Awesome List Updates on Oct 11 - Oct 17, 2021

67 awesome lists updated this week.

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1. Awesome Seed Rs

Projects Using Seed

2. Awesome Python Typing

Tools / Working with types

3. Awesome Job Boards

Big Data

Programming / Go

Remote / Aggregator

Tech / Canada

Writing / United Kingdom

4. Awesome Wpo


Events / Conferences

5. Awesome Yew


6. Awesome Lit


7. Awesome Engineering Team Management

Agile / Tickets

8. Awesome Billing

Payments / Electronic invoices

9. Awesome Iam

Authentication / Multi-Factor

Trust & Safety / User Identity

10. Awesome Pixel Art

Community / Artists

11. Awesome Svelte

Miscellaneous / Checkbox

12. Awesome Actions

Fun / Terraform

13. Awesome Board Games



In Kingdomino, you are playing as a lord who is seeking new lands to expand your kingdom. You must explore all the lands, including wheat fields, lakes, and mountains, to spot the best plots, while competing with other lords to acquire them first. This game is like Dominoes. It uses tiles with two sections. Each turn, player will select a new domino to connect to their existing kingdom, making sure at least one of its sides connects to a matching terrain type already in play. The order of who picks first depends on which tile was previously chosen, with better tiles forcing players to pick later in the next round. The game ends when each player has completed a 5x5 grid and then points are counted based on number of connecting tiles and crowns symbol.

Kingdomino image

Players Min. Age Time
2 - 4 8 15m



In Citadels Classic, you are vying to become the kingdom’s next Master Builder. But first, you must impress the monarchy with your city-building skills. To achieve your goal, you must gather resources while simultaneously predicting your opponents’ plans—and foiling them! In the end, only the steward whose city most impresses the king will earn the title of Master Builder.

Citadels game image

Players Min. Age Time
2 - 7 10+ 30-60m

14. Awesome Jmeter


Cloud Services / SaaS / Tutorials & Demo

Tools / Extending JMeter

15. Awesome Qt

Libraries / Integrations

Blogs / New Functionality

Books / New Functionality

Software that Uses Qt / New Functionality

16. Awesome Ddd


17. Awesome Icons


18. Awesome Java

Code Generators

People / Twitter

19. Awesome Robotic Tooling

Planning and Control / Vector Map

20. Awesome Gatling


Distributed Testing

Tools / Plugins

Tools / Reporting

21. Awesome Ironsworn

Translations / Ironsworn

22. Awesome Rust


Applications / Games

Libraries / Web programming

23. Awesome Chatops



Frameworks and libraries / Twitter

Frameworks and libraries / Slack

24. Awesome Scifi

Expanse (2011-2021) by James S.A. Corey [4.17 (avg)]

Remembrance of Earth's Past Trilogy (2014-2016) by Liu Cixin / Perelandra (1944) by C. S. Lewis [4.0]

25. Awesome Ruby

Queues and Messaging

26. Awesome Embedded Rust

Tools / Community Chat Rooms

27. Awesome Decentralized


28. Open Source Flutter Apps

Contents / Finance

29. Awesome Css

Miscellaneous / Editor's Draft ✒️

30. Awesome Generative Deep Art

Image Synthesis / Promptism

Image Synthesis / Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

31. Awesome Couchdb

Related Projects / Hosting

32. Awesome Humane Tech

Privacy / Wear our Awesome Humane Tech badge

Blocklists / Wear our Awesome Humane Tech badge

Social networks / Wear our Awesome Humane Tech badge

33. Awesome React Components

Boilerplate / Mouse Events

Integrations with Third Party Services / Mouse Events

34. Awesome Observables



35. Awesome Emails


36. Awesome Swift

Text / Barcode

37. Awesome Ios


38. Alternative Internet

Social Networks

39. Awesome Slack

📝   Lists

🎨   Themes

🛠️   Libraries and SDKs / C#

🛠️   Libraries and SDKs / Java

⚙️   Open-Source Slack Apps and Integrations / Java

🛠️   Libraries and SDKs / JavaScript/TypeScript

🛠️   Libraries and SDKs / PHP

🛠️   Libraries and SDKs / Python

⚙️   Open-Source Slack Apps and Integrations / Python

🛠️   Libraries and SDKs / Ruby

🛠️   Libraries and SDKs / Rust

🛠️   Libraries and SDKs / Swift

⚙️   Open-Source Slack Apps and Integrations / CoffeeScript

⚙️   Open-Source Slack Apps and Integrations / JavaScript/Typescript

⚙️   Open-Source Slack Apps and Integrations / PHP

⚙️   Open-Source Slack Apps and Integrations / Ruby

40. Awesome Translations


41. Awesome Golem

Apps / Video Transcoding and Editing

42. Urban and Regional Planning Resources

Public Data Resources / Equity and Environmental Justice

43. Awesome Pokemon

Development Projects / APIs

44. Awesome Dotnet


45. Awesome Postgres

Contents / Utilities

Contents / PaaS (PostgreSQL as a Service)

46. Awesome Cybersecurity Blueteam

DevSecOps / Supply chain security

47. Awesome Mac

Developer Tools / Version Control

Utilities / Menu Bar Tools

48. Awesome Integration

Resources / Market Analysis

49. Alternative Front Ends

Overview / Imgur

50. Awesome Leading and Managing

Contents / Quotes That Capture the General Spirit of this List's Contents

51. Awesome Blazor

Component bundles

Individual components / Others

52. Free for Dev

APIs, Data and ML

Tools for Teams and Collaboration


Design and UI

53. Awesome Functional Programming

Table of Contents / Books

54. Awesome Vite

Framework-agnostic Plugins / Transformers

55. Awesome WSL

8. Installation

Supported Distributions / OpenSUSE / SUSE Enterprise Linux

56. Awesome Blockchain Ai

Academic Research / Blockchain projects for AI algorithms

57. Awesome Clojure

Advanced datastructures

58. Awesome Datascience

Books / Visualization Tools

59. Awesome Salesforce

Troubleshooting and queries / Technical Blogs

60. Awesome Incident Response

IR Tools Collection / All-In-One Tools

IR Tools Collection / Other Tools

61. Free Programming Books (English, By Subjects)

Artificial Intelligence


Data Science


62. Awesome Ebpf

Examples / Hardware Offload

Projects Related to eBPF / Testing in Virtual Environments

63. Awesome React

React Tools / React Development Tools

64. Awesome Vue

Resources / Community

Components & Libraries / UI Components

65. Awesome Naming

Libraries and Frameworks

66. Public Apis


Art & Design




Cloud Storage & File Sharing



Documents & Productivity




Food & Drink

Games & Comics




Machine Learning


Open Data

Open Source Projects


Science & Math




Sports & Fitness

Test Data


URL Shorteners



67. Awesome Fp Js


Functional Languages that Compile to JavaScript / Lenses