Awesome List Updates on Mar 02, 2018

10 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Math

Foundations of Mathematics / Transition To Pure Rigour Math

Number Theory / Surreal Numbers

Algebra / Linear Algebra

Algebra / Lie Algebras

Geometry and Topology / Graph Theory

Analysis / Real Analysis

Probability and Statistics / Statistics

2. Awesome Mqtt


Misc / Firmwares for ESP based Devices

3. Awesome Python Scientific Audio

Audio Related Packages / Transformations - General DSP

4. Awesome Swift


5. Awesome Framer

UI Libraries

6. Awesome Electron

For Electron / Other

7. Awesome Dotnet Core

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / Code Analysis and Metrics

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / Security

8. Awesome Web Security


Reconnaissance / OSINT - Open-Source Intelligence

9. Awesome Remote Job

Tools / Project Management

10. Awesome Cakephp

CMS and applications built on CakePHP