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A curated list of amazingly awesome LÖVE libraries, resources and shiny things.
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Awesome Löve Awesome

Awesome Löve

A categorized community-driven collection of high-quality, awesome LÖVE libraries, projects, and resources.



3D-centric Libraries


Navigation, Decision-Making and AI Libraries

  • Jumperstars567 - Grid-based pathfinding library.
  • Lua-starstars35 - Easy and pure Lua A* path finding.
  • astarstars6 - An other A* library. Any map(gird, point, mesh or infinite map) and support path cost.


Animation & Frame-Managing Libraries


Viewport & Camera Libraries


Development assisting Libraries, that enrich your development experience


Drawing specific Libraries, that simplify the Drawing process


Entity and Gameobject Managing Libraries


Game specific Library bundles, that provide reuseable functions

  • astraystars114 - Astray is a lua based maze, room and dungeon generation library for dungeon crawlers and roguelike video games.
  • batteriesstars175 - Fills out lua's sparse standard library and provides implementations of common algorithms and data structures useful for games.
  • cartographerstars58 - Small Tiled map loader and drawer.
  • clovestars19 - A helper library which allows you to quickly loads huge amount of assets.
  • grove.color - Blend, convert and interpolate colors using 'color objects'.
  • humpstars45 - Collection of tools for developing games with LÖVE (Gamestates, Timers/Tweens, Vectors, Classes, Signals, Cameras).
  • iffystars17 - A SpriteSheet and Tileset helper library for LÖVE.
  • knifestars337 - Collection of useful micro-modules for Lua (Class, State Machines, Bind, Chain, Coroutines, Event, Memoize, Entity, Tests, Timer).
  • shardstars12 - Collection of useful mini modules.
  • lovely-windowsstars13 - A Window/Screen Manager Module for virtual windows.
  • love-state-switcherstars8 - State switcher class for Lua LÖVE Engine.
  • luestars40 - Lue is a LÖVE library that allows you to display hue color effects in your game.
  • lumestars728 - Collection of functions for Lua, geared towards game development.
  • narratorstars62 - An Ink narrative scripting language parser and runtime implementation.
  • reflowprintstars38 - A library designed for alignment of text that is shown one character at a time.
  • roomystars30 - Screen management library for LÖVE.
  • rotLovestars213 - Roguelike Toolkit in LÖVE. A LÖVE/lua port of rot.js.
  • ScreenManagerstars28 - Screen/State Management for the LÖVE framework.
  • shackstars47 - Shack is a LÖVE library that lets you easily add screen effects such as shake and rotation.
  • Simple Tiled Implementationstars665 - Tiled map loader and renderer.
  • Vividstars49 - Color math, manipulation and conversion library.
  • Yonderstars9 - A ridiculously easy to use game state management library for LOVE2D.


Input & Binding Libraries

  • batonstars161 - Input library for LÖVE that bridges the gap between keyboard and gamepad controls.
  • inputstars2 - Simple and powerful input library. support check operation time, sequence.
  • love-microphonestars55 - Simple microphone support for LÖVE.
  • LoveKeysstars5 - A simple input handeling library that keeps track of things for you.
  • Swipestars1 - A simple radial keyboard library.
  • tactilestars49 - A straightforward and flexible input library.


Lighting & Shadow Libraries


Math specific Libraries


Music related libraries

  • denverstars71 - A Löve custom waveform generation library.
  • lovebpmstars63 - A LÖVE library for syncing events to the BPM of an audio track.
  • ripplestars27 - An audio manager with tagging support.
  • wavestars81 - A sound manager with audio parsing and rhythm functionalities.


Networking & Online-Play Libraries


Object Orientation Libraries that support Class-Commonsstars46

  • 30logstars365 - Minified framework for object-orientation in Lua. It features named (and unnamed) classes, single inheritance and a basic support for mixins.
  • classicstars620 - Tiny class module for Lua. Attempts to stay simple and provide decent performance by avoiding unnecessary over-abstraction.
  • hump.class - Small, fast class/prototype implementation with multiple inheritance (class-commons).
  • knife.base - Extremely minimal base class providing single inheritance and constructors.
  • middleclassstars1.5k - Simple OOP library for Lua; has inheritance, metamethods (operators), class variables and weak mixin support (class-commons).
  • muunstars7 - Moonscript compatible class implementation.
  • selenestars8 - Project template for writing games in Moonscript instead of Lua without precompiling.


Performance measurement tools

  • AppleCakestars9 - Profiling library for LÖVE, with detailed profiling and thread support.
  • jprofstars71 - Profiling library/tool for LÖVE.
  • Piefillerstars19 - Graphical profiler for LÖVE.
  • ProFi - A simple lua profiler that works with LuaJIT and prints a pretty report file in columns.


Collision Detection & Physics Wrappers

  • breezefieldstars29 - A lightweight and easy love.physics wrapper (windfield alternative).
  • Bumpstars748 - Collision detection library for Lua.
  • HC - Collision detection with arbitrary polygons; allows rotation of objects.
  • loveblobsstars59 - A softbody library with support for both dynamic and static arbitrary softbodies.
  • Strikestars11 - 2D collision detection library. Extendable, based on Separating-Axis-Theorem.


Ports for Platforms other than Windows, Mac and Linux

  • LoveDosstars604 - A Lua framework for 2D DOS games, implementing a subset of the LÖVE API.
  • LoveFTW - Work-in-progress port to Windows phone 8.1.
  • LovePotionstars375 - Unofficial work-in-progress implementation of the LÖVE API for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch Homebrew.
  • LOVE-WrapLuastars27 - A small and simple wrapper for OneLua, lpp-vita, and Lua Player PS3.
  • Love.jsstars350 - LÖVE ported to the web using Emscripten.
  • LÖVRstars1.4k - LÖVE for virtual reality devices.


Guides to distributing LÖVE games in 3rd party stores

  • Love-Snap-Templatestars22 - A template for packaging LÖVE games for distribution in the Snappy Store.
  • AppImageKitstars7.3k - Using AppImageKit you can package LÖVE games as AppImages that run on common Linux-based operating systems, such as RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, debian and derivatives; one game = one file.


Save Game & Storage Libraries

  • arsonstars5 - Companion library for registering custom data types that can be encoded and decoded by json.lua.
  • binserstars167 - Customizable Lua Serializer.
  • bitserstars133 - Serializes and deserializes Lua values with LuaJIT.
  • cdatastars30 - Serialize between Lua data and C data using LuaJIT's FFI.
  • knife.serialize - Serialize data as a Lua script.
  • Ladystars34 - Saving and loading savegames; based on Ser.
  • moonblobstars18 - Binary serialization and data parsing library.
  • Serstars71 - Fast, robust, richly-featured table serialization library for Lua.
  • Smallfolkstars16 - A fast, robust, secure, richly-featured table serialization library for Lua.
  • tricklestars29 - A bitstream library focused on high compression for use in networking.


GLSL related Libraries

  • LoveShaderConverterstars60 - Convert Shadertoy Shader files to LÖVE GLSL Files with handy utilities for infinite purposes.
  • ngrading - Simple color grading library.
  • Shadertoy viewer - Run code copied from shadertoy directly or output the converted code to a LÖVE shader.
  • Moonshinestars435 - Repository of common post-processing effects like blur, vignette, color-grading, etc.


Libraries and Tools for Unit Testing


Smoothing & Timer Libraries

  • Fluxstars286 - A fast, lightweight tweening library for Lua.
  • hump.timer - Timer and tweening library with flexible tweening methods.
  • knife.timer - Create timers and tweens with ease.
  • tickstars86 - Lua module for delaying function calls.
  • tween.luastars473 - Tweening/Easing/Interpolating functions for Lua inspired on jQuery's animate method.


User Interface Libraries

  • CatUIstars81 - A very light-weight GUI library for LÖVE.
  • GOOistars184 - Android-oriented GUI library.
  • Gspöt - A stateful GUI lib for LÖVE.
  • Hanker - Maximalist immediate mode-ish UI elements; gamepad-friendly.
  • Heliumstars71 - A modern, customizable, high performance retained UI framework.
  • ListBoxstars14 - A dynamic ListBox for LÖVE that supports touch, mouse, and keyboard inputs.
  • LoveFrames Forkstars88 - 11.2 Fork of a GUI library.
  • Love Imguistars274 - Imgui module for the LÖVE game engine.
  • Löve-Nuklearstars292 - Lightweight immediate mode GUI for LÖVE games.
  • Lynx - Very-lightweight list-based UI library.
  • NLaystars17 - Flexible layouting library.
  • Patchystars33 - 9patch library.
  • Slicystars1 - A newer 9patch/9slice library fixing some issues with Patchy.
  • Planstars11 - A super simple Rule-based layout library.
  • Polywell - A highly-configurable text editor / coding tool written in Lua that runs on the LÖVE game engine.
  • SafeWordstars3 - An overscan detection library for LÖVE.
  • Slabstars203 - Slab is an immediate mode GUI toolkit for the LÖVE framework.
  • SUITstars410 - Small immediate mode GUI library.
  • YALGstars10 - A very simple, cross-platform, reactive UI for last minute UIs.


Non-Game specific libraries and tools


Blogs and tutorials


Integrated Development Environments and text editor plugins


Tools that automate game publishing in one way or another

  • love-packagerstars12 - Simple CLI to package your LÖVE Game in seconds.
  • boonstars107 - Multi-platform, easy to use tool supporting Windows, macOS, Linux.
  • love-exportstars43 - Fast and simple command-line tool that builds binaries for you. Supports Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • love-releasestars434 - A Lua script that automates game distribution. Supports Windows, macOS, Debian, Linux.
  • makelovestars62 - Advanced multi-platform tool to fuse your game written in Python 3. Supports Windows and Linux with AppImage.
  • love-deploystars3 - Build and deploy games on (supports windows and web exports).
  • love-fuserstars8 - Packages LÖVE Games using GitHub Actions. Supports Windows, Linux, and Android.

Other awesome lists can be found in the awesome-awesomenessstars29k list.


  1. Awesome Löve Awesome
  2. Contents
  3. 3D
  4. AI
  5. Animation
  6. Camera
  7. Development
  8. Drawing
  9. Entity
  10. Helpers
  11. Input
  12. Lighting
  13. Math
  14. Music
  15. Networking
  16. OO
  17. Performance
  18. Physics
  19. Platforms
  20. Publishing
  21. Serialization
  22. Shaders
  23. Testing
  24. Tweening
  25. UI
  26. Utilities
  27. Tutorials
  28. IDEs
  29. Distribution
  30. Related
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