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Oct 8th

1. vuejs/awesome-vue

Components & Libraries

UI Layout

  • iron-grid-systemstars3 - A responsive grid system for Vue 3.x.
  • Components & Libraries


  • vuejs-vuetify-structured-template boilerplatestars8 - A vue-cli template for a full-featured Vuejs + Vuetify + Great structure + API Ready

  • 2. HQarroum/awesome-iot

    Programming languages

  • TinyGo - TinyGo is a project to bring the Go programming language to microcontrollers and modern web browsers by creating a new compiler based on LLVM. You can compile and run TinyGo programs on many different microcontroller boards such as the BBC micro:bit and the Arduino Uno.
  • Rust - Rust is a language focused on performance, reliability and productivity. It is known for its safety, it is memory safe, it uses a borrow checker, and concurrency is also safe.
  • Operating systems

  • Mbed OS - Open-source operating system for Internet of Things (IoT) Cortex-M boards: low-powered, constrained and connected. Mbed OS provides an abstraction layer for the microcontrollers it runs on, so that developers can write C/C++ applications that run on any Mbed-enabled board.
  • Middlewares

  • Thingspeak - An open-source IoT analytics platform service that allows you to aggregate, visualize, and analyze live data streams in the cloud. You can send data to ThingSpeak from your devices, create instant visualization of live data, and send alerts.

  • 3. APA-Technology-Division/urban-and-regional-planning-resources

    Public Data Resources


  • Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) - The LEHD program combines these administrative data, and data from censuses and surveys. From these data, the program creates statistics on employment, earnings, and job flows at detailed levels of geography and industry and for different demographic groups. Additional Information: On The Map Download Page.
  • Public Data Resources

    Equity and Environmental Justice

  • EJ Screen - EJSCREEN uses maps and reports to present three kinds of information: Environmental indicators, demographic indicators and EJ Indexes. Additional Information: Download.
  • Public Data Resources


  • Transitland - Transitland is an open data platform that collects GTFS, GTFS Realtime, and other open data feeds from over 2,500 transit operators in over 55 countries. Additional Information: Interline, GitHub.
  • Global Urban Street Networks - Ready‐to‐use global street network models and calculated indicators in a GIS format. Additional Information: Geopackage Download

  • 4. gruhn/awesome-naming

    Design Patterns and Anti Patterns

  • Shotgun surgery - A programming antipattern where in a single change you wildly add code everywhere in your codebase.

  • 5. kdeldycke/awesome-engineering-team-management

    Cognitive Tools


  • Awesome Conceptsstars367 - Laws, principles, mental models and cognitive biases.
  • Recruitment


  • Engineering Leadership Interviewsstars38 - An outline on how to recruit for engineering manager roles.
  • Engineering

    Engineering Practices

  • How to Misuse Code Coverage - “If a part of your test suite is weak in a way that coverage can detect, it's likely also weak in a way coverage can't detect.” I.e. the great benefit of a coverage report is that it tells you what you forgot to think about when you wrote the test suite itself (source).

  • 6. kdeldycke/awesome-falsehood

    Software Engineering

  • Falsehoods about Package Managers - Covers package and their managers.

  • 7. kdeldycke/awesome-billing



  • Ledgerstars141 - A scriptable financial ledger, designed to make it easy to model complex financial transactions.
  • Akauntingstars4.5k - Open source software designed for small businesses and freelancers.

  • 8. kdeldycke/awesome-iam

    Account Management

  • SuperTokensstars2.8k - Open source alternative to Auth0 / Firebase Auth / AWS Cognito.
  • UserFrostingstars1.5k - Modern PHP user login and management framework.
  • Authentication


  • Autheliastars10.6k - Open-source authentication and authorization server providing two-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) for your applications via a web portal.
  • Authentication


  • jwtXploiterstars178 - A tool to test security of json web token.

  • 10. sbilly/awesome-security


    IDS / IPS / Host IDS / Host IPS

  • CrowdSecstars3.9k - CrowdSec is a free, modern & collaborative behavior detection engine, coupled with a global IP reputation network. It stacks on Fail2Ban's philosophy but is IPV6 compatible and 60x faster (Go vs Python), uses Grok patterns to parse logs and YAML scenario to identify behaviors. CrowdSec is engineered for modern Cloud / Containers / VM based infrastructures (by decoupling detection and remediation). Once detected, you can remedy threats with various bouncers (firewall block, nginx http 403, Captchas, etc.) while the aggressive IPs can be sent to CrowdSec for curation before being shared among all users to further strengthen the community

  • 11. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • laniksjstars0 - Works best on a dark background. Based on the great ys theme and Honukai ZSH Themestars1.1k. Shows root status and git status decorations.

  • 12. mcauser/awesome-micropython



  • mcp4131stars0 - MicroPython module to control MicroChip's MCP4131 SPI digital potentiometer

  • 13. golemfactory/awesome-golem



  • Yagna httpx client - VPN usage on Yagna demonstrating communication with a provider-based HTTP server the way you communicate with any other HTTP server.

  • 14. fkromer/awesome-ros2

    Operating systems

  • ReconROSstars8 - Framework for ROS2 FPGA-based hardware acceleration. Based on ReconOSstars24. ReconROS

  • 15. thangchung/awesome-dotnet-core

    Frameworks, Libraries and Tools


  • Umbracostars3.4k - An extensible and friendly Open source ASP.NET Core CMS

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