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πŸ“—Resources to dive into the world of social enterprises 🌼
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May 23rd - May 29th, 2022

Institutions 🏫

  • The Elisabeth BruyΓ¨re School of Social Innovation - Canada's first school of social innovation.
  • May 31st - Jun 6th, 2021

    Communities 🀝


  • Social Enterprise Summit - Annual social enterprise conference based in Hong Kong.
  • Mar 8th - Mar 14th, 2021

    Podcasts 🎧

  • The Tech Matters Podcast - Talking about social enterprise structure and interviewing folks running them. Hosted by social entreprenur and engineer Jim Fruchterman.
  • What to Read

    Finding Articles

  • The Straits Times - Singapore based newspaper with articles about social enterprise.
  • Sep 28th - Oct 4th, 2020

    What to Read

    Finding Articles

  • Pioneers Post - The Social Enterprise Magazine.
  • Impact Boom - Social impact blog and podcast.
  • Harvard Business Review - Articles tagged "social enterprise" are infrequent but high quality.
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review - Great publication with many articles tagged social enterprise.
  • The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship - Content about the foundation's activities and opportunities.
  • Medium - Content from all around about social enterprise and social entrepreneurship.
  • Journal of Social Entrepreneurship - The academic journal for the topic.
  • What to Read


  • State of Social Entrepreneurship 2020 - Overview of SE in 2020 by Echoing Green.
  • Fellowships

  • Year Here - One year social enterprise fellowship to build an organization based in London.
  • Acumen Academy Fellowship - One year fellowship with the goal of equipping individuals with the tools to tackle issues in their communities.
  • Tools πŸ”¨

  • GuideStar - Reporting on U.S. nonprofit companies.
  • ProPublica Nonprofit Explorer - Easily access any U.S. nonprofit's tax documents.
  • Social Bearing - Useful to determine how popular/active any Twitter account is.
  • What to Watch

    Videos πŸ“½

  • Social Entrepreneurs: Pioneering Social Change - Skoll Foundation video about social entrepreneurs.
  • Muhammad Yunus's Nobel Prize Speech - Yunus built Grameen Bank, the poster child for social enterprises.
  • Social Enterprise 101 - Quick and easy overview oof social enterprise.
  • How social entrepreneurship will change the world - Inspiring TEDx talk by Erica Wenger about social enterprises.
  • Communities 🀝


  • Facebook
  • United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE).
  • Communities 🀝


  • Skoll World Forum - Large annual conference for Skull Foundation.
  • Harvard Social Enterprise Conference - Student run annual social enterprise conference.
  • Indiana University Social Entrepreneurship Conference - Two day conference focused on social entrepreneurship research.
  • Communities 🀝

    Finding Local Communities

  • SEA Chapters - Groups all over US focused on social enterprises.
  • Meetup - Popular group meeting site.
  • Eventbrite - Easy site for discovering events near you.
  • Communities 🀝


  • senco (social enterprise network of central ontario) - Canada group promoting social enterprises.
  • Social Enterprise Alliance - US social enterprise advocates.
  • enactus - Worldwide organization fostering student social entrepreneurs.
  • Buy Good. Feel Good. - North American expo dedicated to brands that are changing the world.
  • SocialVentures - Ohio nonprofit to advocate for, develop, and fund businesses that solve social problems.
  • Communities 🀝


  • Skoll Foundation - Large foundation investing in social entrepreneurs.
  • Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship - Advocates for social entrepreneurss on a global level.
  • The Audacious Project - A TED project funding social entrepreneurs and nonprofits.
  • Communities 🀝


  • CSED - Canada based nonprofit helping develop, launch, and grow social enterprises.
  • Common Good Solutions - Canada based B-corp helping governments, community organizations and entrepreneurs.
  • People πŸ§‘


  • Susan Davis - Co-authored books on on social enterprise and highly active in community.
  • David Bornstein - Wrote several popular books on social entrepreneurship.
  • People πŸ§‘

    Social Entrepreneurs

  • Muhammad Yunus - Nobel Prize winner, founder of Grameen Bank, considered father of social enterprise.
  • People πŸ§‘

    Twitter Accounts 🐦

  • Ken Banks - Founder of Kiwanja.
  • Tech Jobs for Good - Posts about tech jobs with social impact.
  • Centre for Social Innovation Toronto - A coworking space, community, and launchpad for people who are changing the world.
  • Miscellaneous

  • WorldShapers - An abundance of resources related to social entrepreneurship education.
  • Benefit Corporation - A type of for-profit corporate entity, authorized by 35 U.S. states.
  • B Corp Certification - Certificate issued for existing for profit organizations demonstrating social responsibility.
  • Aug 10th - Aug 16th, 2020

    FAQs ❓


  • Read these books and articles before adding them:
    • An Army of Problem Solvers by Shaun Loney
    • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship by Teresa Chahine
    • Educating at Scale for Sustainable Development and Social Enterprise Growth by Sara Calvo
  • What to Read

    Papers πŸ“ƒ

  • (2008) Evolution of the social enterprise industry by the Institute for Social Entrepreneurs
    • Less academic but a detailed history of events related to social enterprises.
  • Apr 27th - May 3rd, 2020

    Apr 20th - Apr 26th, 2020

    Institutions 🏫

  • USC Marshall Masters in Social Entrepreneurship
  • Middlesex University Business School
  • Jindal Centre for Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship program
  • Wharton Social Entrepreneurship
  • Copenhagen Business School Social Entrepreneurship
  • People πŸ§‘

    Twitter Accounts 🐦

  • Year Here
  • Pioneers Post
  • Ashoka
  • Echoing Green
  • Social Good News
  • HBS SocialEnterprise
  • Social Enterprise Alliance
  • senco
  • Courses πŸŽ“

  • Social Enterprise Program
    • By Middlesex University Business School & Jindal Centre for Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship program.
    • Free, three courses, nine weeks total.
    • According to this paper, the courses were quite impactful and helped start many social enterprises.
  • What to Read

    Wikipedia Links πŸ”—

  • Social enterprise
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • List of social entrepreneurs
  • Category:Social enterprises
  • Category:Social entrepreneurs
  • Category:Social entrepreneurship
  • What to Read

    Finding Articles

  • Galileo Impact Stories | YouTube | Kickstarter | Website
    • A small but growing organization dedicated to covering impact investing. Content is often Russia oriented and not always directly about social enterprises but much of the content is relative. Here is a video summarizing their work in 2019.
  • What to Read

    Papers πŸ“ƒ

  • (1998) The Meaning of "Social Entrepreneurship" by J. Gregory Dees
    • A short history of social entrepreneurship (and why the definition isn't agreed upon).
  • (2004) The Legitimacy of Social Enterprise Raymond Dart
    • A pragmatic discussion on why social enterprises, in relation to nonprofits, exist.
  • (2010) Conceptions of Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship by Jacques Defourny
    • Parallels between US and European Social Enterprises.
  • (2014) Social Enterprise – A New Phenomenon in the Field of Economic and Social Welfare? by Leandro Sepulveda
    • A history of social enterprises from a UK perspective.
  • Communities 🀝


  • Quora
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