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Nov 23rd

1. nschloe/awesome-scientific-computing


  • F3D - Cross-platform, fast, and minimalist 3D viewer with scientific visualization tools. (C++, BSD, GitHubstars140)

  • 2. agarrharr/awesome-static-website-services

    Functions as a Service

  • Qoddi - Full stack app hosting with data storage included, similar to Heroku with a developer centric approach. Free to use up to 3 apps.

  • 3. fffaraz/awesome-cpp


  • Free C Books - vhf/free-programming-books/C.
  • Free C++ Books - vhf/free-programming-books/C++.
  • CLI

  • oofstars633 - Convenient, high-performance RGB color and position control for console output. [MIT]
  • Memory Allocation

  • rpmallocstars1.4k - Cross platform lock free thread caching 16-byte aligned memory allocator implemented in C. [PublicDomain]
  • snmallocstars631 - Message passing based high-performance allocator. [MIT]
  • TCMallocstars2.4k - Google's fast, multi-threaded malloc implementation. [Apache-2.0] website

  • 5. AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor


  • Blazor Reporting with Thomas Smith - duration November 9, 2020 - Carl welcomes Blazor Train fan Thomas Smith to show how he implemented reports in a real-world Blazor app. Carl Franklin's Blazor Train Ep 63.
  • .NET Conf - Web Dev recap on ASP.NET Community Standup (November 23, 2021).

  • Featuring Jeff Fritz & Jon Galloway.
  • Tuesday | Nov 23 - 10:00 AM Pacific | 18:00 UTC
  • Live:

  • 6. vuejs/awesome-vue

    Projects Using Vue.js


  • Scrumfast - Extremely intuitive project management scrum tool.
  • Components & Libraries


  • vue3-compact-templatestars4 - ⚡️ A simple and compact vue 3 template with current cutting edge front end technologies.

  • 9. AchoArnold/discount-for-student-dev

    Web Hosting

  • Qoddi [CREDIT] - Qoddi offers $1000 per year for every student

  • 10. aniftyco/awesome-tailwindcss

    UI Libraries, Components & Templates

  • 🧩 Layouts for Tailwind - Layouts and UI Patterns for Tailwind CSS.

  • 11. veggiemonk/awesome-docker

    Container Operations

    Container Composition

  • Stackerstars61 💀 - Docker Compose Templates. Stacker provides an abstraction layer over Docker Compose and a better DX (developer experience).

  • 12. josephmisiti/awesome-machine-learning


  • Distributed Machine Learning Patternsstars84 - This book teaches you how to take machine learning models from your personal laptop to large distributed clusters. You’ll explore key concepts and patterns behind successful distributed machine learning systems, and learn technologies like TensorFlow, Kubernetes, Kubeflow, and Argo Workflows directly from a key maintainer and contributor, with real-world scenarios and hands-on projects.

  • 13. ripienaar/free-for-dev

    Web Hosting

  • Qoddi - PaaS service similar to Heroku with a developer-centric approach and all inclusive features. Free tier for static assets, staging and developer apps.

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