Top 50 Awesome List


Oct 9th

1. ashishb/android-security-awesome


Online Analyzers

  • AMAaaS - Free Android Malware Analysis Service. A baremetal service features static and dynamic analysis for Android applications. A product of MalwarePot.
  • AppCritique - Upload your Android APKs and receive comprehensive free security assessments
  • Tools

    Market Crawlers

  • APK Downloader Online Sevrice to download APK from Playstore for specific Android Device Configuration
  • Tools

    Vulnerable Applications for practice

  • Insecureshopstars74

  • 2. stoeffel/awesome-fp-js


  • ts-multimethodstars0 - TypeScript multimethods inspired by Clojure multimethods. +TS
  • ts-fp-distars0 - Tiny TypeScript functional dependency injection, based on Node.js AsyncLocalStorage. +TS

  • 3. ayr-ton/awesome-geek-podcasts

    In English

  • Privacy Security & OSINT with Michael Bazzel - This weekly podcast presents ideas to help you become digitally invisible, stay secure from cyber threats, and make you a better online investigator.

  • 5. APA-Technology-Division/urban-and-regional-planning-resources

    Public Data Resources


  • WUDAPT - This database intends to make accessible coherent and consistent descriptions and information on form and function of urban morphology relevant to climate & environment studies on a worldwide basis.

  • 6. matiassingers/awesome-readme


  • OliverOverend/gym-simplifiedtetrisstars0 - GIF demo. Short description of the project. Badges. TOC. Installation and usage intructions, with copy-pastable comments and dependencies. Contributing file. Overview of the environments and agents provided.

  • 7. fffaraz/awesome-cpp


  • cistastars666 - A C++17 library for zero-copy high-performance (de-)serialization. [MIT]

  • 8. academic/awesome-datascience


  • Python for Data Science: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Learn Data Science

    Deep Learning architectures

  • Self-Organized Maps

  • 9. avelino/awesome-go


  • jsoncolorstars25 - Drop-in replacement for encoding/json that outputs colorized JSON.
  • Data Structures

  • gdcachestars6 - A pure non-intrusive cache library implemented by golang, you can use it to implement your own distributed cache.
  • Database

  • Milvusstars8.6k - Milvus is a vector database for embedding management, analytics and search.

  • 11. humanetech-community/awesome-humane-tech

    Internet of Things

  • Jellyfin - A Software Media System that puts you in control of managing and streaming your media.
  • Tracking

  • Tracker Zapper - A menubar app for Mac to remove link tracking parameters automatically.
  • Social networks

  • News Feed Eradicator - A browser extension that replaces your Facebook news feed with a nice quote.

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