Awesome List Updates on Oct 23, 2022

10 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Generative Deep Art

Prompt Engineering / Prompt Engineering for Text-to-image

Inbox: Stable Diffusion / Web UI for Stable Diffusion via Google Colab

2. Awesome Browser Extensions for Github

GitHub CSV Diff (⭐4)

GitHub provides a page that only shows diffs with a .diff at the end of the URL of the pull request. This browser extension makes it easier to view csv diffs by using daff on that page.

Installs: 34 | Stars: 4 | Last update: n/a

Module Linker (⭐249)

An extension that creates direct links to imported modules, external or internal, on source code on GitHub. Supports multiple languages, including common ones like Rust, Go, Python and Ruby, but also odd ones like Nim, Haskell, Julia and Elm.

Installs: 34 | Stars: 250 | Last update: 27 Nov 2019

Old School GitHub (⭐225)

Revert GitHub's UI back to its classic look (before the June 23, 2020 update that has a flat, rounded and more whitespaced design).

Installs: 64 | Stars: 226 | Last update: 6 Aug 2021

This browser extension allows you to open files in your IDE directly from GitHub, assuming the repository you are working on is cloned on your computer. When a fragment of a file is displayed, your IDE opens the file and puts the cursor at the desired line.

Installs: 41 | Stars: 70 | Last update: 23 Sep 2023

Semantic Code Reviews

Introduces the Explore tab in the pull request interface where you can review changes ordered by importance and see the semantic context surrounding each change.

Installs: 36 | Stars: n/a | Last update: n/a

3. Awesome Crypto Papers

Specific topics / Secret key cryptography

Specific topics / Zero Knowledge Proofs

4. Awesome Micropython

Scheduling / Touch Resistive

Code Generation / SRAM

5. Free for Dev

Authentication, Authorization, and User Management

6. Awesome Coq

Projects / Tools

Resources / Course Material

7. Awesome Zsh Plugins

Completions / superconsole - Windows-only

Themes / superconsole - Windows-only

8. Static Analysis

Multiple languages / Other

9. Awesome Python

GUI Development

10. Awesome Privacy

Notes and Tasks