Awesome List Updates on Oct 29, 2015

9 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Functional Programming

Table of Contents / Papers

Table of Contents / Wikis

Table of Contents / Books

Table of Contents / Communities

Table of Contents / Discussions (Quora, Stack Overflow, Reddit, etc)

Table of Contents / Lectures

Table of Contents / Repos

2. Awesome Fonts

JavaScript libs / Programming fonts with ligatures

3. Awesome Tech Videos

Programming Languages / Ruby

4. Awesome Dotnet

Static Site Generators


5. Awesome Ruby

API Builder and Discovery


Authentication and OAuth


DevOps Tools


E-Commerce and Payments


File Upload

HTTP Clients and tools

Mobile Development


Third-party APIs

6. Awesome Refinerycms

Frontoffice extensions

Backoffice extensions

Spree e-commerce + Refinery extensions

Refinery team extensions / Main project

Refinery team extensions / Frontoffice extensions

Refinery team extensions / Backoffice extensions

7. Awesome Jquery

Miscellaneous Plugins / Paid Books

8. Awesome Flexbox

Presentations / Videos

9. Awesome Github

Tips, tricks, tools, and add-ons for GitHub power users

Novel uses of GitHub