Awesome List Updates on Oct 21 - Oct 27, 2019

79 awesome lists updated this week.

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1. Awesome Ada

Text Modes / MIT

2. Awesome Vapor


3. Awesome Nextjs


4. Awesome Stacks

React Next Boilerplate

GCP Kubernetes Stack / Resources

5. Awesome Vscode

JavaScript / More

6. Awesome Clojure

Build Automation and Package management

Pattern Matching

7. Awesome Raspberry Pi


8. Awesome Mac

Reading and Writing Tools / Journaling

Reading and Writing Tools / Others

Design and Product / Screencapturing Software

Design and Product / Other Tools

Utilities / To-Do Lists

9. Awesome Aws

Open Source Repos / Kinesis

10. Awesome Emails

Services / Misc

11. Awesome Plotters

Hardware / Plotters

Inspiration, Instruction, and Research / Fonts

12. Awesome No Login Web Apps

Miscellaneous / Others

13. Awesome Job Boards

Programming / Go

Programming / Python

14. Awesome Scientific Computing

Other libraries and tools / Mesh tools

15. Awesome Saltstack


16. Awesome Tikz

Official Links / PGF/TikZ

Gallery / PGFPlots

Tools / PGFPlots

17. Awesome Cl

Persistent object databases

HTTP clients / Interfaces to other package managers

HTTP Servers / Interfaces to other package managers

HTTP Servers / Hunchentoot plugins

Javascript / Isomorphic web frameworks

Others / Third-party APIs

Utils / Third-party APIs

Actors pattern / Third-party APIs

Date and time / Third-party APIs

18. Awesome Css Frameworks

General Purpose

19. Awesome Esolangs



20. Awesome Naming

Design Patterns and Anti Patterns


IT Security

User Interface Design


21. Awesome Speakers

Europe / Germany 🇩🇪


Joy Heron
Topics: Clojure, Web Apps, Security


Robin Weser
Topics: CSS, CSS in JS, React

22. Awesome Sre

Conferences & Meetups

23. Mind Expanding Books

Philosophy And Psychology

24. Awesome Actions on Google

Open source code

25. Awesome Testing

Software / Make your life easier

26. Awesome Devenv

Terminal / Extensions

27. Awesome Imba

Resources / Official Resources

Resources / Toolkits and Frameworks

28. Awesome Quantified Self

Websites and Resources

29. Awesome4girls

General / UX

30. Awesome Pentest

Conferences and Events / North America

Online Resources / Other Lists Online

31. Awesome Appium

Become an Appium Pro

32. Awesome Security

Other Awesome Lists / Other Security Awesome Lists

33. Awesome Nosql Guides

Data Structures and Modeling

34. Awesome Cli Apps

Graphics / Image Conversion

35. Awesome Diversity


36. Js Must Watch


37. Awesome C

Build Systems







Memory Allocators / Language Standards

Networking and Internet / Language Standards

Numerical / Language Standards

Parallel Programming / Language Standards

Parsers / Language Standards

Regex / Language Standards

String Manipulation / Language Standards

Emacs / Language Standards

Vim / Language Standards

Tools / Language Standards

Utilities / Language Standards

38. Awesome Vulkan

Hardware Support




39. Awesome Maintainers

40. Awesome Flutter


UI / Effect

Monetization / Preferences

41. Free for Dev

Major Cloud Providers



Data Visualization on Maps

42. Awesome Stock Resources

Photography / Custom License / Usage

Icons / Icon Fonts

Colors / Icons Packages and Collections

43. Tools


44. Awesome Algorithms

Books / Algorithms and Data structures

Online Judges / Randomized Algorithms

45. Awesome Flame

Open Source / Casual

Open Source / Endless Runner

46. Awesome Scala Native


47. Awesome Icons


Other / Paid

48. Awesome Quantum Computing


49. Awesome Aurelia

Aurelia Plugins / Aurelia Articles

50. Awesome Malware Analysis

Books / Other Resources

51. Awesome Courses

Courses / Systems

52. Awesome Java


53. Awesome Jmeter

Official Resources


Tools / Extending JMeter

Community / Blogs

54. Awesome Ios Books

Server Side Swift

55. Awesome Cryptography

Web-tools / Git

56. Awesome Software Patreons

Open Source Projects

Open Source Projects / Libraries

Open Source Projects / Operating Systems

People Doing Open Source Work / Hardware related

57. Awesome Remote Job

Articles & Posts


58. Awesome Cpp


Web Application Framework

Static Code Analysis

59. Awesome Creative Tech Events

UK / London

Netherlands / Amsterdam

Sweden / Stockholm

60. Awesome Hacking

Competition / Other

tools / Other

61. Public Apis


Games & Comics

62. Awesome D3

Charts / Third Party

63. Awesome Geek Podcasts

In Portuguese

64. Awesome Board Games


Love Letter

Love Letter is a game of risk, deduction, and luck. Each player attempts to have their love letter delivered to Annette, the princess of Tempest, before anyone else does. From a deck with sixteen cards and eight roles, each player starts with one card. As the game progresses, each player must choose between their current role and those remaining in the deck. Will your letter reach the princess first?

Love Letter Image

Players Min. Age Time
2 - 4 10 20m


TZAAR is the second game in the GIPF series of abstract strategy games. Each player has types of pieces (6 tzaars, 9 tzarras, and 15 totts). Players take turns trying to capture opponent's pieces or stacking their pieces. Stacking pieces makes them stronger but reduces the number of pieces the player has on the board. Players lose if they cannot capture their opponent's piece or they do not have at least one type of each piece on the board.

TZAAR image

Players Min. Age Time
2 13 30-60m

Pinch 'n' Pass

Battle with your opponents and the buzzer in this quick-thinking, fast-paced game of categories. How many famous actors, pizza topping, things that are red, or breeds of dog can you name under pressure? ‘Pinch’ and ‘pass’ category cards differ in that you try to snag pinch cards from other players by shouting out something from the category and you try to get rid of pass cards hot-potato style by saying something from the category. Whoever’s left holding the card when the buzzer goes off reaps the benefit (for pinch cards) or suffering the penalty (for pass cards). First player to the finish line is the winner, but don’t get knocked out for getting caught with too many pass cards! Each player may also call another player out for a head-to-head round. You can only do it once, so make it count!

Pinch 'n' Pass Image

Players Min. Age Time
3 - 6 12 30m

65. Awesome Markdown

Tools / Converters

Tools / Editors

Tools / Linters

Tools / Miscellaneous

Services / Presentations

Resources / Documentation

66. Alternative Internet



67. Awesome Icons



68. Awesome Katas


69. Awesome Selfhosted

Software / Automation

Software / Communication - Social Networks and Forums

Software / Groupware

Software / Polls and Events

70. Awesome Laravel

Popular Packages / Search

Codebases for Reference / Videos

71. Awesome Android

Data binding

GUI / Inputs

GUI / Loading Images

GUI / Media Picker

Code examples / Custom Dialog

72. Awesome Swift


Command Line

Dependency Injection

Quality / Barcode

73. Awesome Interview Questions

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Platforms / Android

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Platforms / iOS

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Platforms / Java

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Platforms / JavaScript

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Platforms / NodeJS

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Platforms / PHP

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Platforms / Python

74. Awesome Math

Foundations of Mathematics / Type Theory

Algebra / Galois Theory

75. Awesome Clean Tech

Companies / Water

Companies / Energy

Companies / Social Impact

More Resources / Social Impact

76. Awesome Ctf



Writeups Collections

77. Awesome Crystal

Algorithms and Data structures

ORM/ODM Extensions

78. Awesome Actions

GitHub Tools and Management / Docker Container Actions

Collection of Actions / Docker Container Actions

Utility / Docker Container Actions

Deployment / Code Coverage

79. Awesome Salesforce

Table of Contents / IDE

Table of Contents / Plugins for Salesforce