Awesome List Updates on Jun 03, 2019

16 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Jamstack

Tutorials / Articles / Automation

2. Awesome Libgdx

Tutorials / Advanced

Assets / Advanced

3. Awesome Stacks

React Firebase starter โ†— / Resources

Strapi CMS with Gatsby โ†— / Resources

Rock Solid Modern Rails โ†— / Resources

Serverless Stack with React on AWS โ†— / Resources

Vue SPA with Laravel โ†— / Resources

GCP Kubernetes Stack โ†— / Resources

Rails Monitoring Stack โ†— / Resources

User Behavior Analytics via Segment โ†— / Resources

Streaming Analytics with Kafka, Spark, and Cassandra โ†— / Resources

Self-Hosted Devops and Collaboration โ†— / Resources

React Native with Expo and Hasura โ†— / Resources

Workflow Automation with GitHub, Jira and Jenkins โ†— / Resources

4. Awesome Indie

Books / Not specific to indie founders:

5. Awesome Remote Job

Companies with "remote DNA"

6. Webcomponents the Right Way

Class Based

7. Awesome Vehicle Security


Who to Follow

8. Awesome React Native


9. Awesome Maintainers

10. Awesome Flutter

๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Canada / Misc

11. Awesome Machine Learning

Python / Neural Networks

12. Machine Learning with Ruby

Machine Learning Libraries / Frameworks

13. Awesome Raspberry Pi


14. Awesome Incident Response

IR Tools Collection / Log Analysis Tools

15. Awesome Scientific Computing

Other libraries and tools / Mesh tools

16. Awesome Vulkan