Awesome List Updates on Oct 19 - Oct 25, 2020

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1. Awesome Piracy


2. Awesome H2o


3. Awesome Flutter

Media / Video

4. ALL About RSS

Apps / Outline Processor Markup Language

Hosted Readers / Outline Processor Markup Language

钉钉 / 酷Q Plugin

🔖 Microblogging Platforms / 酷Q Plugin


Aggregators of Indieblogs / Crypto or Blockchain relevant

5. Awesome Sdn


6. Awesome Broadcasting


7. Awesome Board Games



Pachisi, the national game of India, dates back to 4 AD and remains popular today. Parcheesi is the westernized version. Parcheesi is typically played with two dice, four pieces per player and a gameboard with a track around the outside, four corner spaces and four home paths leading to a central end space. Moving all four pieces to the home position wins the game.

Parcheesi Image

Players Min. Age Time
2 - 4 8 30-60m


Stone Age

In Stone Age, players live in the early days of human history, competing for food and collecting resources to expand their tribe and achieve new levels of civilization. Take turns assigning your tribe members to limited areas on the board that benefit you in different ways, sequence your actions strategically and feed your people to avoid losing points or resources.

Stone Age

Players Min. Age Time
2 - 4 10 60-90m


Catan: Explorers & Pirates Expansion

Catan: Explorers & Pirates is the fourth major expansion for The Settlers of Catan. It includes five scenarios and three missions; some of the scenarios make use of the missions while others do not. This expansion is based on the CATAN base game rules but also contains a number of new game mechanisms. For example, ships are now equipped for expeditions and can be moved freely across the board. In the ships you transport settlers, crews, fish, or spices across the seas. The main goal is to build new outposts on the islands that are still undiscovered and to complete the Council of Catan's missions in the most skillful way possible. Catan: Explorers & Pirates differs from the Catan base game in three main ways. First, instead of having only a single island in the game on which players build and compete for resources, three islands are present. Second, instead of using cities, Catan: Explorers & Pirates allows players to build port settlements. Like cities, port settlements are worth two victory points (VPs), and the number of VPs required to win depends on the scenario. Third, if a player receives no resources during the production roll (other than on a roll of 7), she receives one gold in compensation. The winner is the first one who reaches 17 VPs.

Catan image

Players Min. Age Time
2 - 4 12+ 90-120m

8. Awesome Libgdx

Resources / Visual Effects

9. Awesome Umbraco



Backoffice extensions

10. Awesome Elixir

Date and Time


11. Awesome Engineering Team Management

Roles / Engineering Managers

Engineering / The Technical Engineering Manager

Career / Presentations

Health / Acquisition

12. Awesome Datascience

Books / Visualization Tools

GitHub Groups / Book Deals (Affiliated) 🛍

13. Awesome Python

Task Queues

14. Awesome Newsletters

General Section / Svelte

15. Awesome Java

Networking / Text-Based User Interfaces

16. Awesome Credit Modeling


Credit Scoring

17. Awesome Angular

Books / Testing

18. Awesome Scientific Computing

Meshing / Triangular and tetrahedral meshing

Visualization / Mesh tools

Other libraries and tools / Mesh tools

19. Awesome Substrate



20. Awesome Roslyn


Source Generators

21. Awesome Corda




22. Awesome Ebpf

Articles and Presentations / cBPF

23. Awesome Yew

Articles / Frameworks

24. Awesome Pokemon

Resources & Others / Wiki

25. Awesome Ruby

Machine Learning

26. Awesome Crystal


Web Frameworks

27. Awesome Iot

Software / Frameworks

28. Awesome Geek Podcasts

In Russian

29. Awesome Tailwindcss


30. Awesome Incident Response

IR Tools Collection / Memory Analysis Tools

31. Awesome Ionic


32. Awesome Elm

Examples / Other editors

33. Public Apis


Games & Comics

34. Awesome Ios

Tools / Collection View Layout

35. Awesome Cpp



36. Awesome Eslint

Plugins / Libraries

37. Awesome Robotics


38. Awesome Programming for Kids

Upper Elementary

39. Awesome Deep Learning

Table of Contents / Books

40. Awesome Actions

Utility / Docker Container Actions

41. Open Source Mac Os Apps


Utilities / Text



Productivity / Text

Wallpaper / Text




IDE / Text

Graphics / Text

Development / Git

Development / JSON Parsing

Development / Other Development

Development / Web Development

Development / iOS / macOS

Images / Text

Downloader / iOS / macOS

Editors / CSV

Editors / JSON

Editors / Markdown

Editors / TeX

Editors / Text

Extensions / Text

Finder / Text

Terminal / Text

Games / Text

Medical / Text

Keyboard / Text

Mail / Text

Menubar / Text

Music / Text

News / Text

Notes / Text

Other / Text

Player / Text

Podcast / Text

Screensaver / Text

Security / Text

Sharing Files / Text

Social Networking / Text

Streaming / Text

System / Text

Touch Bar / Text

VPN & Proxy / Text

Video / Text

Window Management / Text

42. Awesome Digitalocean

Configuration management

43. Mind Expanding Books

Philosophy And Psychology

Autobiographies and Biographies

Science and Medicine

Logic and Problem Solving

Language / Miscellaneous

Nature / Miscellaneous

44. Awesome Veganism


45. Awesome Testing

Blogs / Other

46. Awesome Robotic Tooling

Network and Middleware / Controller Area Network

47. Awesome Ai in Finance

Time Series Data

48. Awesome Machine Learning

Clojure / General-Purpose Machine Learning

Clojure / Deep Learning

Clojure / Data Analysis

Clojure / Data Visualization

Clojure / Interop

Clojure / Misc

Clojure / Extra

49. Awesome Vue

Resources / External Resources

Projects Using Vue.js / Open Source

Components & Libraries / UI Components

Components & Libraries / Frameworks

Components & Libraries / Dev Tools

50. PlacesToPostYourStartup


51. Awesome Javascript

Data Visualization / Runner

Spreadsheet / Runner

52. Awesome Nosql Guides

Overview of NoSQL

Data Structures and Modeling

53. Awesome List


54. Awesome Selfhosted

Software / Document Management - Integrated Library Systems (ILS)

Software / Miscellaneous

55. Awesome Earth


56. Awesome Seml


57. Free for Dev

Code Quality

Security and PKI

58. Webcomponents the Right Way


59. Alternative Internet


60. Awesome Software Patreons

People Doing Open Source Work / Hardware related

61. Awesome Video

DRM / Dolby

62. Awesome Svelte

Official Resources




YouTube Channels


UI Libraries



Docs / Checkbox

Test / Checkbox

Editors / Visual Studio Code

Editors / Vim

63. Awesome Cli Apps

Entertainment / Social Media

64. Awesome Canvas

Canvas / Examples

65. Awesome Cmake


66. Awesome Selenium

Cloud Services / Desktop GUI Automation (non-browser-centric)

67. Awesome Swift


68. Awesome Python Data Science

Deep Learning / TensorFlow

Deep Learning / Others

69. Awesome Xamarin


70. Awesome Django

Third-Party Packages / Admin

Third-Party Packages / Search Engine Optimisation

71. Awesome Mac

Reading and Writing Tools / Note-taking

QuickLook Plugins / System Related Tools

72. Awesome Gnome

Third-party Apps Plugins / Design Tooling

Windows / Design Tooling

Audio / Design Tooling

Visual Changes / Design Tooling

73. Awesome R Learning Resources

Topic Areas / Functions

Topic Areas / Math

Topic Areas / Shiny

Topic Areas / Viz

Topic Areas / Wrangling

Topic Areas / Uncategorized

Blogs / Uncategorized

Books / Uncategorized

YouTube / Uncategorized

74. Awesome Stacks

GraphCMS React + Apollo / Resources

75. Awesome Rust

Applications / Web Servers

76. Awesome Vehicle Security


77. Awesome D3

Utils / Third Party

78. Awesome React Components



Form Components / Select

79. Awesome Ads

Best Practices

80. Awesome Tensorflow Lite

Helpful links / Other

81. Awesome Fuzzing


82. Awesome Linux Containers

Security / Links

83. Awesome Cl


84. Awesome Blazor

Component bundles

2D/3D Rendering engines / Others

Tools & Utilities / Others

85. Awesome Non Financial Blockchain

Identity Applications / Public Blockchain Identity

86. Motion Ui Design

Libraries / JavaScript

87. Awesome Dash

App Examples

88. Awesome Ros2

Packages / Application layer

Forks / Build system (ROS2)

89. Awesome Quantified Self

Applications and Platforms / Data Collection