Awesome List Updates on Oct 01 - Oct 07, 2018

85 awesome lists updated this week.

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1. Awesome Ocaml

System Programming

2. Awesome Vulkan



3. Awesome C

Graphical User Interface

Networking and Internet / Language Standards

Numerical / Language Standards

4. Awesome Hacking

Docker Images for Penetration Testing & Security

5. Awesome Typescript

Typescript Project Starters

6. Awesome Ruby

Gem Generators

7. Awesome Ember

Packages / Videos

Packages / YouTube playlists

8. Awesome Ethereum



Blockchain Utilities

9. Awesome Osint

Domain and IP Research / Telegram

10. Awesome Diversity



11. Tips

Visualize the tree including commits that are only referenced from reflogs

git log --graph --decorate --oneline $(git rev-list --walk-reflogs --all)

12. Tools


13. Awesome Vscode

Laravel / More

ReasonML / Smarty Template Support

14. Awesome React Native


Styling / Navigation Demos

Books / Navigation Demos

15. Awesome Vehicle Security

Miscellaneous / Episodes

16. Awesome Software Patreons

Open Source Projects

Open Source Projects / Libraries

Open Source Projects / Operating Systems

Open Source Projects / Games

People Doing Open Source Work / Hardware related

Other kinds of content / Articles and Tutorials

Other kinds of content / Videos

Other kinds of content / Podcasts

17. Awesome Appium

Become an Appium Pro

18. Awesome Transit

GTFS Timetable Publishing Tools / Ruby

19. Awesome Educational Games

Art & Design

20. Awesome Ddd

Community Resources

21. Awesome Aurelia

Aurelia Plugins / Aurelia Articles

22. Android Security Awesome

Tools / Online Analyzers

Tools / Dynamic Analysis Tools

Tools / Reverse Engineering

Academic/Research/Publications/Books / Others

23. Awesome Love2d









24. Awesome Dotnet Core

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / Misc

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / Tools

25. Awesome Tikz

Gallery / PGFPlots

26. Awesome Esp



Libraries / Others

27. Awesome Embedded Rust

Board support crates / STMicroelectronics

28. Awesome Db Tools



Schema / Changes

Schema / Code generation

29. Awesome Netherlands Events



30. Awesome Machine Learning

Java / General-Purpose Machine Learning

31. Awesome Xamarin



32. Alternative Internet

Collaborative Web Editors

33. Awesome Board Games


Ticket to Ride

...a cross-country train adventure where players collect cards of various types of train cars that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities in various countries around the world.

Ticket to Ride game image

Players Min. Age Time
2 - 5 8 30-60m


Mansions of Madness, 2nd ed

A fully cooperative, app-driven board game of horror and mystery for one to five players that takes place in the same universe as Eldritch Horror and Elder Sign. Explore the veiled streets of Innsmouth and the haunted corridors of Arkham's cursed mansions as you search for answers as you investigate four scenarios of fear and mystery. Collect weapons, tools, and information, solving complex puzzles, and fighting monsters, insanity, and death.

Mansions of Madness game image

Players Min. Age Time
1 - 5 14 120-180m


Heist: One Team, One Mission

In this co-operative electronic game, players take on the roles of different characters -- Money Man, Hacker, Lookout, or Explosives Expert -- and work together to open an electronic safe and grab $50 million in cold hard cash along the way.

Heist game image

Players Min. Age Time
2 - 4 7 5-15m

Contributions are welcome and encouraged! Read the contribution guidelines first.

34. Awesome Salesforce

Table of Contents / Packages and Libraries supporting salesforce

35. Vim Galore

Additional resources / Screencasts

36. Awesome Code Review

Academic Papers


37. Awesome Android



GUI / Inputs

38. Awesome Vue

Resources / Podcasts

Resources / Examples

Components & Libraries / UI Utilities

39. Awesome Swift


Auto Layout / Barcode

Alert / Barcode

40. Awesome Free Software

Software / Utilities

41. Awesome Vapor


Education / Videos

42. Awesome Malware Analysis

Malware Collection / Malware Corpora

Debugging and Reverse Engineering / Other Resources

Miscellaneous / Other Resources

43. Awesome Crystal

Data Formats

44. Awesome Flutter

Websites / Blogs


Device / Bluetooth / NFC / Beacon

45. Awesome Geek Podcasts

In English

46. Awesome Jquery

Animation / Paid Books

Images, Maps and Charts / Paid Books

47. Awesome Cpp


Memory Allocation


Online Compiler

48. Awesome Mongodb

Libraries / C#/.NET

Libraries / Java

Libraries / JavaScript

Libraries / Julia

Libraries / Python

Libraries / R

Libraries / Ruby

Tools / Administration

Tools / Data

Tools / Deployment

Tools / Desktop

Tools / Development

Tools / Monitoring

Tools / Web

Applications / Web

49. Awesome Haskell


50. Awesome It Quotes


51. Awesome Rust

Applications / System tools

Libraries / Markup language

52. Awesome Dotnet



Package Management






Source Generator

53. Awesome Serverless


54. Awesome Stock Resources

Paid Resources / Icons Packages and Collections

55. Awesome Rest

Querying / Symfony2

56. Awesome Nodejs

Resources / Books

57. Awesome Selfhosted

Software / Communication - Email - Complete Solutions

Software / Communication - Email - Webmail Clients

Software / Communication - Social Networks and Forums

Software / Content Management Systems (CMS)

Software / Groupware

Software / Learning and Courses

Software / Pastebins

Software / Software Development - Project Management

List of Licenses / Wikis

58. Awesome Css Learning

Layout / Grid

59. Awesome Electron

Open Source / Other

Closed Source / Other

60. Awesome Mac

Design and Product / Design Tools

Design and Product / Screencapturing Software

Cloud Storage / File Sharing

Utilities / System Related Tools

Third Party App Markets / System Related Tools

61. Awesome Microservices

Java VM / Scala

Monitoring & Debugging / Scala

Articles & Papers / Scala

62. Toolsforactivism

Software as a service:

63. Awesome Web Security

Fuzzing / Sub Domain Enumeration

64. Awesome Incident Response

IR Tools Collection / Adversary Emulation

IR Tools Collection / All-In-One Tools

IR Tools Collection / Disk Image Creation Tools

IR Tools Collection / Evidence Collection

IR Tools Collection / Incident Management

IR Tools Collection / Linux Distributions

IR Tools Collection / Log Analysis Tools

IR Tools Collection / Memory Analysis Tools

IR Tools Collection / Memory Imaging Tools

IR Tools Collection / OSX Evidence Collection

IR Tools Collection / Other Lists

IR Tools Collection / Other Tools

IR Tools Collection / Playbooks

IR Tools Collection / Process Dump Tools

IR Tools Collection / Sandboxing/Reversing Tools

IR Tools Collection / Timeline Tools

IR Tools Collection / Videos

IR Tools Collection / Windows Evidence Collection

65. Awesome Dataviz

Python tools / Misc

Podcasts / Misc

Twitter accounts / Misc

66. Awesome Laravel

Popular Packages / Utilities

Popular Packages / Media & Document Management

Popular Packages / APIs

Application Hosting / Third-party Service Integration

67. Awesome Tensorflow



68. Awesome

Presentations / Tutorials

Podcasts / Tutorials

Organizations Using Craft / Tutorials

69. Awesome Cakephp


70. Awesome Fp Js

Libraries / Algebraic Data Types

71. Awesome Speakers

Asia / India 🇮🇳


Rebecca Franks
Topics: Android, Android Things, Firebase, IoT

Europe / Germany 🇩🇪

Höchst im Odenwald

Tim Pietrusky
Topics: JS Art, JS Music, JavaScript

Europe / Ireland 🇮🇪


Nick Palladinos
Topics: F#


Dave Jeffery
Topics: JavaScript, Electron, Node.js

Eoin Shanaghy
Topics: Java, Elixir, Node.js

James Sugrue
Topics: Swift, JavaScript, Java

Joe Minichino
Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Databases, JavaScript, Python

Oscar Brito
Topics: Linux, Node.js, JavaScript, Python


Anton Whalley
Topics: Node.js, Decentralization, FreeBSD, Open Source

Augusto Evangelisti
Topics: Testing, Agile, Bitcoin

Barry O'Sullivan
Topics: PHP, Testing, Domain-Driven Design, Event Sourcing

Chris Manson
Topics: JavaScript, Ember, React

Cian Mac Mahon
Topics: JavaScript, React

Claudio Procida
Topics: JavaScript, React, Node.js, Diversity

Donovan Hutchinson
Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Ingrid Epure
Topics: Security, Psychology

John Brett
Topics: JavaScript, hapi, Nomad Work, Bitcoin

Luciano Mammino
Topics: Node.js, Design Patterns, Serverless, JSON Web Tokens, Universal JavaScript

Lynsey Duncan
Topics: UX, UI, Design Systems

Maja Grubic
Topics: Node.js, JavaScript, React, Monitoring, D3, SVG

Mario Casciaro
Topics: Node.js, JavaScript, Design Patterns, Startups

Michael Flanagan
Topics: PHP, JavaScript, REST, Testing

Mustafa Turan
Topics: Elixir, Ruby, Functional Programming

Padraig O'Brien
Topics: Serverless, Big Data, Databases

Panpan Lin
Topics: JavaScript, GraphQL, Swift, Hackathons

Pat O'Callaghan
Topics: JavaScript, Node.js, Ember

Serena Fritsch
Topics: JavaScript, Ember, Developer Workflows

Serg Hospodarets
Topics: JavaScript, CSS, CSS Houdini

Thomas Shaw
Topics: Docker, Jenkins, Devops

Yevgeniy Brikman
Topics: Terraform, Devops, Scalability


Mark Conroy
Topics: Frontend, Drupal, Web Development

Europe / Netherlands 🇳🇱


Alexey Kureev
Topics: React Native

Carmen Popoviciu
Topics: Angular, JavaScript, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Polymer, Web Components

Chidinma Kalu
Topics: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Machine Learning

Jad Joubran
Topics: Progressive Web Apps, Web Performance, JavaScript

Kene Udeze
Topics: Design, CSS, Accessibility, Inclusive Design

Michel Weststrate
Topics: MobX, React, mobx-state-tree, Typescript, Open Source

Narendra Shetty
Topics: React, Progressive Web Apps

Peter-Paul Koch
Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Cross-Browser Compatibility

Europe / Serbia 🇷🇸

St. Petersburg

Vadim Makeev
Topics: HTML, CSS, Web Standards, Accessibility

Europe / Spain 🇪🇸


Aleksandar Simovic
Topics: Serverless

Slobodan Stojanović
Topics: Serverless, Offline Web, Chat Bots


Flavio Corpa
Topics: JavaScript, Functional Programming

Europe / Ukraine 🇺🇦


Denys Dovhan
Topics: JavaScript, DevTools, Shell scripting


Illya Klymov
Topics: Teaching, Coaching, JavaScript


Artem Denysov
Topics: Web Performance, Dev Tools

North America / Canada 🇨🇦


Ada Rose Cannon
Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebVR, Web Technologies, Progressive Web Apps

Alessandro Cinelli
Topics: JavaScript

Alex Lobera
Topics: JavaScript, React, Redux, GraphQL

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino
Topics: Internet of Things, Smart Homes, Connected Devices

Alla Kholmatova
Topics: Design Systems

Andrew Betts
Topics: Networks, Performance, Web

Anna Doubková
Topics: React, Testing

Bodil Stokke
Topics: Programming, Functional Programming

Chris Noring
Topics: JavaScript, RxJS, Angular, React

Cristiano Rastelli
Topics: CSS, CSS in JS

Dan Abramov
Topics: JavaScript, React, Redux, Tooling

Davide 'Folletto' Casali
Topics: Design, User Experience, Management, Leadership, Startups

Gerard Sans
Topics: Angular, React, GraphQL, CSS Animations, RxJS

Gojko Adzic
Topics: Testing, Requirements, Serverless

Jani Eväkallio
Topics: Self-Development, Programming

Michele Bertoli
Topics: React, Testing

Phil Plückthun
Topics: React, CSS in JS

Sani Yusuf
Topics: Ionic, Angular, JavaScript, Progressive Web Apps

Sebastian Witalec
Topics: NativeScript, Angular, Bots, JavaScript

Inayaili de León
Topics: Design Systems, Responsive Web Design, Design Leadership, UI

Heydon Pickering
Topics: Accessibility, Performance, Web

Seren Davies
Topics: Accessibility

North America / United States of America 🇺🇸

Palo Alto

Paul Irish
Topics: Developer Tools

Cheng Lou
Topics: ReasonML, React, Software Philosophy

72. Awesome Clojure


73. Awesome Job Boards

Programming / WebAssembly

74. Awesome Raspberry Pi

OS Images


75. Awesome Composer

Videos / IRC

76. Awesome Gbdev

Emulator Development / Misc

Compilers / Experimental/Proof of Concepts

Emulators / Experimental/Proof of Concepts

Tools / Graphics utilities

77. Awesome List


78. Awesome Bigdata

Graph Data Model

Time-Series Databases

Data Ingestion

Data Visualization

79. Awesome Interview Questions

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Platforms / TypeScript

80. Awesome Fonts

Awesome lists / Event listeners for fonts loading on a web page

81. Awesome Nextjs



82. Amas

Ask these people anything!

83. Awesome H2o


84. Awesome Cmake


85. Awesome Aws

Open Source Repos / Miscellaneous Repos