Awesome List Updates on Oct 15, 2019

20 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Board Games


Pinch 'n' Pass

Battle with your opponents and the buzzer in this quick-thinking, fast-paced game of categories. How many famous actors, pizza topping, things that are red, or breeds of dog can you name under pressure? ‘Pinch’ and ‘pass’ category cards differ in that you try to snag pinch cards from other players by shouting out something from the category and you try to get rid of pass cards hot-potato style by saying something from the category. Whoever’s left holding the card when the buzzer goes off reaps the benefit (for pinch cards) or suffering the penalty (for pass cards). First player to the finish line is the winner, but don’t get knocked out for getting caught with too many pass cards! Each player may also call another player out for a head-to-head round. You can only do it once, so make it count!

Pinch 'n' Pass Image

Players Min. Age Time
3 - 6 12 30m

2. Awesome Aurelia

Aurelia Plugins / Aurelia Articles

3. Awesome Selfhosted

Software / Communication - Social Networks and Forums

4. Awesome Malware Analysis

Books / Other Resources

5. Awesome Markdown

Tools / Miscellaneous

6. Awesome Courses

Courses / Systems

7. Awesome Java

Introspection / Text-Based User Interfaces

8. Awesome Jmeter

Official Resources


Tools / Extending JMeter

Community / Blogs

9. Awesome Ios Books

Server Side Swift

10. Awesome Cryptography

Web-tools / Git

11. Awesome Software Patreons

Open Source Projects

People Doing Open Source Work / Hardware related

12. Awesome Remote Job

Articles & Posts

13. Awesome Cpp


14. Awesome Creative Tech Events

UK / London

Netherlands / Amsterdam

Sweden / Stockholm

15. Awesome Hacking

Competition / Other

tools / Other

16. Public Apis


Games & Comics

17. Awesome Math

Foundations of Mathematics / Type Theory

18. Awesome D3

Charts / Third Party

19. Awesome Geek Podcasts

In Portuguese

20. Awesome Ctf