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Aug 12th

1. dastergon/awesome-sre

2. rust-unofficial/awesome-rust



  • oxidecomputer/propolisstars99 - Rust-based userspace program for illumos bhyve kernel modules
  • Development tools

  • hot-lib-reloaderstars140 — Hot reload Rust code build badge

  • 3. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • downloadstars1 - Helper to download files with aria2c.
  • cvideostars0 - Quickly compress video with ffmpeg.
  • requirestars0 - Adds ability to require commandname and then (if brew is installed) automatically brew install commandname if it isn't already installed.

  • 4. markusschanta/awesome-jupyter

    Community Resources

  • jupyter-map - Map of university institutions that use Jupyter.
  • kandi Kits Topic - Discover popular Jupyter libraries, top authors, trending project kits, discussions, tutorials & learning resources.

  • 5. aorumbayev/awesome-algorand


    Nodes and Indexers

  • SubQuery - Open, fast, flexible, and decentralised cross-chain data indexer for Algorand (getting started guide).

  • 7. stn1slv/awesome-integration



  • CoAP - The Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) is a specialized Internet application protocol for constrained devices, as defined in RFC 7252.

  • 8. stevesong/awesome-connectivity-info

    Global Connectivity Indexes

  • ITU Global Connectivity Report - (2022) - a detailed assessment of the current state of connectivity.

  • 9. owainlewis/awesome-artificial-intelligence


  • MIT Artificial Intelligence Videos - MIT AI Course
  • Amazon Machine Learning Developer Guide - A book for ML developers which introduces the ML concepts & strategies with lots of practical usages.
  • Philosophy

  • Minds, Brains, And Programs - The 1980 paper by philosopher John Searle that contains the famous 'Chinese Room' thought experiment. Probably the most famous attack on the notion of a Strong AI possessing a 'mind' or a 'consciousness', and interesting reading for those interested in the intersection of AI and philosophy of mind.
  • Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid - Written by Douglas Hofstadter and taglined "a metaphorical fugue on minds and machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll", this wonderful journey into the the fundamental concepts of mathematics,symmetry and intelligence won a Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction in 1979. A major theme throughout is the emergence of meaning from seemingly 'meaningless' elements, like 1's and 0's, arranged in special patterns.
  • Learning

  • Awesome Graph Classificationstars4.5k - Learning from graph structured data

  • 10. erwanlemerrer/awesome-audit-algorithms



  • Distill-and-Compare: Auditing Black-Box Models Using Transparent Model Distillation - (AIES) Treats black box models as teachers, training transparent student models to mimic the risk scores assigned by black-box models.

  • 11. denolib/awesome-deno



  • PLSstars4 - Use 2 lines to persist localStorage in any database, including, but not limited to, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Redis.
  • deno-validationstars1 - A general purpose validation library for Deno.

  • 12. YuzheSHI/awesome-agi-cocosci

    Institute & Researcher


  • Mark Ho - Department of Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology.

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