Awesome List Updates on Oct 18, 2021

13 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Vue

Components & Libraries / UI Components

2. Awesome Ironsworn

Tools / Ironsworn

3. Awesome Blazor



4. Awesome Imba

Resources / Toolkits and Frameworks

5. Awesome Board Games



Noir is a "denouement" game that lasts only a few minutes per round. The "denouement mechanic" is a special type of storytelling game, where the key elements of the stories events are determined by the game, then the players must weave them together in the most inventive of ways. Noir is packed with a grim cast of Femme Fatales, gum shoe P.I.s, mean Mobsters and hardened Hit Men. The play throws up stories which are by turns dark, hilarious, inventive and always, always memorable. At the bitter end the best denouement of the game wins!

Noir game image

Players Min. Age Time
3 - 6 10+ 10-60m

6. Awesome Parasite


7. Awesome Falsehood

Software Engineering

8. Awesome Swift

Alert / Barcode

9. Awesome Rust

Applications / System tools

Applications / Web

10. Public Apis

Machine Learning

Sports & Fitness

11. Dive Into Machine Learning

Tools you'll need / Cloud-based options

12. Awesome Software Patreons

Open Source Projects

13. Awesome Datascience

Books / Visualization Tools