Awesome List Updates on Apr 18, 2019

7 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Gbdev

Testing / Misc

2. Awesome Machine Learning

Python / General-Purpose Machine Learning

3. Awesome Blazor


Tooling / Others

Books / Others

Community / Others

4. Tips

Show changes over time for specific file

git log -p <file_name>

Reset: preserve uncommitted local changes

git reset --keep <commit>

Delete remote branch

git push origin --delete <remote_branchname>


git push origin :<remote_branchname>
git branch -dr <remote/branch>

List all currently configured remotes

git remote -v

Update a submodule to the latest commit

cd <path-to-submodule>
git pull origin <branch>
cd <root-of-your-main-project>
git add <path-to-submodule>
git commit -m "submodule updated"

5. Awesome Serverless

Literature / Education

6. Awesome Cross Platform Nodejs

Known issues / Windows registry

See also / Windows registry

7. Awesome React Native

Frameworks / Navigation Demos