Awesome List Updates on Oct 16, 2019

11 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Board Games



TZAAR is the second game in the GIPF series of abstract strategy games. Each player has types of pieces (6 tzaars, 9 tzarras, and 15 totts). Players take turns trying to capture opponent's pieces or stacking their pieces. Stacking pieces makes them stronger but reduces the number of pieces the player has on the board. Players lose if they cannot capture their opponent's piece or they do not have at least one type of each piece on the board.

TZAAR image

Players Min. Age Time
2 13 30-60m

2. Free for Dev


3. Awesome Stock Resources

Photography / Custom License / Usage

Icons / Icon Fonts

Colors / Icons Packages and Collections

4. Tools


5. Awesome Algorithms

Books / Algorithms and Data structures

Online Judges / Randomized Algorithms

6. Awesome Flame

Open Source / Casual

Open Source / Endless Runner

7. Awesome Actions

Collection of Actions / Docker Container Actions

8. Awesome Scala Native


9. Awesome Icons


Other / Paid

10. Awesome Quantum Computing


11. Awesome Math

Algebra / Galois Theory