Awesome List Updates on Apr 11, 2024

16 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Agi Cocosci

Science Logology / Laboratory Automation

2. Awesome Cpp


3. Awesome Nodejs

Packages / Data validation

4. Free for Dev

Messaging and Streaming

5. Awesome Mdbootstrap

Data Grid

6. Awesome Embedded Rust

Driver crates / WIP

7. Awesome Elm

Examples / Other editors

8. Awesome Python Typing

Tools / Helper tools to add annotations to existing code

9. Awesome Mac

Utilities / Menu Bar Tools

10. Awesome Ios


11. Awesome Generative Deep Art

Generative AI history, timelines, maps, and definitions

Critical Views about Generative AI

Online Tools and Applications

Autonomous LLM Agents / Multi-agents

Text-related Generative Tools / Multi-agents

Inbox: Speech-to-text (STT) and spoken content analysis / Deforum

12. Discount for Student Dev

3D Animation and Modeling Software

13. Awesome Libgdx

Tutorials / Getting Started

14. Awesome Game Engine Dev

Learning / Engine Development

Libraries / F#

15. Awesome React

React Development Tools

React Components Sandboxes

React Real Apps

16. Awesome Neovim

OS-specific / Diagnostics