Awesome List Updates on Feb 26 - Mar 04, 2018

42 awesome lists updated this week.

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1. Awesome Json

Binary Serialization


Format Extensions






2. Awesome Plone



Official resources

3. Awesome Cpp

Integrated Development Environment

4. Awesome Healthcare

Contents / Laboratory

5. Awesome Vue

Resources / Examples

Projects Using Vue.js / Open Source

6. Awesome Selfhosted

Software / Communication - Social Networks and Forums

Software / Maps and Global Positioning System (GPS)

7. Engineering Blogs

Individuals/Group Contributors / L individuals

8. Awesome Network Analysis

Datasets / Topic-specific

9. Awesome Math

Foundations of Mathematics / Transition To Pure Rigour Math

Foundations of Mathematics / Set Theory

Foundations of Mathematics / Logic

Foundations of Mathematics / Category Theory

Number Theory / Surreal Numbers

Algebra / Abstract Algebra

Algebra / Group Theory

Algebra / Linear Algebra

Algebra / Lie Algebras

Geometry and Topology / Graph Theory

Geometry and Topology / Differential Geometry

Analysis / Real Analysis

Analysis / Functional Analysis

Analysis / Ordinary Differential Equations

Probability and Statistics / Statistics

Mathematics for Computer Science / Stochastic processes

Mathematical Biology / Stochastic processes

Mathematical Physics / Stochastic processes

10. Awesome Mqtt


Misc / Firmwares for ESP based Devices

11. Awesome Python Scientific Audio

Audio Related Packages / Transformations - General DSP

Audio Related Packages / Feature extraction

12. Awesome Framer

UI Libraries

13. Awesome Electron

For Electron / Other

14. Awesome Remote Job

Tools / Project Management

15. Awesome Cakephp

CMS and applications built on CakePHP

16. Awesome Jvm

Memory and concurrency



17. Awesome Blockchain Ai

Blockchains for AI algorithms / Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning

18. Awesome Static Website Services


19. Awesome Dotnet


20. Awesome Crystal

Third-party APIs

21. Awesome D3

Utils / Third Party

22. Awesome Dotnet Core

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / Application Frameworks

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / Code Analysis and Metrics

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / Functional Programming

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / Security

23. Awesome Serverless


Serverless Framework Plugins

24. Awesome Vapor


25. Awesome Python

Built-in Classes Enhancement

Database Drivers

26. Awesome Aws

Open Source Repos / Elastic Compute Cloud

27. Awesome Fonts

Programming fonts / Fonts

Awesome lists / Event listeners for fonts loading on a web page

Other / Event listeners for fonts loading on a web page

28. Awesome Ruby


29. Awesome Creative Coding

Blogs โ€ข Websites / Other

30. Awesome Machine Learning

Python / General-Purpose Machine Learning

31. Awesome Swift


Network / Barcode

32. Awesome Android

Utility / ORM

Other / Custom Dialog

HTML, CSS and Javascript / Custom Dialog

33. Awesome Dev Fun


34. Awesome React Native

Backend / Navigation Demos

35. Awesome Rest

Directly On Top Of A RMDB

Mocking / Symfony2

Documentation / Symfony2

SaaS Tools / Symfony2

36. Awesome Maintainers

37. Awesome Selenium

Tools / C#

Containers / Docker

Driver / Mobile (browsers and apps)

Driver / Desktop GUI Automation (non-browser-centric)

Desktop Tools / Desktop GUI Automation (non-browser-centric)

Selenium Grid / Desktop GUI Automation (non-browser-centric)

Blogs / Desktop GUI Automation (non-browser-centric)

38. Awesome Opensource Apps

React Native


39. Awesome Broadcasting

Animation, Graphics & Video Playout

40. Awesome Bigdata

Data Visualization / Graph Based approach

41. Awesome Javascript Learning

Articles & Tutorials / Overall Topics

Articles & Tutorials / Single Topics

42. Awesome Web Security




Reconnaissance / OSINT - Open-Source Intelligence