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😎 Awesome LIDAR list. The list includes LIDAR manufacturers, datasets, point cloud-processing algorithms, point cloud frameworks and simulators.
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Awesome LIDAR Awesome

A curated list of awesome LIDAR sensors and its applications.

LIDAR is a remote sensing sensor that uses laser light to measure the surroundings in ~cm accuracy. The sensory data is usually referred as point cloud which means set of data points in 3D or 2D. The list contains hardwares, datasets, point cloud-processing algorithms, point cloud frameworks, simulators etc.

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  • Ford Dataset - The dataset is time-stamped and contains raw data from all the sensors, calibration values, pose trajectory, ground truth pose, and 3D maps. The data is Robot Operating System (ROS) compatible.
  • Audi A2D2 Dataset - The dataset features 2D semantic segmentation, 3D point clouds, 3D bounding boxes, and vehicle bus data.
  • Waymo Open Dataset - The dataset contains independently-generated labels for lidar and camera data, not simply projections.
  • Oxford RobotCar - The Oxford RobotCar Dataset contains over 100 repetitions of a consistent route through Oxford, UK, captured over a period of over a year.
  • EU Long-term Dataset - This dataset was collected with our robocar (in human driving mode of course), equipped up to eleven heterogeneous sensors, in the downtown (for long-term data) and a suburb (for roundabout data) of Montbéliard in France. The vehicle speed was limited to 50 km/h following the French traffic rules.
  • NuScenes - Public large-scale dataset for autonomous driving.
  • Lyft - Public dataset collected by a fleet of Ford Fusion vehicles equipped with LIDAR and camera.
  • KITTI - Widespread public dataset, pirmarily focusing on computer vision applications, but also contains LIDAR point cloud.
  • Semantic KITTI - Dataset for semantic and panoptic scene segmentation.
  • CADC - Canadian Adverse Driving Conditions Dataset - Public large-scale dataset for autonomous driving in adverse weather conditions (snowy weather).