Awesome List Updates on Dec 12, 2018

10 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Alternative Internet


2. Awesome Ruby

Web Frameworks

3. Awesome Cli Apps

Entertainment / Music

Development / Text Editors

Files and Directories / File Managers

4. Awesome Appium

Become an Appium Pro

5. Awesome Iot

Software / Frameworks

6. Awesome Smart Tv

Samsung Tizen / Third-party remote control libraries

7. Awesome Cpp


8. Awesome Connectivity Info

Periodic Global Connectivity Reports

9. Awesome Speakers

Europe / Italy 🇮🇹


Richard Rodger
Topics: Node.js, Microservices

Nir Galon
Topics: Python, API Star, Open Source, Node.js, Angular

Nir Kaufman
Topics: Angular, Firebase, Redux

Uri Shaked
Topics: Web Bluetooth, WebVR, Angular, Internet of Things with JavaScript

Yoni Weisbrod
Topics: React, MobX, MobX State Tree, React-Native

Europe / Netherlands 🇳🇱


Rowdy Rabouw
Topics: NativeScript, Browser APIs

Europe / Portugal 🇵🇹


Filipa Lacerda
Topics: Vue, Vuex

Europe / United Kingdom 🇬🇧


Timofey Lavrenyuk
Topics: Progressive Web Apps, Modern Browser APIs

South America / Brazil 🇧🇷

Rio de Janeiro

Raphael Amorim
Topics: React, JavaScript, jQuery

10. Awesome Dotnet Core

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / Security