merge/integrate into HEAD:
$ git remote pull <remote> <url>
Get all changes from HEAD to local repository:
$ git pull origin master
Get all changes from HEAD to local repository without a merge:
$ git pull --rebase <remote> <branch>
Publish local changes on a remote:
$ git push <remote> <branch>
Delete a branch on the remote:
$ git push <remote> :<branch> (since Git v1.5.0)


$ git push <remote> --delete <branch> (since Git v1.7.0)
Publish your tags:
$ git push --tags

Configure the merge tool globally to meld (editor)

$ git config --global merge.tool meld
Use your configured merge tool to solve conflicts:
$ git mergetool

3. Awesome Elixir

Command Line Applications



4. Awesome Aws

Open Source Repos / DynamoDB

5. Awesome Neuroscience

Programming / Python

Resources / MOOCs

Resources / Newsletters

6. Awesome Tensorflow


7. Awesome Sdn


8. Awesome Webaudio

Packages / Utilities