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A curated list of awesome TypeDB frameworks libraries, software and resources.
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Jul 25th - Jul 31st, 2022

Example projects

  • TypeDB Examples - Catalogue of Life - Catalogue of Life is a database of over 4.5 million currently known taxa in biology, compiled from over a hundred different sources.
  • Open source projects using TypeDB

  • KGLIB - Machine Learning with TypeDB - KGLIB provides tools to enable machine learning with TypeDB.
  • TypeDB Studio - IDE for TypeDB - TypeDB Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for TypeDB for performing knowledge engineering.
  • TypeDB OSI - Cyber Threat Intelligence - TypeDB CTI is an open source threat intelligence platform enabling threat intel professionals to bring together their disparate CTI information into one database
  • Conferences

  • Cosmos
  • Documentation

  • Introduction to TypeQL
  • Client API
  • TypeDB Studio
  • Blog posts

  • What is a Knowledge Graph?
  • The Role of Machine Learning and Symbolic AI in Robotics
  • Videos

  • Introduction to TypeDB and TypeQL
  • Pandora Paper Leaks With TypeDB
  • Building a Distributed Database With the Raft Replication Algorithm
  • Enabling the Computation Future of Biology
  • Comparing Graph Databases to TypeDB | What you can't do with graphs
  • Comparing SQL to TypeQL
  • Comparing Semantic Web Technologies To TypeDB
  • Client Drivers (official)

  • Client Ruststars6
  • Client Javastars16
  • Client Node.jsstars33
  • Client Pythonstars61
  • Client Drivers (community)

  • TypeDBClient.jl
  • Client C#
  • Client Haskell
  • Client Go
  • IDE and editors support

  • typeql-plugin-emacs - Major mode that provides syntax highlighting and basic completion for TypeQL.
  • typeql-plugin-vscode - Visual Studio Code support for TypeQL.
  • typeql-plugin-jetbrains - JetBrains support for TypeQL.
  • Community

  • Discussion Forum
  • Stack Overflow
  • Mar 8th - Mar 14th, 2021

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