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A collection of ZSH frameworks, plugins, themes and tutorials.
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  • ls (twopizza9621536)stars0 - Adds some more aliases for ls.
  • ls (zpm-zsh)stars69 - Colorizes the output of ls.
  • exa (twopizza9621536)stars0 - Combines DarrinTisdale/zsh-aliases-exastars78, hermitmaster/zsh-exa-pluginstars1, MohamedElashri/exa-zshstars6, ptavares/zsh-exastars7, RitchieS/zsh-exa/stars2, todie/exa.plugin.zshstars0, zplugin/zsh-exastars3 and zsh-exa-ls-pluginstars2. It also adds the default bash ls aliases and changes some aliases to avoid conflicts with other commands that exa does not replace.
  • sudo (hcgraf)stars24 - The sudo plugin from oh-my-zsh, extracted to a standalone. Toggles sudo before the current/previous command by pressing *ESC-ESC- in emacs-mode or vi-command mode.
  • sudo (none9632)stars0 - Adds sudo as a prefix to the current command by typing ESC-ESC.
  • base16stars1.6k - Adds a script to allow you to change your shell's default ANSI colors but most importantly, colors 17 to 21 of your shell's 256 colorspace (if supported by your terminal). This script makes it possible to honor the original bright colors of your shell (e.g. bright green is still green and so on) while providing additional base16 colors to applications such as Vim.
  • Themes

  • doomstars0 - Doom-inspired. Looks similar to powerline. Has customizable segments, decorators for git status, rust, node.js, python and ruby versions.
  • gazellestars0 - Minimalist theme with git status decorations.
  • Jun 13th - Jun 19th, 2022


  • paxtonstars0 - Inspired by powerline. Includes segments for git branch, time, last command exit status and current directory. Requires a powerline-compatible font.
  • yellow-sea-diamondsstars0 - Includes decorations for git status, current directory, active python virtual environment, and the exit status of the last command run.
  • Completions

  • fzshellstars39 - Fuzzy completions supplied by a user.
  • Plugins

  • smartcachestars1 - Caches command output to speed up shell startup time.
  • git-syncstars41 - A ZSH plugin to sync git repositories and clean them up.
  • Jun 6th - Jun 12th, 2022


  • gusrylmubarokstars3 - Includes decorators for git status and last command exit status.
  • zishstars0 - Based on the fish shell's default look.
  • linkstars1 - Minimalist. Includes git status and last command exit decorations.
  • ivabusstars2 - Inspired by the GitHub Codespaces prompt. Includes decorators for git status, username and current directory.
  • gugulenokstars0 - Has both a dark and a light mode. Includes decorators for git status, time and current directory.
  • Plugins

  • pnpm (baliestri)stars2 - Adds useful aliases for many common pnpm commands. Includes tab-completions.
  • pnpm (ntnyq)stars13 - Adds useful aliases for common pnpm commands.
  • fastcachestars1 - Caches command output to improve shell startup time.
  • fzf (gimbo)stars0 - Helpers for using fzfstars45.2k in ZSH. Requires
  • Completions

  • myincrstars0 - Speeds up pasting with autosuggest and incr.
  • May 30th - Jun 5th, 2022


    Generic ZSH

  • adamnorwood-zshstars1 - A minimalist but readable ZSH setup based on oh-my-posh.
  • Plugins

  • quotifystars3 - Displays inspiring coding quotes from our pairs when starting up.
  • goenv (heyvito)stars0 - Automatically reads .goenv files in the current directory and sets GOPRIVATE environment variables.
  • Themes

  • owczarczakstars0 - Inspired by bira, dieter and fino-time. Includes venv and vcs status decorations.
  • djkakarotostars0 - Includes git status decorations, works with all fonts.
  • mainnikastars0 - Includes decorators for last command exit status and the 1, 5 and 15 minute load averages.
  • May 23rd - May 29th, 2022


  • cryo-longstars0 - Variant of cryostars1 with added decorators for hostname and current directory.
  • acenosterstars0 - A multi-purpose theme with very detailed git and mercurial support. Also includes decorators for AWS profile name, virtual environment name if any, number of background tasks, current directory and previous command's exit code if non-zero.
  • galstars0 - Minimalist theme based on gallois.
  • headlinestars66 - A responsive ZSH theme featuring Git status information and a colored line above the prompt.
  • majemojistars1 - Adds a random emoji to each session's prompt. Includes git status decorations.
  • Completions

  • kubectl-pluginstars3 - kubectl completion scripts that extend the kubectl auto complete functionality to accomodate for plugin sub-commands.
  • May 16th - May 22nd, 2022


  • novastars0 - Includes git status decroations. Overrides LS_COLORS and LSCOLORS settings.
  • repostars0 - Shows detailed git status information
  • promptorstars0 - Powerline-inspired. Includes decorators for git status, username, hostname, working directory and time.
  • simple-chackstars0 - Works well with solarized terminal color scheme. Includes git status decorations.
  • luceaststars0 - Optimized for git. Includes decorations for username, host, time & working directory.
  • Completions

  • vorpalstars0 - Adds completions for some projects whose upstream appears dead, including duperemovestars461, optimus-managerstars1.7k and pacutilsstars80.
  • Plugins

  • condaenvstars0 - Provides a condaenv_prompt_info function which returns the current conda environment name.
  • git-clean-branchstars0 - Cleans up dead git branches.
  • Tutorials

    Generic ZSH

  • zephyrstars4 - Zephyr uses built-in Zsh features to set up better default options, completions, keybindings, history, and much more.
  • May 9th - May 15th, 2022


  • arrowstars0 - Minimal theme, includes git status decorations.
  • shiftysstars0 - Tweaked version of the kali theme.
  • ultimatorstars0 - Agnoster-like theme. Includes decorators for current directory, [email protected], python virtualenv, background jobs, last command exit status, and git status information. Requires zsh-git-promptstars0 plugin and Nerdfonts.
  • 021011stars32 - Minimalist. Includes a single git marker for VS Code.
  • inthedeepspacestars0 - Based on intheloop and inspired by vim-deep-spacestars252.
  • Plugins

  • exa (zplugin)stars3 - replace GNU/ls with ogham/exastars18.2k.
  • zi-rbenvstars5 - Fast rbenv loads if you're using zistars268.
  • Completions

  • sshstars15 - Better host completion for ssh.
  • click-completionstars256 - Add automatic completion support for Click, including displaying the options and commands help during the tab completion.
  • brew-completionsstars5 - Brings Homebrew Shell Completion under the control of ZSH & ZIstars268.
  • Other Resources

    ZSH Tools

  • shtabstars170 - Automatically generate shell tab completion scripts for Python CLI apps, supports zsh, bash and tcsh.
  • May 2nd - May 8th, 2022


  • thmstars2 - Includes decorators for virtualenv, current directory and git status.
  • pifabsstars0 - Minimal theme with decorators for git status, username, host and working directory.
  • crstars0 - Includes directory, time, host name, last command exit status, and git status decorations.
  • dyzshstars0 - Based on astro. Includes decorators for git branch & hash, current directory, user, host & time.
  • Plugins

  • denostars0 - Automatically installs deno to $HOME/.deno on startup if deno is not already installed.
  • RaspberryPi4Temperature - Puts the Raspberry Pi temperature into a spaceship prompt segment
  • Apr 25th - May 1st, 2022



  • No crashes or double plugin loading when re-sourcing .zshrc
  • Unlike other frameworks, Miniplug does not pollute your $PATH
  • Frameworks


  • Unlike antigenstars7.1k, no ZSH plugin files (*.plugin.zsh) are required
  • Frameworks


  • zpm runs on Linux, macOS, FreeBSD and Android.
  • zpm plugins are compatible with oh-my-zsh.
  • Frameworks


  • Keep track of and configure your plugins right in the .zshrc
  • Run the above actions in a single command
  • Manages the Source Plugins of your installed Plugins
  • Setups


  • zsh-quickstart-kitstars546 - A simple quickstart for using ZSH with zgenomstars209. This automatically configures ZSH to use zgenomstars209 to load a curated (but easily customizable) collection of plugins and periodically automatically update itself, the plugins, and the quickstart kit itself.
  • Plugins

  • git-worktreesstars1 - Makes git worktrees more functional. Includes tab completions.
  • zshange_directory_recentstars0 - Change to a recent directory. Requires fzfstars45.2k.
  • autoupdate-oh-my-zsh-pluginsstars145 - oh-my-zsh doesn't automatically update non-core plugins, this adds plugin autoupdating git repositories in the $ZSH_CUSTOM directory.
  • Themes

  • zenstars8 - A minimalist theme for *NIX systems. Includes decorators for execution time of last command run, vcs status information,
  • brefstars1 - A simple prompt. It includes decorators to display git status asynchronously, a notification if the ssh session is remote, the battery level and the number of background jobs.
  • zshifystars1 - A minimalistic, one command installation to customize your prompt. Requires npx.
  • winlinestars0 - Async version of Greg Hurrell's prompt. Includes decorators for git status, duration of last command, current directory, nested shells, root status.
  • mzptstars2 - Minimal prompt inspired by powerlevel10kstars29.1k.
  • igeekstars34 - Displays system information when starting a new terminal session.
  • daily-emojistars0 - Shows random emoji at the beginning of each command depending on the day of the week.
  • Completions

  • npm-scripts-autocompletestars38 - Shows autocomplete suggestions from scripts found in the current directory's package.json. Works with npm and yarn.
  • Apr 18th - Apr 24th, 2022


  • skill (asafaeirad)stars10 - Includes decorations for working directory, git working branch, working directory status and tracking branch status.
  • skill (frontendmonster)stars10 - Optimized for a dark terminal, displays git status decorations.
  • iaystars2 - A {ba,z}sh prompt written in Rust. Includes decorations for the current directory and git status.
  • shuttlestars0 - Written in golang. Has decorators for OS, user, current directory, and the exit code of the last command run.
  • al-magicstars0 - Clone of the oh-my-zsh af-magic theme with the time added at the right of the prompt.
  • Plugins

  • defstars5 - Allows you to specify and run a default command in any directory of your choice.
  • declare-zshstars5 - A parser for zinit commands in .zshrc. It allows to perform the following actions on .zshrc from the command-line - enable and disable plugins add or remove snippets.
  • kubectlstars6 - ZSH plugin for managing kubectl.
  • skaffoldstars0 - ZSH integration and completions for skaffold local kubernetes development environment.
  • ansimotdstars1 - Adds old-school cool ansi art when a login shell starts.
  • exa (todie)stars0 - Integration and completions for exa, a modern replacement for ls.
  • git-prune (diazod)stars32 - Allows you to delete all branches that are already merged in your local git repository and/or that were merged in your remote origin git repository.
  • git-prune (seinh)stars32 - Plugin that simplifies deleting merged branches in a git repository.
  • fdstars0 - Use fzfstars45.2k to browse directories.
  • nhl-schedulestars0 - Retrieves and displays the NHL schedule.
  • Completions

  • bosh (thomasmitchell)stars8 - Tab completion for [BOSH(].
  • gstreamerstars0 - Tab completion for GStreamer.
  • Apr 11th - Apr 17th, 2022


  • nodostars1 - This plugin helps you prevent node_modules directories from filling your iCloud storage by un-syncing the directory or can save even more space by removing all node_modules directories within the chosen root directory.
  • omz-gitstars0 - Oh-My-ZSH's git plugin re-packaged to be standalone.
  • silverstein-quotesstars0 - Show a random quote from a Silverstein song during shell startup.
  • Tutorials


  • iTerm2 + Oh-My-ZSH: Supercharge Your Mac Terminal - Catalin Pit's tutorial on getting started with Oh-My-ZSH on macOS.
  • Configuration to use Hyper.js as a ZSH terminal with a Windows Subsystem Linux on windows 10, with Oh My Zsh and the Powerlevel10k themestars1 - How-to for getting Oh-My-ZSH running on WSL.
  • Themes

  • biratimestars2 - Based on the bira theme, but displays the date instead of the username in the prompt.
  • ortiz (andres-ortizl)stars3 - Fork of erinerstars11 with decorations for the interval between commands and k8s context.
  • ortiz (guezwhoz)stars32 - Simplified ork of erinerstars11 with git status, kubectl context and elapsed time decorations.
  • Apr 4th - Apr 10th, 2022


  • backcountrystars2 - Manage backcountry projects.
  • more-hooks-for-gitstars0 - Adds extra hooks for git add, git diff and git status.
  • zenplashstars0 - Creates files from templates stored in a user directory.
  • wordlestars1 - Wordle for ZSH, with tab-completions.
  • Themes

  • rei (arturoalviar)stars0 - A simple theme with the first character 零(rei), the number 0. Includes git status decorations.
  • rei (eilaluth)stars2 - A minimalist theme with current directory and git status decorations.
  • refpxstars0 - Includes git status, last command status, [email protected] and directory decorations.
  • radiusstars1 - Includes git status, username, hostname, and directory decorations, plus deskstars2.4k support.
  • Mar 28th - Apr 3rd, 2022


  • up-dirstars1 - Binds ctrl-h to navigating up a directory. This makes it very easy to go up a few directories without having to type any commands.
  • Themes

  • clipperstars0 - Minimalist ZSH theme with git support. It includes decorations for pwd, last command exit status code and git status & branch.
  • brisastars1 - Multiline theme based on fino-time. Includes decorations for username, host, current directory, and git status.
  • Completions

  • bosh (krujos)stars2 - Adds BOSHstars2k autocompletion.
  • gentoostars28 - Provides ZSH completion support to various Gentoo tools that lack completion scripts upstream.
  • Mar 21st - Mar 27th, 2022


  • efritasstars4 - Includes username, hostname, venv, rvm and git status decorations.
  • dangostars1 - Includes decorations for current directory and git status.
  • wormwoodstars1 - Includes decorators for last command exit status, current directory and git status.
  • astars1 - Simple theme with current directory and git status decorations.
  • roundedstars1 - Includes current directory and git status decorations.
  • lispystars0 - Lispy is a multiline and simple zsh-theme inspired by the Lisp programming language syntax. Derived from the robbyrussell theme.
  • Plugins

  • lacrimaestars0 - Prints a line from a collection of chants.
  • bitwarden (kalsowerus)stars7 - Opens a fzfstars45.2k widget containing your Bitwarden vault items. Upon selecting an item either the username or password will be either written into the shell or copied into the clipboard. Requires fzf, jq and bitwarden.
  • bwstars2 - Provides formatting options and easy access to credentials stored in Bitwarden via the Bitwarden CLI. The plugin tries to retrieve a valid session before each action, therefore an explicit login is not nescessary beforehand.
  • Completions

  • terragruntstars2 - Tab completion for Terragruntstars5.9k.
  • Mar 14th - Mar 20th, 2022


  • tinygostars10 - Add tab completions for tinygo.
  • 1password-opstars2 - Loads autocompletions for 1Password's op command line tool.
  • Plugins

  • valetstars7 - Reads .valetphprc from the project root and will switch to that PHP version automatically.
  • terraform (ptavares)stars0 - Adds aliases, functions and tab completions. Also installs terraform-docsstars2.8k, tfsecstars4.7k and tflintstars3.2k.
  • Themes

  • risbowstars0 - A risto inspired ZSH theme with a lolcat like rainbow effect.
  • robbyrussell-plusstars0 - Based on robbyrussell, adds a hostname decorator.
  • yuyukostars0 - Fork of ys, inspired by yuyuko.vimstars11.
  • elagoht - Includes decorations for hostname, current directory, virtual environment, git status, and the execution time of last command.
  • voidystars0 - Borrows elements from lambda and robbyrussell themes and adds the active aws-vaultstars6.4k profile to the right side of the prompt.
  • gerrystars0 - Based on bureau, includes decorations for git status, current time, username, hostname and current directory.
  • temerafstars1 - Minimalist theme with decorations for git status, timestamps and last exit status.
  • Mar 7th - Mar 13th, 2022



  • One Key Linux Setupstars5 - Simple setup (ubuntu-only) of zsh, oh-my-zsh, tmux, python support and other packages.
  • Themes

  • kalsowerusstars1 - Colorful powerline-inspired multi-line theme, includes decorations for git status, directory, last command exit status and nvm information.
  • simple (rkitover)stars0 - A simple, lightweight, and nice looking prompt that runs quickly even in very slow shells like MSYS2, Cygwin and WSL. It shows decorations for the short name of the current environment (distribution, OS, etc.) the git branch when in a git checkout, as well as the last command exit status (green checkmark for success and red X mark for non-zero exit.)
  • Plugins

  • gitio (denysdovhan)stars19 - A ZSH plugin for generating a GitHub short URL using
  • gitio (nicolodiamante)stars1 - Uses to shorten git urls.
  • bitwarden (game4move78)stars8 - Adds functions to manage bitwarden sessions.
  • pipenvstars18 - Automatically activates a pipenv when entering a directory if there is Pipfile in that directory. Includes pipenv completions.
  • Completions

  • sfdx-autocompletestars9 - Autocomplete plugin for sfdx.
  • speedteststars2 - Tab completions for the speedtest cli.
  • fly-zsh-autocompletestars1 - Adds autocompletion options for all Concourse CLI commands.
  • Feb 28th - Mar 6th, 2022


  • github-foldersstars0 - Organizes your github checkouts for you.
  • Themes

  • cmderstars12 - A ZSH theme that matches the theme of Cmder, a popular terminal emulator for windows. Includes node and git status decorations.
  • cnstars0 - Includes username, directory and git status decorations.
  • snowflakestars2 - An elegant, simple, and neat ZSH theme including an aesthetically pleasing cool color palette that harmonizes with dark themes.
  • mystars0 - Variant of kolo.
  • linearstars3 - Reminiscent of Powerline. Includes segments with git status, Pythonvirtualenv, current directory and current time.
  • fluxstars0 - A no-nonsense minimalist theme with git status decorations.
  • Tutorials

    superconsole - Windows-only.

  • ConEmu/zsh out-of-the-box configured to restore previously opened tabs and shell working directories after ConEmu restart
  • MSYS2 included, zsh and necessary software preinstalled, uses zsh-grml-config
  • Uses Antigenstars7.1k for ZSH theme and config management
  • Git-for-Windows repo with proper git and git lfs support for MSYS2 environment is configured, git client already installed.
  • Non-blocking ZSH prompt status updates thanks to agkozak-zsh-promptstars229
  • Command-not-found handler customized for MSYS2 suggests what package to install
  • Feb 21st - Feb 27th, 2022


  • boxystars0 - Works well with solarized terminal colors. Includes decorators for [email protected], current directory, git status, return code for last command, and time last command was run.
  • devj121stars0 - Includes git decorations with branch glyphs.
  • bernkastelstars1 - Based on ys. Includes decorations for kubernetes context, current directory, last command exit status and git status.
  • Plugins

  • pyenv (mattberther)stars33 - Inspired by zsh-rbenv. Installs, updates or loads pyenv, and adds extra functionality.
  • pyenv (xlshiz)stars1 - Loads pyenvstars27.8k into the current shell and provides prompt info via the pyenv_prompt_info function. Also loads pyenv-virtualenvstars5k if available.
  • pyenv-lazystars26 - Lazy load pyenvstars27.8k. The initial eval "$(pyenv init -)" is executed the first time pyenv is called.
  • pyvenv-faststars2 - Launch a Python venv with one command. Designed for use with dotpyvenvstars6.
  • unwrapstars1 - Allows you to remove a directory without removing the contents - it puts them in the directory's parent directory.
  • shift-selectstars17 - Emacs shift-select mode for ZSH - select text in the command line using Shift, as in many text editors, browsers and other GUI programs.
  • zservice-py3httpstars4 - Serve a given directory with Python 3's http server from the standard library.
  • Completions

  • macstars122 - Completions files for macOS specific commands and third party tools.
  • gardenctlstars0 - Tab completions for the Gardenerstars12 command-line interface, as well as some aliases for common gardenctl commands
  • Feb 14th - Feb 20th, 2022


  • biostars1 - Completions for bioinformatics tools.
  • carapacestars39 - Completion generator for Bash, Elvish, Fish, Oil, Powershell, Xonsh and ZSH. Note - not dynamic, you have to explicitly run it to generate completions for a command.
  • _url-httplinkstars4 - Extends ZSH's _urls completion, allowing it to complete urls from html pages.
  • aliyunstars0 - Add completions for the Aliyun CLIstars650.
  • ansible-serverstars2 - Completions for viasite-ansible/ansible-server.
  • antibody-completionstars0 - This plugin provides completion for Antibodystars1.7k plugin manager.
  • appspecstars6 - Generating completions for Bash and ZSH from YAML specs
  • autopkg-zsh-completionstars9 - Completions for autopkg.
  • aws-completionsstars4 - Adds completion support for awscli to manage AWS profiles/regions and display them in the prompt.
  • aws_manager completionsstars1 - Add completions for the aws_manager CLI.
  • bash-completions-fallbackstars32 - Support bash completions for commands when no native ZSH one is available.
  • batectstars0 - Adds tab completions for batect build system.
  • berkshelf-completionsstars17 - Adds tab completion for berkshelf.
  • better-npm-completionstars401 - Better tab completion for npm.
  • brew-servicesstars19 - Completion plugin for homebrew services.
  • buidlerstars3 - Adds completion and useful aliases for NomicLabs Buidler tool
  • bwstars1 - Adds completion for Bitwarden.
  • cabal-completionstars1 - Add tab completion for cabal.
  • cabalstars0 - Adds autocompletion for cabal.
  • carapace-binstars53 - Multi-shell multi-command argument completer.
  • cargostars6 - All the functionality of the original OMZ cargo completion, with additional support for remote crates via cargo search in cargo add.
  • carthagestars1 - Provides completions and aliases for use with Carthagestars14.6k.
  • cf-zsh-autocompletestars33 - Adds autocomplete for all Cloud Foundry CLI commands.
  • codstars408 - A completion demon for bash/fish/zsh which creates completion functions on the fly when it sees you run something with --help.
  • codeceptionstars12 - Adds command completion for the Codeception Testing Framework.
  • codemachinestars6 - Displays git info, whether you're logged in via ssh, return code of last command.
  • comoniconstars0 - Tab completions for comoniconstars136.
  • completionsstars5.4k - A collection of extra completions for ZSH.
  • condastars251 - ZSH tab completion for conda.
  • cpanstars3 - Adds cpan install word<tab> and cpanm install <tab> to complete remote CPAN package names.
  • ctop - Tab completions for ctopstars13k.
  • daggerstars0 - Completions for dagger.
  • dbicstars0 - Automatically sets up Environment variables for DBIx::Class::Migration's script and Dancer.
  • docker (chr-fritz)stars4 - Loads docker ZSH tab completions directly from Docker for Mac.
  • docker (felixr)stars253 - Add tab completions for docker.
  • docker (greymd)stars38 - Add tab completions for docker and docker-compose.
  • docker-enter-completionstars9 - Command completion for docker-enterstars2.6k.
  • dotnetstars2 - Dotnet tab completion.
  • dropboxstars21 - A dropbox plugin for Zsh that provides dropbox-cli and dropbox-uploader commands.
  • drush_zsh_completionstars39 - Drush autocomplete awesomeness for ZSH.
  • duell