Awesome List Updates on Nov 15, 2020

8 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Free Programming Books (English, By Programming Language)

MATLAB / PicoLisp

2. Awesome Ddd


3. Awesome Circuitpython


4. Awesome Git Hooks

Written Guides / update

5. Awesome Ada

Unit Test, Testing / Apache License

6. Awesome Scriptable



Related / Download helper

7. Awesome Robotic Tooling

Communication and Coordination

Documentation and Presentation

Requirements and Safety

Architecture and Design

Frameworks and Stacks

Development Environment / Code and Run

Development Environment / Template

Development Environment / Build and Deploy

Development Environment / Unit and Integration Test

Development Environment / Lint and Format

Development Environment / Debugging and Tracing

Development Environment / Version Control

Simulation / Version Control

Electronics and Mechanics / Version Control

Sensor Processing / Calibration and Transformation

Sensor Processing / Perception Pipeline

Sensor Processing / Machine Learning

Sensor Processing / Parallel Processing

Sensor Processing / Image Processing

Sensor Processing / Radar Processing

Sensor Processing / Lidar and Point Cloud Processing

Localization and State Estimation / Lidar and Point Cloud Processing

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping / Lidar

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping / Visual

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping / Vector Map

Prediction / Vector Map

Behavior and Decision / Vector Map

Planning and Control / Vector Map

User Interaction / Graphical User Interface

User Interaction / Acoustic User Interface

User Interaction / Command Line Interface

Data Visualization and Mission Control / Command Line Interface

Data Visualization and Mission Control / Annotation

Data Visualization and Mission Control / Point Cloud

Data Visualization and Mission Control / RViz

Operation System / Monitoring

Operation System / Database and Record

Operation System / Network Distributed File System

Operation System / Server Infrastructure and High Performance Computing

Operation System / Embedded Operation System

Operation System / Real-Time Kernel

Network and Middleware / Real-Time Kernel

Network and Middleware / Ethernet and Wireless Networking

Network and Middleware / Controller Area Network

Network and Middleware / Sensor and Acuator Interfaces

Security / Sensor and Acuator Interfaces

Datasets / Sensor and Acuator Interfaces

8. Awesome Jamstack

API / Forms