Awesome List Updates on Oct 01, 2022

12 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Translations

Platforms / Localization and translation platforms

Tools / Libraries and tools for developers

Articles / For developers

2. Awesome Rust

Applications / Blockchain

Development tools / Web Servers

Libraries / Audio and Music

3. Awesome Github Wiki


Useful links with tips & tricks

4. Awesome Neovim

(requires Neovim 0.5)

5. Awesome Board Games



Ayoayo (Yoruba: Ayò Ọlọ́pọ́n) is a traditional mancala played by the Yoruba people in Nigeria. It is very close to the Oware game that spread to the Americas with the atlantic slave trade. Among modern mancalas, which are most often derived from Warri, the Kalah is a notable one that has essentially the same rules as Ayoayo. There are games with identical rules also in other areas of Africa. One such game is the Endodoi, played by the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania.

Ayoayo image

Players Min. Age Time
2 8 15-30m

6. Awesome Zsh Plugins

Plugins / superconsole - Windows-only

7. Awesome Kotlin

Links / Courses

Libraries/Frameworks / Misc

8. Awesome Generative Deep Art

Inbox: Stable Diffusion / Multi-agents

9. Free Programming Books (English, By Subjects)

Algorithms & Data Structures

Machine Learning




10. Awesome Firebase


11. Awesome Cli Apps

Development / Devops

Development / Release

Productivity / Calendars

Utilities / Calendars

Utilities / Network Utilities

Utilities / Theming and Customization

Utilities / Shell Utilities

Utilities / System Interaction Utilities

Utilities / Markdown

Utilities / Security

Utilities / Browser Replacement

Utilities / Internet Speedtest

Files and Directories / Directory Navigation

Version Control / Git

Version Control / Emoji

Images / Emoji

12. Papers We Love

Info / How To Read a Paper