Awesome List Updates on Oct 01, 2018

20 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Web Security

Fuzzing / Sub Domain Enumeration

2. Awesome Incident Response

IR Tools Collection / Log Analysis Tools

3. Awesome Dataviz

Podcasts / Misc

Twitter accounts / Misc

4. Awesome Laravel

Popular Packages / Media & Document Management

Application Hosting / Third-party Service Integration

5. Awesome Tensorflow



6. Awesome

Presentations / Tutorials

Podcasts / Tutorials

Organizations Using Craft / Tutorials

7. Awesome Fp Js

Libraries / Algebraic Data Types

8. Awesome Speakers

Asia / India 🇮🇳


Rebecca Franks
Topics: Android, Android Things, Firebase, IoT

Europe / Germany 🇩🇪

Höchst im Odenwald

Tim Pietrusky
Topics: JS Art, JS Music, JavaScript

Europe / Ireland 🇮🇪


Nick Palladinos
Topics: F#


Dave Jeffery
Topics: JavaScript, Electron, Node.js

Eoin Shanaghy
Topics: Java, Elixir, Node.js

James Sugrue
Topics: Swift, JavaScript, Java

Joe Minichino
Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Databases, JavaScript, Python

Oscar Brito
Topics: Linux, Node.js, JavaScript, Python


Anton Whalley
Topics: Node.js, Decentralization, FreeBSD, Open Source

Augusto Evangelisti
Topics: Testing, Agile, Bitcoin

Barry O'Sullivan
Topics: PHP, Testing, Domain-Driven Design, Event Sourcing

Chris Manson
Topics: JavaScript, Ember, React

Cian Mac Mahon
Topics: JavaScript, React

Claudio Procida
Topics: JavaScript, React, Node.js, Diversity

Donovan Hutchinson
Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Ingrid Epure
Topics: Security, Psychology

John Brett
Topics: JavaScript, hapi, Nomad Work, Bitcoin

Luciano Mammino
Topics: Node.js, Design Patterns, Serverless, JSON Web Tokens, Universal JavaScript

Lynsey Duncan
Topics: UX, UI, Design Systems

Maja Grubic
Topics: Node.js, JavaScript, React, Monitoring, D3, SVG

Mario Casciaro
Topics: Node.js, JavaScript, Design Patterns, Startups

Michael Flanagan
Topics: PHP, JavaScript, REST, Testing

Mustafa Turan
Topics: Elixir, Ruby, Functional Programming

Padraig O'Brien
Topics: Serverless, Big Data, Databases

Panpan Lin
Topics: JavaScript, GraphQL, Swift, Hackathons

Pat O'Callaghan
Topics: JavaScript, Node.js, Ember

Serena Fritsch
Topics: JavaScript, Ember, Developer Workflows

Serg Hospodarets
Topics: JavaScript, CSS, CSS Houdini

Thomas Shaw
Topics: Docker, Jenkins, Devops

Yevgeniy Brikman
Topics: Terraform, Devops, Scalability


Mark Conroy
Topics: Frontend, Drupal, Web Development

Europe / Netherlands 🇳🇱


Alexey Kureev
Topics: React Native

Carmen Popoviciu
Topics: Angular, JavaScript, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Polymer, Web Components

Chidinma Kalu
Topics: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Machine Learning

Jad Joubran
Topics: Progressive Web Apps, Web Performance, JavaScript

Kene Udeze
Topics: Design, CSS, Accessibility, Inclusive Design

Michel Weststrate
Topics: MobX, React, mobx-state-tree, Typescript, Open Source

Narendra Shetty
Topics: React, Progressive Web Apps

Peter-Paul Koch
Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Cross-Browser Compatibility

Europe / Serbia 🇷🇸

St. Petersburg

Vadim Makeev
Topics: HTML, CSS, Web Standards, Accessibility


Aleksandar Simovic
Topics: Serverless

Slobodan Stojanović
Topics: Serverless, Offline Web, Chat Bots

Europe / Spain 🇪🇸


Flavio Corpa
Topics: JavaScript, Functional Programming

Europe / Ukraine 🇺🇦


Denys Dovhan
Topics: JavaScript, DevTools, Shell scripting


Illya Klymov
Topics: Teaching, Coaching, JavaScript


Artem Denysov
Topics: Web Performance, Dev Tools

North America / Canada 🇨🇦


Ada Rose Cannon
Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebVR, Web Technologies, Progressive Web Apps

Alessandro Cinelli
Topics: JavaScript

Alex Lobera
Topics: JavaScript, React, Redux, GraphQL

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino
Topics: Internet of Things, Smart Homes, Connected Devices

Alla Kholmatova
Topics: Design Systems

Andrew Betts
Topics: Networks, Performance, Web

Anna Doubková
Topics: React, Testing

Bodil Stokke
Topics: Programming, Functional Programming

Chris Noring
Topics: JavaScript, RxJS, Angular, React

Cristiano Rastelli
Topics: CSS, CSS in JS

Dan Abramov
Topics: JavaScript, React, Redux, Tooling

Davide 'Folletto' Casali
Topics: Design, User Experience, Management, Leadership, Startups

Gerard Sans
Topics: Angular, React, GraphQL, CSS Animations, RxJS

Gojko Adzic
Topics: Testing, Requirements, Serverless

Jani Eväkallio
Topics: Self-Development, Programming

Michele Bertoli
Topics: React, Testing

Phil Plückthun
Topics: React, CSS in JS

Sani Yusuf
Topics: Ionic, Angular, JavaScript, Progressive Web Apps

Sebastian Witalec
Topics: NativeScript, Angular, Bots, JavaScript

Sven Sauleau
Topics: JavaScript (Babel), Artificial Intelligence, Linux, Cloud, Ops, Computer Science

Inayaili de León
Topics: Design Systems, Responsive Web Design, Design Leadership, UI

Heydon Pickering
Topics: Accessibility, Performance, Web

Seren Davies
Topics: Accessibility

North America / United States of America 🇺🇸

Palo Alto

Paul Irish
Topics: Developer Tools

Cheng Lou
Topics: ReasonML, React, Software Philosophy

9. Awesome Clojure


10. Awesome Composer

Videos / IRC

11. Awesome Gbdev

Emulator Development / Misc

Emulators / Experimental/Proof of Concepts

12. Awesome List


13. Awesome Bigdata

Graph Data Model

Data Ingestion

14. Awesome Interview Questions

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Platforms / TypeScript

15. Awesome Fonts

Awesome lists / Event listeners for fonts loading on a web page

16. Awesome Nextjs


17. Amas

Ask these people anything!

18. Awesome H2o


19. Awesome Cmake


20. Awesome Aws

Open Source Repos / Miscellaneous Repos