Awesome List Updates on Oct 18, 2023

14 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Gatling

Related / Awesome Lists

2. Awesome Embedded Rust

Firmware projects / WIP

3. Awesome Nextjs


4. Awesome Vite

Templates / React

5. Awesome Ios Books


6. Awesome Opentofu

Tools / Environment managers

7. Awesome Azure Openai Llm

RLHF (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback) & SFT (Supervised Fine-Tuning) / Llama 2 Finetuning

Build an LLMs from scratch: picoGPT and lit-gpt / GPT series release date

8. Awesome Langchain

Tools / Agents

Tools / Platforms

Open Source Projects / Other / Chatbots

Other LLM Frameworks / Videos Playlists

9. Awesome Board Games



Lotería (Spanish word meaning "lottery") is a traditional game of chance, similar to bingo, but using images on a deck of cards instead of numbered ping pong balls. Every image has a name and an assigned number, but the number is usually ignored. Each player has at least one tabla, a board with a randomly created 4 x 4 grid of pictures with their corresponding name and number. Players choose a tabla (Spanish word for "board") to play with, from a variety of previously created tablas, each with a different selection of images.

Lotería image

Players Min. Age Time
2 8 20m



This game is like Clue but for younger kids – and yet still fun for adults too. A fox stole a pot pie, and you have to figure out which fox it was before they escape into the foxhole. My kids regularly play this cooperative whodunnit game independently, and I love watching them work together as a team to solve the mystery. This is a fun little game to build your child’s logic and deductive reasoning skills!


Players Min. Age Time
2 - 4 5 20m

10. Free for Dev

Security and PKI

11. Awesome Neovim

Tree-sitter Supported Colorscheme / Diagnostics

Neovim Lua Development / Diagnostics

Motion / Diagnostics

12. Awesome Bash

Books and Resources

13. Static Analysis

Multiple languages / Other

14. Free Programming Books (English, By Programming Language)

Go / Phoenix

SQL (implementation agnostic) / Play Scala

SQL Server / Play Scala