Awesome List Updates on Oct 10, 2022

23 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome V



Scientific computing

2. Free for Dev

Analytics, Events and Statistics

3. Awesome Board Games



Each player builds a stained glass window by building up a grid of dice on their player board. Each board has some restrictions on which color or shade (value) of die can be placed there. Dice of the same shade or color may never be placed next to each other. Dice are drafted in player order, with the start player rotating each round, snaking back around after the last player drafts two dice. Scoring is variable per game based on achieving various patterns and varieties of well as bonus points for dark shades of a particular hidden goal color.

Sagrada game image

Players Min. Age Time
1 - 4 10 30-45m

4. Awesome Zsh Plugins

Plugins / superconsole - Windows-only.

5. Awesome Chrome Devtools


6. Awesome Readme


7. Game Datasets

License / Related

8. Magictools

Graphics / Tile/Level Editors

Graphics / Animation

Engines and Frameworks / Voxel Editors

Game Jams / Voxel Editors

9. Awesome Newsletters

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Big Data / Angular

10. Awesome Kotlin

Android / Boilerplate

11. Static Analysis

Programming Languages / Other

Other / Other

12. Awesome Bash

Books and Resources

13. Awesome Agi Cocosci

Science Logology / Literature Mining

14. Awesome Selfhosted

Software / Automation

Software / Software Development - IDE & Tools

15. Awesome Capacitor

Capgo plugins

Capawesome plugins

16. Awesome Docker


Volume Management / Data

17. Awesome Go

Continuous Integration


18. Awesome Vite

Framework-agnostic Plugins / Bundling

Framework-agnostic Plugins / Helpers

19. Awesome Magento2

What is Magento?

Events: Meet the community

Meet Magento


Development Utilities






Adminhtml / Backend


Payment Service Provider


Proprietary Extensions

Other / Progressive Web Application

Learning / Progressive Web Application

Official Resources / Progressive Web Application

Other Magento 2 related Awesome Lists / Progressive Web Application

20. Awesome Pleb Projects

Lightning / Tools

21. Awesome Minecraft

Mods / Technology

22. Free Programming Books (English, By Subjects)

Graphical User Interfaces

Parallel Programming

23. Awesome Privacy

Teamworking Tools

Translation and Speech-to-Text