Awesome List Updates on Jul 19, 2023

21 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Orgs


2. Awesome Polars

Libraries/Packages/Scripts / Python

Libraries/Packages/Scripts / R

Resources / Blog posts

3. Awesome Osint

Domain and IP Research / Telegram

4. Awesome Jmeter

Official Resources


Automation / DSL

Automation / Frameworks

Automation / Conversion

Tools / Extending JMeter

5. Awesome Cybersecurity Blueteam

Incident Response tools / Evidence collection

Preparedness training and wargaming / Post-engagement analysis and reporting

Security monitoring / Post-engagement analysis and reporting

6. Awesome Embedded Rust

Driver crates / Other

no-std crates / WIP

Firmware projects / WIP

7. Awesome Ada

Sound / Apache License

Frameworks / Apache License

8. Awesome Elixir


9. Awesome Go


10. Awesome Micropython

IO / Waveform Generator

Sensors / Magnetometer

11. Awesome Django

Third-Party Packages / APIs

Third-Party Packages / Full-stack frameworks

12. Awesome Low Code

Platforms / Low Code Application Platform

13. Awesome Raspberry Pi


14. Awesome Naming

Theoretical Computer Science

15. Awesome Generative Deep Art

Generative AI history, timelines, maps, and definitions

Critical Views about Generative AI

Inbox: Stable Diffusion / Multi-agents

16. Awesome Selfhosted

Software / Communication - Social Networks and Forums

Software / File Transfer - Single-click & Drag-n-drop Upload

Software / Games - Administrative Utilities & Control Panels

17. Learn to Program


Shay Howe's Learn to Code HTML & CSS

Free beginner to intermediate guides on web development
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript)


Free learn to code and help nonprofits at the same time
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Databases, Git & GitHub, Node.js, React.js, D3.js, Python)

The Odin Project

Free beginner to intermediate full-stack courses with Ruby and JS learning paths
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails)

GitHub Skills

Free self paced, interactive projects to learn Git and GitHub, created and maintained by GitHub's training team
(Git, GitHub)

Hyperskill by JetBrains Academy

Freemium wide range of tracks in popular programming languages and development frameworks
(Python, Java, Kotlin, SQL)


Freemium interactive platform for learning data science
(Python, R, SQL, Power BI, ChatGPT)


Developer Roadmaps

Free learning roadmap guides with links to educational content
(Fullstack, UX Design, Cyber Security, Computer Science, Blockchain, DevOps, PostgreSQL)


Paid platform for courses in web development, software development, security and more
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, AngularJS, Java, SQL)

CodeChef Courses

Freemium platform with courses in web development and software development
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, C++)


Level Up Tutorials

Free video tutorials for web developers and designers
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Svelte, Vue, Node.js, GraphQL, TypeScript, Deno, GitHub, Figma, Ruby, Drupal, Magento, Wordpress)

MIT OpenCourseWare

Free courses from MIT on advanced computer science topics
(varied and extensive computer science topics, C, C++, ..)


Free courses from Harvard, MIT, and other universities
(varied computer science subjects including theory and programming, data science, algorithms, ...)

18. Awesome Vue

Components & Libraries / UI Components

19. Awesome Emails

Services / Misc

Resources / Misc

20. Awesome Neovim

Tree-sitter Supported Colorscheme / Diagnostics

21. Free Programming Books (English, By Subjects)

Data Science