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Mar 14th - Mar 20th, 2022


  • Match the curricular standards of the CS 2013: Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Computer Science
  • Jul 19th - Jul 25th, 2021


  • Josh Hanson: lead technical maintainer
  • Waciuma Wanjohi: lead academic maintainer
  • Jul 12th - Jul 18th, 2021

    Final project


  • Submit your project's information to PROJECTS via a pull request.
  • Put the OSSU-CS badge in the README of your repository!
  • Jan 18th - Jan 24th, 2021


  • We have a discord server! Discord This should be your first stop to talk with other OSSU students. Why don't you introduce yourself right now? Join the OSSU Discord
  • Dec 28th - Jan 3rd, 2020


  • You can also interact through GitHub issues. If there is a problem with a course, or a change needs to be made to the curriculum, this is the place to start the conversation. Read more here.
  • Nov 30th - Dec 6th, 2020


  • Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Sep 14th - Sep 20th, 2020


  • Core CS assumes the student has already taken high school math, including algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus.
  • Jun 8th - Jun 14th, 2020

    How to show your progress

  • Copy this board to your personal account.
  • Apr 27th - May 3rd, 2020


  • Run regularly (ideally in self-paced format, otherwise running multiple times per year)
  • Apr 13th - Apr 19th, 2020


  • Eric Douglas: founder of OSSU
  • Mar 23rd - Mar 29th, 2020


  • Add Open Source Society University to your Linkedin profile!
  • Note: There is an unmaintained and deprecated firebase app that you might find when searching OSSU. You can safely ignore it. Read more in the FAQ.
  • Oct 29th - Nov 4th, 2018

    Jun 26th - Jul 2nd, 2017


  • Pay attention to emerging technologies in the world of software development:
    • Explore the actor model through Elixir, a new functional programming language for the web based on the battle-tested Erlang Virtual Machine!
    • Explore borrowing and lifetimes through Rust, a systems language which achieves memory- and thread-safety without a garbage collector!
    • Explore dependent type systems through Idris, a new Haskell-inspired language with unprecedented support for type-driven development.
  • Apr 10th - Apr 16th, 2017


  • Join a local developer meetup (e.g. via
  • Feb 27th - Mar 5th, 2017


  • Be open for enrollment
  • Be of generally high quality in teaching materials and pedagogical principles
  • Curriculum

  • Prerequisites
  • Prerequisites

  • Advanced CS assumes the student has already taken the entirety of Core CS
  • Congratulations

  • Look for a job as a developer!
  • Check out the readings for classic books you can read that will sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge.
  • Oct 3rd - Oct 9th, 2016

    How to show your progress

  • Create an account in Trello.
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