Awesome List Updates on Aug 23, 2020

16 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Cpp


2. Awesome Pentest

Android Utilities

Anonymity Tools

Books / Tor Tools

CTF Tools / Malware Analysis Books

Collaboration Tools / Malware Analysis Books

Conferences and Events / Malware Analysis Books

Exfiltration Tools / Zealandia

Exploit Development Tools / Zealandia

Hash Cracking Tools / Zealandia

Industrial Control and SCADA Systems / Zealandia

Intentionally Vulnerable Systems / Intentionally Vulnerable Systems as Docker Containers

macOS Utilities / Intentionally Vulnerable Systems as Docker Containers

Network Tools / Network Reconnaissance Tools

Network Tools / Wireless Network Tools

Online Resources / Other Lists Online

Open Sources Intelligence (OSINT) / Penetration Testing Report Templates

Open Sources Intelligence (OSINT) / Data Broker and Search Engine Services

Open Sources Intelligence (OSINT) / Dorking tools

Open Sources Intelligence (OSINT) / Email search and analysis tools

Open Sources Intelligence (OSINT) / Metadata harvesting and analysis

Open Sources Intelligence (OSINT) / Network device discovery tools

Open Sources Intelligence (OSINT) / OSINT Online Resources

Open Sources Intelligence (OSINT) / Source code repository searching tools

Privilege Escalation Tools / Web application and resource analysis tools

Reverse Engineering / Reverse Engineering Books

Reverse Engineering / Reverse Engineering Tools

Shellcoding Guides and Tutorials / Reverse Engineering Tools

Social Engineering / Social Engineering Books

Social Engineering / Social Engineering Online Resources

Steganography Tools / Social Engineering Tools

Vulnerability Databases / Social Engineering Tools

Web Exploitation / Web Exploitation Books

Windows Utilities / Web Exploitation Books

3. Awesome Crystal

GUI Development


4. Awesome Selenium

Containers / Kubernetes

5. Public Apis


6. Free for Dev

APIs, Data, and ML

7. Awesome Sass

Libraries and Mixins / Media Queries

8. Awesome Tall Stack


9. Awesome Vue

Projects Using Vue.js / Open Source

10. Colorful

Tools / Libraries

Tools / Web App

11. Awesome Python

Static Site Generator

12. Awesome Mqtt


Logging / Firmwares for ESP based Devices

Misc / Firmwares for ESP based Devices

Visualization, Dashboards / Firmwares for ESP based Devices

13. Awesome Esolangs


14. Awesome Piracy

Streaming Sites / Anime

15. Awesome R Learning Resources

Contributing / Uncategorized

16. Awesome Aws

Open Source Repos / CloudFormation

Open Source Repos / Lambda