Awesome List Updates on Oct 28, 2015

11 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Refinerycms

Refinery team extensions / Developer tools

2. Awesome Github

Tips, tricks, tools, and add-ons for GitHub power users

3. Awesome Tech Videos

Programming Languages / JavaScript

4. Awesome Linux Containers



Another Information Sources / Technologies for security

5. Awesome Swift

Localization / Barcode

6. Awesome Javascript

SDK / Other

7. Awesome Rxjava




8. Awesome Deep Learning

Researchers / Frameworks

9. Tips

Everyday Git in twenty commands or so

git help everyday

Stash changes before rebasing

git rebase --autostash

Fetch pull request by ID to a local branch

git fetch origin pull/<id>/head:<branch-name>


git pull origin pull/<id>/head:<branch-name>

10. Awesome Android Ui


List / Grid

Label / Form


11. Rbooks

Data Science

Practical Data Science with R [Amazon]

Practical Data Science with R shows you how to apply the R programming language and useful statistical techniques to everyday business situations. Using examples from marketing, business intelligence, and decision support, it shows you how to design experiments (such as A/B tests), build predictive models, and present results to audiences of all levels.

This book is accessible to readers without a background in data science. Some familiarity with basic statistics, R, or another scripting language is assumed.