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Collections of awesome neovim plugins.
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Preconfigured Configuration

  • cunderw/nvimstars2 - Neovim custom configuration, focused on JS/TS, Go, and Java development. Very IDE like.
  • Plugin

    Code Runner

  • desdic/greyjoy.nvimstars6 - A modular task runner for Makefiles, vscode tasks, kitchen etc.
  • michaelb/sniprunstars797 - Run parts of code of any language directly from Neovim.
  • pianocomposer321/yabs.nvimstars178 - Yet Another Build System for Neovim, written in Lua.
  • CRAG666/code_runner.nvimstars208 - The best code runner you could have, with super powers.
  • is0n/jaq-nvimstars107 - Just Another Quickrun Plugin for Neovim in Lua.
  • jedrzejboczar/toggletasks.nvimstars80 - Task runner with JSON/YAML configs, using toggleterm.nvim and telescope.nvim.
  • EthanJWright/vs-tasks.nvimstars66 - Telescope picker for VSCode style tasks.
  • stevearc/overseer.nvimstars172 - A task runner and job management plugin.
  • smzm/hydrovimstars15 - Run python code inside Neovim.
  • Plugin

  • ~whynothugo/lsp_lines.nvim - A Neovim plugin that renders diagnostics using virtual lines on top of the real line of code.
  • onsails/diaglist.nvimstars124 - Live render workspace diagnostics in quickfix, buffer diagnostics in loclist.
  • folke/trouble.nvimstars2.1k - A pretty diagnostics list to help you solve all the trouble your code is causing.
  • folke/lsp-colors.nvimstars360 - A plugin that adds missing LSP diagnostics highlight groups for color schemes that don't yet support the builtin LSP client.
  • Plugin

    Split and Window

  • ~henriquehbr/ataraxis.lua - A zen mode for improving code readability on Neovim.
  • - Easily jump between Neovim windows.
  • sindrets/winshift.nvimstars260 - Rearrange your windows with ease.
  • beauwilliams/focus.nvimstars411 - Auto-Focusing and Auto-Resizing Splits/Windows for Neovim written in Lua! Vim splits on steroids.
  • luukvbaal/stabilize.nvimstars324 - Stabilized window content on window open/close events.
  • anuvyklack/windows.nvimstars220 - Automatically expand width of the current window. Maximizes and restore it. And all this with nice animations!
  • nyngwang/NeoNoName.luastars16 - A layout-preserving buffer-deleter for Neovim.
  • famiu/bufdelete.nvimstars231 - Delete Neovim buffers without losing your window layout.
  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.bufremove - Module of mini.nvim for buffer removing (unshow, delete, wipeout) while saving window layout.
  • Plugin

    Programming languages support

  • go.nvimstars697 - Golang plugin based on lsp and Treesitter.
  • crusj/structrue-go.nvimstars19 - A better structured display of golang symbols information.
  • crispgm/nvim-gostars83 - A minimal implementation of Golang development plugin for Neovim.
  • edolphin-ydf/goimpl.nvimstars18 - Generate interface stubs for a type.
  • olexsmir/gopher.nvimstars40 - Plugin for making golang development easiest.
  • rafaelsq/nvim-goc.luastars25 - Highlight your buffer with Golang Code Coverage.
  • crusj/hierarchy-tree-go.nvimstars7 - Neovim plugin for go, callHierarchy ui tree.
  • akinsho/flutter-tools.nvimstars374 - Build flutter and dart applications in Neovim using the native lsp.
  • gennaro-tedesco/nvim-jqxstars166 - Interactive interface for json files.
  • lean.nvimstars94 - Neovim support for the Lean Theorem Prover.
  • gbprod/phpactor.nvimstars11 - Lua version of the Phpactor Vim plugin to take advantage of the latest Neovim features.
  • brendalf/mix.nvimstars16 - Mix (from Elixir) wrapper plugin for Neovim.
  • AckslD/swenv.nvimstars44 - Tiny plugin to quickly switch Python virtual environments from within Neovim without restarting.
  • someone-stole-my-name/yaml-companion.nvimstars54 - Get, set and autodetect YAML schemas in your buffers.
  • cuducos/yaml.nvimstars80 - Utils to work with YAML files.
  • Plugin

    Web development

  • NTBBloodbath/rest.nvimstars509 - A fast Neovim http client written in Lua.
  • ray-x/web-tools.nvimstars37 - Launch a local development server with live reload feature for static & dynamic pages, HTTP & CSS tag rename with LSP.
  • Plugin


  • lewis6991/spellsitter.nvimstars445 - Enable Neovim's spell checker with tree-sitter.
  • potamides/pantran.nvimstars86 - Translate your text with an interactive translation window.
  • Plugin


  • kevinhwang91/nvim-hlslensstars457 - Helps you better glance searched information, seamlessly jump matched instances.
  • rktjmp/highlight-current-n.nvimstars51 - Highlights the current /, ? or * match under your cursor when pressing n or N and gets out of the way afterwards.
  • gaborvecsei/memento.nvimstars21 - Keeps track of your visited file history after a buffer is closed. Reopen files more easily.
  • ray-x/sad.nvimstars45 - Space Age seD in neovim. Batch file edit tool for Neovim, a wrapper for sadstars938
  • Plugin

    File explorer

  • kyazdani42/nvim-tree.luastars3.3k - A simple and fast file explorer tree for Neovim.
  • luukvbaal/nnn.nvimstars231 - File explorer powered by nnnstars14.9k and Lua.
  • tamago324/lir.nvimstars244 - Simple file explorer.
  • TimUntersberger/neofsstars46 - A file manager for Neovim written in Lua.
  • kevinhwang91/rnvimrstars557 - A simple yet amazing file explorer for Neovim.
  • Xuyuanp/yanilstars90 - Yet Another Nerdtree In Lua.
  • ms-jpq/chadtreestars1.4k - File manager for Neovim. Better than NERDTree.
  • is0n/fm-nvimstars139 - Neovim plugin that lets you use your favorite terminal file managers (and fuzzy finders) from within Neovim.
  • nvim-neo-tree/neo-tree.nvimstars776 - Neo-tree is a Neovim plugin to browse the file system and other tree like structures in whatever style suits you, including sidebars, floating windows, netrw split style, or all of them at once.
  • elihunter173/dirbuf.nvimstars272 - A file manager for Neovim which lets you edit your filesystem like you edit text.
  • theblob42/drex.nvimstars30 - A simple and configurable file explorer written in Lua.
  • SidOfc/carbon.nvimstars67 - The simple directory tree viewer for Neovim written in Lua.
  • Plugin


  • shaeinst/penvimstars25 - Project's Root Directory and Documents Indentation detector with project based config loader.
  • nyngwang/NeoRoot.luastars51 - Change your current working directory to the buffer your cursor is on, and try to go up 2 levels but stop after it encounters one of the project roots you define.
  • windwp/nvim-projectconfigstars61 - Load Neovim config depend on project directory.
  • windwp/nvim-spectrestars588 - Search and replace panel for Neovim.
  • ahmedkhalf/project.nvimstars591 - An all in one Neovim plugin that provides superior project management.
  • klen/nvim-config-localstars55 - Secure load local config files from working directories.
  • cljoly/telescope-repo.nvim - Telescope picker to jump to any repository (git or other) on the file system.
  • MunifTanjim/exrc.nvimstars35 - Secure Project Local Config for Neovim.
  • Plugin

    Colorscheme Creation

  • tjdevries/colorbuddy.nvimstars379 - A colorscheme helper for Neovim. Written in Lua! Quick & Easy Color Schemes 😄.
  • norcalli/nvim-base16.luastars58 - Programmatic Lua library for setting base16 themes in Neovim.
  • rktjmp/lush.nvimstars847 - Define Neovim themes as a DSL in Lua, with real-time feedback.
  • Iron-E/nvim-highlitestars163 - A colorscheme template that is "lite" on logic for the developer.
  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.base16 - Module of mini.nvim with fast implementation of base16 theme for manually supplied palette.
  • ThemerCorp/themer.luastars180 - A simple highlighter plugin for neovim. It has a huge collection of colorschemes. It also has ability to create colorschemes for Vim/Neovim and other supported apps (such as kitty and alacritty).
  • Plugin


  • NTBBloodbath/galaxyline.nvimstars139 - Galaxyline componentizes Vim's statusline by having a provider for each text area. This means you can use the api provided by galaxyline to create the statusline that you want, easily.
  • tjdevries/express_line.nvimstars206 - Supports co-routines, functions and jobs.
  • nvim-lualine/lualine.nvimstars2.5k - A blazing fast and easy to configure Neovim statusline.
  • adelarsq/neoline.vimstars177 - A light statusline/tabline plugin for Neovim using Lua.
  • ojroques/nvim-hardlinestars135 - A statusline / bufferline. It is inspired by vim-airlinestars16.8k but aims to be as light and simple as possible.
  • datwaft/bubbly.nvimstars183 - Bubbly status line for Neovim.
  • beauwilliams/statusline.luastars136 - A zero-config minimal statusline for Neovim written in Lua featuring awesome integrations and blazing speed!
  • tamton-aquib/staline.nvimstars195 - A modern lightweight statusline for Neovim in Lua. Mainly uses unicode symbols for showing info.
  • feline-nvim/feline.nvimstars889 - A minimal, stylish and customizable statusline for Neovim written in Lua.
  • windwp/windline.nvimstars337 - The next generation statusline for Neovim. Animation statusline.
  • konapun/vacuumline.nvimstars23 - A galaxyline configuration inspired by airline.
  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.statusline - Module of mini.nvim for minimal and fast statusline. Supports content change depending on window width.
  • b0o/incline.nvimstars239 - Lightweight floating statuslines, intended for use with Neovim's new global statusline.
  • rebelot/heirline.nvimstars350 - Heirline.nvim is a no-nonsense Neovim Statusline plugin designed around recursive inheritance to be exceptionally fast and versatile.
  • yaocccc/nvim-lines.luastars13 - A fast, light, customizable Neovim statusline and tabline(buffers) plugin.
  • Plugin


  • romgrk/barbar.nvimstars1.3k - The Neovim tabline plugin.
  • akinsho/bufferline.nvimstars1.7k - A snazzy buffer line for Neovim built using Lua.
  • crispgm/nvim-tablinestars29 - Neovim port of tabline.vim with Lua.
  • alvarosevilla95/luatab.nvimstars139 - A simple tabline written in Lua.
  • johann2357/nvim-smartbufsstars20 - Smart buffer management in Neovim.
  • kdheepak/tabline.nvimstars176 - A "buffer and tab" tabline.
  • noib3/cokeline.nvimstars246 - A Neovim bufferline for people with addictive personalities.
  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.tabline - Module of mini.nvim for minimal tabline showing listed buffers in case of one tab and falling back to default otherwise.
  • rafcamlet/tabline-framework.nvimstars76 - User-friendly framework for building your dream tabline in a few lines of code.
  • nanozuki/tabby.nvimstars201 - A minimal, configurable, Neovim style tabline. Use your Neovim tabs as workspace multiplexer.
  • Plugin

    Winbar and Statusline component

  • SmiteshP/nvim-navicstars520 - A simple statusline/winbar component that uses LSP to show your current code context.
  • Plugin


  • yamatsum/nvim-cursorlinestars263 - A plugin for Neovim that highlights cursor words and lines.
  • xiyaowong/nvim-cursorwordstars90 - Part of nvim-cursorline. Highlight the word under the cursor.
  • RRethy/vim-illuminatestars1.3k - Highlight the word under the cursor. Neovim's builtin LSP is available, it can be used to highlight more intelligently.
  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.cursorword - Module of mini.nvim for automatic highlighting of word under cursor (displayed after customizable delay).
  • Plugin


  • glepnir/dashboard-nvimstars1.1k - A minimalist dashboard for Neovim, inspired by doom-emacs.
  • goolord/alpha-nvimstars698 - A fast and highly customizable greeter like vim-startifystars4.9k/dashboard-nvim for Neovim.
  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.starter - Module of mini.nvim for start screen. Displayed items are fully customizable, item selection can be done using prefix query with instant visual feedback.
  • henriquehbr/nvim-startup.lua - Displays Neovim startup time.
  • startup-nvim/startup.nvimstars167 - The fully customizable greeter for neovim.
  • Plugin


  • kyazdani42/nvim-web-deviconsstars777 - A Lua fork of vim-deviconsstars5k.
  • yamatsum/nvim-noniconsstars236 - Collection of configurations for nvim-web-devicons.
  • ziontee113/icon-picker.nvimstars100 - A Neovim plugin that helps you pick 𝑨𝕃𝚻 Font Characters, Symbols Σ, Nerd Font Icons  & Emojis ✨.
  • Plugin


  • ekickx/clipboard-image.nvimstars162 - Neovim Lua plugin to paste image from clipboard.
  • askfiy/nvim-picgostars22 - A picgo-core-based Neovim plugin, written in Lua, that allows you to upload images to the image bed, which means you can view your images from anywhere on the internet.
  • gwatcha/reaper-keysstars73 - Modal keybindings for Reaper DAW.
  • madskjeldgaard/reaper-nvimstars36 - Remote control Reaper DAW from Neovim.
  • davidgranstrom/scnvimstars111 - Neovim frontend for SuperCollider.
  • andweeb/presence.nvimstars377 - Fast and lite Discord Rich Presence plugin for Neovim written in Lua.
  • Chaitanyabsrip/present.nvimstars68 - A Presentation plugin written for Neovim in Lua.
  • krady21/compiler-explorer.nvimstars60 - Async Lua plugin for interacting with compiler-explorer.
  • Plugin

    Note taking

  • 0styx0/abbreinder.nvimstars49 - Abbreviation reminders for Neovim 0.5+.
  • jakewvincent/mkdnflow.nvimstars241 - Fluent markdown notebook navigation & management (create links, follow links, create and manage to-do lists, reference bib files, and more).
  • oberblastmeister/neuron.nvimstars351 - Note taking plugin for neuron that integrates with telescope.nvim.
  • jbyuki/nabla.nvimstars316 - Take your scientific notes in Neovim.
  • nvim-neorg/neorgstars2.7k - Modernity meets insane extensibility. The future of organizing your life in Neovim.
  • nvim-orgmode/orgmodestars1.7k - Orgmode clone written in Lua for Neovim 0.5+.
  • NFrid/due.nvimstars76 - Displays due for a date string as a virtual text.
  • jbyuki/venn.nvimstars605 - Draw ASCII diagrams in Neovim.
  • stevearc/gkeep.nvimstars130 - Google Keep integration for Neovim.
  • renerocksai/telekasten.nvimstars476 - A Neovim (lua) plugin for working with a text-based, markdown zettelkasten / wiki and mixing it with a journal, based on telescope.nvim.
  • mickael-menu/zk-nvimstars216 - Neovim extension for zk, a plain text note-taking assistant.
  • chrsm/impulse.nvimstars31 - Read notes in Neovim.
  • epwalsh/obsidian.nvimstars56 - A Neovim plugin for Obsidian, written in Lua.
  • Plugin


  • jbyuki/instant.nvimstars778 - A collaborative editing plugin for Neovim written in Lua with no dependencies.
  • Plugin

    Terminal integration

  • LoricAndre/OneTerm.nvimstars31 - Plugin framework for running commands in the terminal.
  • nikvdp/neomuxstars215 - Control Neovim from shells running inside Neovim.
  • akinsho/nvim-toggleterm.luastars1.6k - A Neovim Lua plugin to help easily manage multiple terminal windows.
  • norcalli/nvim-terminal.luastars130 - A high performance filetype mode for Neovim which leverages conceal and highlights your buffer with the correct color codes.
  • numToStr/FTerm.nvimstars478 - No nonsense floating terminal written in Lua.
  • pianocomposer321/consolation.nvimstars24 - A general-purpose terminal wrapper and management plugin for Neovim, written in Lua.
  • jghauser/kitty-runner.nvimstars46 - Poor man's REPL. Easily send buffer lines and commands to a kitty terminal.
  • jlesquembre/nterm.nvimstars45 - A Neovim plugin to interact with the terminal, with notifications.
  • s1n7ax/nvim-terminalstars71 - A simple & easy to use multi-terminal plugin.
  • m00qek/baleia.nvimstars33 - Colorize text with ANSI escape sequences (8, 16, 256 or TrueColor).
  • Plugin


  • kevinhwang91/nvim-bqfstars822 - The goal of nvim-bqf is to make Neovim's quickfix window better.
  • - Prettier quickfix/location list windows for Neovim.
  • Plugin


  • David-Kunz/jesterstars108 - A Neovim plugin to easily run and debug Jest tests.
  • klen/nvim-teststars82 - A Neovim wrapper for running tests.
  • nvim-neotest/neoteststars709 - An extensible framework for interacting with tests within Neovim.
  • andythigpen/nvim-coveragestars92 - Displays coverage information in the sign column.
  • Plugin


  • pwntester/octo.nvimstars1.2k - Work with GitHub issues and PRs from Neovim. Just edit the issue description.
  • pwntester/codeql.nvimstars64 - Neovim plugin to help writing and testing CodeQL queries.
  • ldelossa/gh.nvimstars275 - A fully featured GitHub integration for performing code reviews in Neovim.
  • Plugin


  • linty-org/readline.nvimstars71 - Readline keyboard shortcuts for Neovim.
  • Plugin


  • folke/which-key.nvimstars1.9k - Neovim plugin that shows a popup with possible keybindings of the command you started typing.
  • mrjones2014/legendary.nvimstars411 - Define your keymaps, commands, and autocommands as simple Lua tables, and create a legend for them at the same time, integrates with which-key.nvim.
  • Iron-E/nvim-cartographerstars51 - a more convenient :mapping syntax for Lua environments.
  • b0o/mapx.nvimstars194 - A simpler key mapping API that mimics Neovim's :map-family of commands. Integrates with which-key.nvim.
  • LionC/nest.nvimstars208 - Lua utility to map keys concisely using cascading trees. Also allows binding Lua functions to keys.
  • LinArcX/telescope-command-palette.nvimstars182 - Lua plugin to create key-bindings and watch them with telescope.
  • slugbyte/unruly-workerstars18 - A ridiculously fun alternative keymap for the workman keyboard layout with Neovim features like LSP support, built and configured with lua.
  • FeiyouG/command_center.nvimstars140 - Create and manage keybindings and commands in a more organized manner and search them quickly through Telescope.
  • linty-org/key-menu.nvimstars177 - Key mapping hints in a floating window.
  • anuvyklack/hydra.nvimstars604 - Create custom submodes and menus. Port of Emacs Hydra.
  • anuvyklack/keymap-amend.nvimstars34 - Amend the existing keymap.
  • max397574/better-escape.nvimstars240 - Create shortcuts to escape insert mode without getting delay.
  • Plugin


  • notomo/gesture.nvimstars310 - Mouse gesture plugin for Neovim.
  • Plugin


  • Xuyuanp/scrollbar.nvimstars229 - Scrollbar for Neovim.
  • dstein64/nvim-scrollviewstars325 - A Neovim plugin that displays interactive scrollbars.
  • petertriho/nvim-scrollbarstars379 - Extensible scrollbar that shows diagnostics and search results.
  • Plugin


  • numToStr/Comment.nvimstars1.5k - Smart and Powerful comment plugin for Neovim. Supports commentstring, motions, dot-repeat and more.
  • b3nj5m1n/kommentarystars521 - Commenting plugin written in Lua.
  • glepnir/prodoc.nvimstars45 - Comment and support generate annotation.
  • gennaro-tedesco/nvim-commaroundstars40 - Fast and light commenting plugin written in Lua.
  • folke/todo-comments.nvimstars1.1k - Highlight, list and search todo comments in your projects.
  • terrortylor/nvim-commentstars310 - Toggle comments in Neovim using the built-in commentstring option.
  • winston0410/commented.nvimstars111 - A commenting plugin that supports counts and multiple comment patterns and much more.
  • s1n7ax/nvim-comment-framestars78 - Adds a comment frame based on the source file.
  • danymat/neogenstars542 - A better annotation generator. Supports multiple languages and annotation conventions.
  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.comment - Module of mini.nvim for per-line commenting. Fully supports dot-repeat.
  • LudoPinelli/comment-box.nvimstars102 - Clarify and beautify your comments using boxes and lines.
  • Plugin


  • glepnir/indent-guides.nvimstars145 - Indent plugin.
  • lukas-reineke/indent-blankline.nvimstars2k - IndentLine replacement in Lua with more features and treesitter support.
  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.indentscope - Module of mini.nvim for visualizing and operating on indent scope. Supports customization of debounce delay, animation style, and different granularity of options for scope computing algorithm.
  • NMAC427/guess-indent.nvimstars131 - Automatic indentation style detection for Neovim.
  • Darazaki/indent-o-maticstars91 - Dumb automatic fast indentation detection for Neovim written in Lua.
  • Abstract-IDE/penvimstars25 - Project's root directory and documents Indentation detector with project based config loader.
  • yaocccc/nvim-hlchunkstars15 - A Neovim plugin for highlighting a {} chunk.
  • Plugin

    Remote Development

  • chipsenkbeil/distant.nvimstars587 - Edit files, run programs, and work with LSP on a remote machine from the comfort of your local environment.
  • jamestthompson3/nvim-remote-containersstars404 - Develop inside docker containers, just like VSCode.
  • esensar/nvim-dev-containerstars151 - Neovim devcontainer.json and general development container support.
  • Plugin


  • aserowy/tmux.nvimstars259 - Tmux integration for Neovim features pane movement and resizing from within Neovim.
  • danielpieper/telescope-tmuxinator.nvimstars12 - Integration for tmuxinator with telescope.nvim.
  • hkupty/nvimuxstars406 - Neovim as tmux replacement.
  • numToStr/Navigator.nvimstars186 - Smoothly navigate between Neovim splits and Tmux panes.
  • declancm/windex.nvimstars44 - Collection of window functions which includes moving between, closing and maximizing Neovim splits and Tmux panes.
  • Plugin


  • ThePrimeagen/vim-be-goodstars812 - Vim-be-good is a Neovim plugin designed to make you better at Vim Movements.
  • alec-gibson/nvim-tetrisstars123 - Bringing emacs' greatest feature to Neovim - Tetris!.
  • seandewar/nvimesweeperstars64 - Play Minesweeper in your favourite text editor.
  • seandewar/killersheep.nvimstars39 - Neovim port of killersheep.
  • External


  • m00qek/plugin-template.nvimstars56 - A plugin template that setups test infrastructure and GitHub Actions.
  • ellisonleao/nvim-plugin-templatestars57 - Another neovim plugin template, using GitHub's template feature.
  • Sep 19th - Sep 25th, 2022



  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.align - Module of mini.nvim for aligning text interactively (with or without instant preview).
  • Plugin

    Tree-sitter Supported Colorscheme

  • jim-at-jibba/ariake-vim-colorsstars23 - A port of the great Atom theme. Dark and light with Tree-sitter support.
  • Th3Whit3Wolf/onebuddystars88 - Light and dark atom one theme.
  • ofirgall/ofirkai.nvimstars18 - Monokai theme that aims to feel like Sublime Text.
  • Plugin


  • uga-rosa/ccc.nvimstars224 - Super powerful color picker / colorizer plugin.
  • Plugin


  • gen740/SmoothCursor.nvimstars139 - Add fancy sub-cursor to signcolumn to show your scroll or jump direction.
  • Plugin


  • AckslD/messages.nvimstars45 - Capture and show any messages in a customisable (floating) buffer.
  • Sep 12th - Sep 18th, 2022


    Neovim Lua Development

  • anuvyklack/animation.nvimstars9 - Create animations in Neovim.
  • nvim-lua/popup.nvimstars278 - An implementation of the Popup API from Vim in Neovim.
  • Plugin


  • gennaro-tedesco/nvim-peekupstars179 - Dynamically interact with Vim registers.
  • tversteeg/registers.nvimstars467 - Non-obtrusive minimal preview of Vim registers.
  • Plugin


  • chentoast/marks.nvimstars389 - A better user experience for viewing and interacting with Vim marks.
  • Plugin

    Tree-sitter Supported Colorscheme

  • mcchrish/zenbones.nvimstars325 - A collection of Vim/Neovim colorschemes designed to highlight code using contrasts and font variations.
  • Plugin


  • Pocco81/AbbrevMan.nvimstars82 - A Neovim plugin for managing Vim abbreviations.
  • kazhala/close-buffers.nvimstars77 - Delete multiple Vim buffers based on different conditions.
  • CosmicNvim/cosmic-uistars102 - Cosmic-UI is a simple wrapper around specific Vim functionality. Built in order to provide a quick and easy way to create a Cosmic UI experience with Neovim!
  • Plugin


  • Pocco81/DAPInstall.nvimstars348 - A Neovim plugin for managing several debuggers for nvim-dap.
  • Plugin

    Preconfigured Configuration

  • SpaceVim/SpaceVim - A community-driven modular Vim/Neovim distribution, like spacemacs but for Vim/Neovim.
  • hackorum/VapourNvimstars418 - A Neovim config for THE ULTIMATE Vim IDE-like experience.
  • Vim

  • Vimawesome - Showcases various plugins for Vim and has a neovim tag for other plugins targeting Neovim.
  • awesome-vimstars1.7k - Short list of Vim plugins and helpful guides.
  • vim-plugin-liststars23 - List of Vim and Neovim plugins.
  • Sep 5th - Sep 11th, 2022



  • MunifTanjim/prettier.nvimstars79 - Prettier integration for Neovim.
  • Aug 29th - Sep 4th, 2022



  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.completion - Module of mini.nvim for asynchronous two-stage completion. Supports showing completion item info and independent function signature.
  • Plugin


  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.surround - Module of mini.nvim for working with text surroundings (add, delete, replace, find, highlight). Supports dot-repeat, different search methods, "last"/"next" extended mappings, tree-sitter integration, and more.
  • Plugin

    Fuzzy Finder

  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.fuzzy - Module of mini.nvim with functions to perform fuzzy matching of one string to others along with fast Telescope sorter.
  • Plugin

    Tree-sitter Supported Colorscheme

  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#minischemestars940 - Color scheme of mini.nvim which is a variant of base16 with accent colors chosen according to optimal perceptual uniformity.
  • ray-x/starry.nvimstars68 - A collection of modern Neovim colorschemes: material, moonlight, dracula (blood), monokai, mariana, emerald, earlysummer, middlenight_blue, darksolar.
  • Plugin

    Neovim Lua Development

  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.doc - Module of mini.nvim for generation of help files from EmmyLua-like annotations. Allows flexible customization of output via hook functions.
  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.test - Module of mini.nvim with framework for writing extensive Neovim plugin tests. Supports hierarchical tests, hooks, parametrization, filtering, screen tests, "busted-style" emulation, customizable reporters, and more.
  • ray-x/guihua.luastars89 - A Lua UI library. Includes a fzy search bar, list view and tree view modules.
  • Plugin


  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.jump - Module of mini.nvim for smarter jumping to a single character.
  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.jump2d - Module of mini.nvim for smarter jumping within visible lines via iterative label filtering. Supports custom jump targets (spots), labels, hooks, allowed windows and lines, and more.
  • Plugin

    Editing support

  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.pairs - Module of mini.nvim for autopairs which has minimal defaults and functionality to do per-key mapping.
  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.trailspace - Module of mini.nvim for automatic highlighting of trailing whitespace with functionality to remove it.
  • echasnovski/ - Module of mini.nvim for extending and creating a/i textobjects. It enhances some builtin textobjects, creates extensive set of new ones (like a*, a<Space>, a?, and more), and allows user to create their own (via Lua patterns or functions). Supports dot-repeat, different search methods, consecutive application, and more.
  • Plugin


  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.sessions - Module of mini.nvim for session management (read, write, delete).
  • Plugin

    (requires Neovim 0.5)

  • j-hui/fidget.nvimstars746 - Standalone UI for LSP progress.
  • Plugin


  • nvim-colortils/colortils.nvimstars158 - A plugin providing utils to work with colors (picker, conversion) inside Neovim.
  • Aug 22nd - Aug 28th, 2022


    Preconfigured Configuration

  • nvim-lua/kickstart.nvimstars448 - A launch point for your personal Neovim configuration.
  • Plugin


  • nguyenvukhang/nvim-togglerstars52 - Invert text in Neovim, such as toggling between true and false.
  • Plugin

    Editing support

  • m4xshen/autoclose.nvimstars51 - A minimalist autoclose plugin for Neovim written in Lua.
  • Aug 15th - Aug 21st, 2022



  • ofirgall/goto-breakpoints.nvimstars7 - Cycle between breakpoints for nvim-dap.
  • Plugin

    Tree-sitter Supported Colorscheme

  • olivercederborg/poimandres.nvimstars47 - Neovim port of poimandres VSCode themestars131 with Tree-sitter support, written in Lua.
  • Aug 8th - Aug 14th, 2022


    Dependency management

  • Saecki/crates.nvimstars294 - Rust dependency management for Cargo.toml.
  • Plugin


  • akinsho/git-conflict.nvimstars315 - A plugin to visualise and resolve merge conflicts in Neovim.
  • Plugin

    Editing support

  • gbprod/stay-in-place.nvimstars45 - Neovim plugin that prevent cursor from moving when using shift and filter actions.
  • Pocco81/TrueZen.nvimstars629 - Clean and elegant distraction-free writing for Neovim.
  • Pocco81/HighStr.nvimstars191 - A Neovim plugin for highlighting visual selections like in a normal document editor!
  • Pocco81/AutoSave.nvimstars281 - A Neovim plugin for saving your work before the world collapses or you type :qa!
  • Plugin

    Tree-sitter Supported Colorscheme

  • Mofiqul/adwaita.nvimstars87 - Colorscheme based on GNOME Adwaita syntax with support for popular plugins.
  • shaunsingh/moonlight.nvimstars119 - Port of VSCode's Moonlight colorscheme for Neovim, written in Lua with built-in support for native LSP, Tree-sitter and many more plugins.
  • rebelot/kanagawa.nvimstars1.4k - Neovim dark colorscheme inspired by the colors of the famous painting by Katsushika Hokusai.
  • Plugin